Lewis Davis Yancey of Jasper County, Georgia and family

One of the most confusing "Last Will and Testaments" of the Yancey family is that of one Lewis Davis Yancey of Jasper County, Georgia - dated 1843 and probated in 1852. He came from Culpeper County, Virginia in the late 1700's and is thought to be a possible son of Philemon Yancey Sr. of Culpeper. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and has a pension file on record in the National Archives.

Also note this military record which seems to prove Lewis's parentage.

In his will dated 1843 he mentions a wife Phoebe and 21 other persons who appear to be either children or "step-children". The exact relationship of all these Yanceys is confusing and not always clear. A summary is made here to help analyze the Yanceys mentioned. More detailed Information concerning Ancestors & Descendants.

Lewis Davis Yancey of Jasper County, Georgia is known to have been married twice and it is thought he may have had children by possibly two other women whom he was possibly not actually married to. The women are as follows:

One Polly Powell, alias Polly Foster, alias Polly Yancey - found on various records of both Laurens County, South Carolina as well as Jasper County, Georgia. No marriage record has been found for Lewis & Polly - and it would seem she had previously been married, or at least had children by a Mr. William Foster - by which she had various children. (When (if?) she left (divorced/separated?) Mr. Foster is not clear). Polly appears to have died about 1814 in Jasper County. Polly appears to have had various problems with the law and one actual court citation refers to her as " a person of evil and corrupt mind".

There may have been another women (married or not) who mothered Lewis' children who were born in the late 1700's - or this could have been the same Polly above.

A woman by the name of Rachel Hall who Lewis Davis Yancey married 16 August 1816 in Jasper County, Georgia. What became of her is uncertain. Either she died soon after the marriage - or they separated. Lewis D mentions two children in his will referring to them with the last name of "Yancey alias Hall". Could these have been children, born to Rachel, fathered by Lewis, out of wedlock, before they got married? There is a record of a son of Lewis D. (Sr.) also named Lewis who was legitimized in 1839 - being born about 1804.

A woman by the name of Phoebe Pate, married Lewis D. Yancey the 27th of June 1820 in Jasper County, Georgia. She and Lewis had various children. She was alive in 1852 and is mentioned in Lewis Davis Yancey's will.

The Following is a list of all the persons mentioned in the will of Lewis Davis Yancey of Jasper County.

Lewis D Yancey Sr of Jasper County

He first mentions his wife Pheba

He mentions "three daughters" in a single paragraph and then mentions them again in later paragraphs - Winny, Lucy, Sarah Walker Yancy.

He then mentions in succeeding paragraphs the following persons:
"son" Richard Yancey
"son" Benjamin Yancey
"son" Layton Yancey
"daughter" Mary Horton
"daughter" Drucilla Baynes "widow" of John Howard Baynes
"daughter" Unity Akins

[The two groups above seem to be children from his last wife, Phoebe Pate - that is, except Unity]

Then toward the end of his will, all in a single paragraph, he mentions the following persons as if they were children but not using such a phrase. He bequests to them $5 each with the phrase "that is all I ever intend to give to them".

James Hall alias James Yancy
Delphy Kitchens,
wife of Benjamin Kitchens
Lewis D Yancy, Jr
Nancy Boyd,
wife of Elias Boyd
Elizabeth Wester,
wife of Edward Wester
Hany Johnson, wife of Johnson
Sanford W. Yancy

In the next paragraph he mentions the following group - all with the phrase "Yancy alias Foster". They are not referred to specifically as children - but it is almost implied. This group of children also receive the $5 each.

Ludwell Yancy alias Ludwell Foster
Harrison Yancy,
alias Harrison Foster
Thomas Yancy, alias Thomas Foster
William Yancy,
alias William Foster
Angaline Jester,
formerly, Angaline Yancey, alias Angaline Foster


John Horton and Pheba Yancy are appointed Executors by Lewis D Yancey.


