1870 census of Lee County, Alabama

* It would appear as if most (if not alll) of these black Yanceys below are former slaves, or children of former slaves, of Absalom Yancey of Russeell Co., Al and his two sons Milton and U;lysses.
The M. E. Yancey (white) below bottom - appears to be the 1st wife of Milton Yancey.

Yancy, Motts age 15 female white at school
Yancy, Emma age 14 female white at school
Yancy, Lucy age 7 female white at school
(next door)
Yancy, Lewis age 50 male black farming
Yancy, Amanda age 40 female black farming
Yancy, Nathan age 21 male black farming
Yancy, Adah age 17 female black farming
Yancy, John age 16 male black farming
Yancy, Lewis age 14 male black farming
Yancy, Sol age 7 female black
Yancy, Sam age 1 male black
Yancy, Bob age 6/12 male black
(next door)
Moore, Com age 55 female black Cook
Moore, Margatt age 25 female black farming
Moore, Amanda age 20 female black farming
Moore, Reubin? age 13 male black farming
Moore, Rhoda age 5 female black
Moore, Laura age 3 female black
Moore, Baby? age 4/12 female black
(next door)
Yancy, Jim age 30 male black
Yancy, Judah age 27 female black
Yancy, Zilla age 10 female black
Yancy, Allen age 8 male black
(next door)
Moore, Thos age 26 male black
Moore, Evva? age 22 female black
Moore, Len age 15 female black
Moore, Susan age 16 female black
Moore, Calvin age 11 male black
(next door)
Yancy, Lem age 35 male black farming
Yancy, Susan age 14 female mulatto
Yancy, Dolly age 8 female black
Yancy,Levi age 6 male black
Yancy, George age 3 female black
(next door)
Moore, W.B. age 53 male white farmer ($3,000 worth of real estate)
Moore, M. P. age 46 female white keeping house
Moore, W. D. age 22 male white farming
Yancy, M. E. age 30 female white boarding
Moon?, Charles age 75 male black
" , Betty aage 70 female black