Margaret "Maggie"  V.  Yancey


Hi Dennis, my connection to the Yancey family is through my g-grandmother Maggie V. Yancey, b. abt. 1862 -  d. 1898. She married George Thomas Adams in 1884 in Dekalb Co. Ga. She had 5 children. One being my grandfather, Warner Columbus Adams, b. 1885 - d. 1964. He had 7 children, one being my father, James Boyde Adams b.1920 - d. 1994. Then me, born 1948. We don't know much about Maggie. She was living with a Lucinda Jones of Forsyth Co. Ga. in 1870 at 8 yrs. of age. No note as to her relationship. She is shown living with a family in Coweta Co. Ga. as their housekeeper 1880. There is a Yancey family living near my Grandfather in Dekalb Co. Ga. in 1880 but I don't know what, if any, the relation might be. I have recently received a photo of Maggie and a possible photo of her and her brother. (name unknown). They may be in their late teens or early twenties in age. He appears to be missing a left arm. There must be a story there. She supposedly died, during an Influenza outbreak,after nursing her family through it. I don't know who her parents were or why she was with the Jones family in 1870. Maybe her father died during the war. There were several Yanceys from that area of north Ga. who died during that time period. I am attaching the two photos. You may use them as you wish. Maybe someone will know about a Yancey in Ga. who lost an arm.  I haven't been able to tie her to anyone. Maybe one of our cousins can.

Thanks, Jim Adams