The following discovery is a help in documenting the children of Capt. Robert & Elizabeth Holloway Yancey, originally of Culpeper County, Virginia - but later moving to Kentucky. Many records, seemingly in error, have reported that Robert's daughter Mildred was the wife of one William Crawford and later at his death the wife of one William Brown/Browning. It would appear that there was, indeed, a Mildred Yancey who successively married these two men and had various children - but records would seem to indicate that she was in all probability the daughter, or very close relation, of one John Yancey of Sullivan County, Tennessee.


[From Lockett Family Archival collection at Jackson County, Missouri Historical Society - An original copy of an 1828 receipt for a coffin]

 Louisville - Feby [20th?] 1828

Recvd of [Mary?] Holloway the sum of twenty four dollars, it being the price of a coffin made for Miss Mildred Yancey.

Antoine [Lange?]

[in different handwriting]

State of Kentucky

Jefferson County

This day Antoino Longe made oath before me a Justice of the Peace for said county that the above amount was justly due to him and was paid by [Mrs? Mary?] Holloway. Given under my hand this14th day of October 1828 - [signature not very legible]

[writing on back of receipt - appearing to have been written at a much later date]

Coffin for Mildred Yancey - died at Galt House when she was a guest there - as a school girl in her teens. It was Louisville, Kentucky's famous old hotel and was destroyed by fire within the last five years. It was almost a saga in Kentucky History.


[also included in the Lockett collection along with the recipt is the following writing - probably written in the mid 20th century]

Robert Yancey was a vestry-man at St Marks Episcopal Church in Culpeper Virginia. The Church registry (now faded) shows that he married Elizabeth Holiday. Some Kentucky accounts say that he married Elizabeth Holloway.

His business agent in what is now Kentucky was named Holloway. The old Holloway family home is near Keene in Jessamine County, Kentucky. Robert Yancey lived near Keene and was buried there.

If somone were interested enough (perhaps someone in the "Daughter of the American Revolution" ) a search of the gravestones at Keene or the Holloway Family Cemetery near Keene might disclose the tombstone and maiden name of Robert Yancey's wife.


Many Yancey researchers have reported that this same Mildred, the daughter of Robert, married one William Crawford and then a William Browning and had various children. This would appear to be most certainly a different Mildred Yancey - and not the daughter of Capt. Robert Yancey.

 [Notes from one Tesse Miller concerning William Browning and Mildred Yancey - NOT from the above archival collection]

William Browning b. 21 May 1785 in Belton SC, Anderson Co., married Feb 1820 Beford Co., Tenn to Mildred Elleneder Yancey. She was born 1794 in Blountsville, Tennessee. William died 1872. Ellender died 1867. . . .

Ellender Yancey married William Crawford first at Blountsville Tennessee. She had three sons. He died. She went to Kentucky to live with her sister Elizabeth Anderson. Two sons died in an epidemic. Later she went back to Kentucky. Then back to Knoxville to Bedford County with the Andersons when she met and married Wm. Brown. He was divorced from his first wife Ruth Smith. No children. Ellender's son Smith Crawford settled in Bedford Co., Tennessee with relatives. . . . Ellender's mother died when she was very young. Her eldest sister Elizabeth had just married and they took her and reared her. She was well educated for her day. She graduated from a "Girls School".

The book: "Descendants of William Brown and Margaret (Peggy) Fleming" by Helen Lugely records information about the family of William Browning and Mildred Ellender Yancey - She also, however, mistakenly records her as a daughter of Robert Yancey.