The Family Of Lewis D Yancey summarized

Lewis Davis Yancey

(wives below)

Lewis Davis Yancey is to have been born about 1762 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Various records give his parents as Philemon & Unity Yancey - but concrete evidence is lacking. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and his pension records are on file in the National Archives. He moved to South Carolina about 1786 and lived various years in the Laurens District. About 1808 he moved to Georgia and lived in Jasper County for many years until his death in 1852. GA about. His parentage. Rev. War Pension.

More detailed Information concerning Ancestors & Descendants.

Children are cited below

Polly (Powell) Foster and/or possibly another earlier marriage
Various records of Laurens Co., SC & Jasper Co., GA record Polly & Lewis D Yancey together around 1800-1804. She is to have died about 1814.
The Foster Children ("Foster" being the surname and not the relationship) apparently children from a previous marriage of Polly Powell to one William Foster. May have been raised by Lewis D Yancey & Polly for a period of time as they apparently had used the name Yancey for a time
William J Yancey alias Foster
- -
Born about 1788 in North Carolina
- -
Apparently NOT the same who married Sarah Dun 18 May 1817 in Jasper Co.
- - Found on 1850 census, Butts Co., GA
Angeline Jester, formerly Yancey alias Foster
- -
Married Abner Jester
- - Found on 1850 census, Butts Co., GA
Harrison Yancey alias Foster
- -
Fate yet unknown
Ludwell Yancey alias Foster
- -
Fate yet unknown
Thomas B Yancey alias Foster
- -
Same one who married Martha Rivers 23 Dec 1824 in Jasper County ??
- - Fate yet unknown

Children either from Lewis D Yancey & Polly - or possibly a previous/other relationship.

Elizabeth Yancey
- - Born about 1787 in South Carolina
- - Married 17 Nov 1804 in Green Co., GA to Edward Wester
- - Found on 1820 census - Gwinnet County; 1830 - Troup County, GA; 1840,1850 St Clair Co., AL
Hany Yancey (Hannah???)
- -
Born about 1788 in South Carolina
- - Married John Johnson, date unknown
- - Found on 1850 census of Jasper County, GA
Unity Yancey
- - Married 27 Jul 1809 in Jasper Co., GA to Daniel Akins or Ackins
- - Deceased by the 1850 census
Delphia Yancey (Philadelphia??)
- -
born about 1798 in South Carolina
- - Married 9 Nov 1817 in Jasper Co., GA to Benjamin Kitchens
- - Found on 1850 census of Tishomingo Co., MS
Sanford W. Yancey
- -
The only record of Sanford W. Yancey is in the will of Lewis D Yancey. He is not found on a single census of Georgia, nor a single deed record. Yet it would appear he was probably born pre-1800 and should have been recorded on the 1820-1840 census's if not later. Thus, it would appear he probably did not live in Georgia for very long (and probably not at the time Lewis' will was written in 1843). Some researchers are of the opionion that this is quite possibly the same
Sanford Yancey who is found in Tennessee and later Cape Girardeau Co., Missouri - whose parentage has eluded researchers for years - and who HAS BEEN found on 1820-1850 census - the 1850 census recording his birth place as Georgia. In the entire 30,000 record Yancey Family Genealogical Database - only a single other Sandford Yancey exists in this time period - and whose parentage is known thru Bible records.
Nancy Yancey
- -
born about 1808 in South Carolina
- - Married about 1834 one Elias Boyd
- - Found on 1850 census of Henry Co., GA

Rachel Hall
Rachel & Lewis D Yancey were married 4 Aug 1816 in Jasper County, GA. The two children cited to the right may have been children born out of wedlock. She may have died or seperated from Lewis by 1820 when he married Phoebe
Two children who were apparently born out of wedlock, originally using the name of "Hall" and later using the name of "Yancey"

Lewis D Yancey alias Hall
- - Married 28 Mar 1824 in Jasper County, GA to Sarah Strickland
- - Recorded on 1830 & 1840 census of Jasper County, GA
- - State Records show Lewis Yancey alias Hall being "legitamized" in 1839
- - Dead by 1850 census. Wife & children living in Jasepr County
James Yancey alias Hall
- -
Married 24 Sep 1818 in Jasper County, GA to Martha Kitchens
- - Recorded on 1820 Census of Jasper County, GA
- - Probably deceased by 1830 census

Phoebe Pate
Phoebe & Lewis D Yancey were married 27 Jun 1820 in Jasper County. She is recorded on every census up to and including the 1870 census.
Drucilla Yancey,
- - born about 1821 ?? (broad estimate)
- - married 2 Sep 1841 in Jasper Co., GA - John Howard Baynes
- - married 1 Jan 1846 in Jasper Co., GA - James T. Barrot
- - deceased by the 1850 census
Mary Yancey,
- - born about 1821 ?? (broad estimate)
- - married 25 Jul 1841 in Jasper Co., GA - John Horton
- - John Horton is found on 1850 census Jasper County, but Mary appears to have been deceased by then.
Winifred Yancey
- - born about 1825
- - Not found on 1850 census Jasper County
Lucy Yancey
- - born about 1827, Jasper County, GA
- - married 28 Nov 1844 in Jasper Co., GA - James A. Horton
- - James & Lucy on 1850 census Jasper County
Richard D Yancey
- -
born about 1829, Jasper County, GA
- - married 8 Feb 1849 in Jasper Co., GA - Julia A. Midaris
- - Richard & Julia found on 1850 census of Jasper County
Benjamin D. Yancey
- -
born about 1831 in Jasper Co., GA
- - Found living with his parents on 1850 census of Jasper County
- - married 12 Nov 1850 in Jasper County, GA - Martha Pye
Sarah Walker Yancey
- - born about 1832 in Jasper Co., GA
- - Married 14 Dec 1848 in Jasper County, GA to James Lindsay
- - James & Sarah found on 1850 census of Jasper County, GA
Layton Yancey
- - born about 1834 in Jasper Co., GA
- - On 1850 census living with parents


A recently found document of Laurens District, South Carolina making reference to one Samuel Yancey and Lewis D Yancey. The identity of Samuel is unknown.

Laurens County, South Carolina Court Records

Inquisition taken on view of the body of William Leake, Filed 17th October 1812.

Laurens District - An Inquisition held at Briant Leakes in the District and state [aforesaid?] before me William Irby coroner for the District aforesaid upon the view of the [body of?] William Leake Junr, then and there laying dead upon the [____?] of Burrel Leake, [______] Waldrop, Samuel Leak, and James A. Young of the said District who being examined [_________] their oaths we the Juror of said inquest do say upon our oathes that the said William Leake Junr. came to his death on the sixteenth day of October one thousand Eight Hundred and Twelve, hen on his way from his fathers house to school near the House of [Lewis?] Yancys he then and their received a stab in the left thigh with a large knife by [Samuel?] Yancy of which wound he instantly deceased and we do further say that the [said] Samuel Yancy did maliciously and willfuly purpetrate the said murder on the body of said decd against the peace of this state. Given under our hand this 17th day of Oct. 1812. Wm. Dendy Foreman, J. A. Young, [Whited?] Wilks, Joshua Teague, Wm. Sa[____?] Cunant, James Clardy, John Brysome, Wm. Dunlap, George Leake, Wm. Leake, [_____?] Harden.

Laurens District - Warrant to the Constable and Keeper of the Goal of said District do convey and deliver unto the custody of the keeper of the goal, the body of Lewis D Yancy, charged with being an accesory or [misprision?] of a felony of murder of Wm. Leake. Dates 17 Oct 1812. Wm. Dendy J. T.

Laurens District - Warrant to Andrew Wilson, constable and goaler of said district [_______?] John Hall to the keeper of the goal for not giving security to appear and give [_____?] against Lewis D. Yancy in behalf of the State. Dates 17 Oct 1812. Wm. Dendy


 Marriage of Lewis D Yancey and Phoebe Pate below

Military Reference to Lewis Davis Yancey in the "Statutes at Large"

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