Killed in the Line of Duty


Owen D. Yancey
Los Angeles Police Department, California
Killed - Sunday, October 20, 1935

Policeman Owen Yancey was shot and killed by a woman who mistook him for a prowler.   Officer Yancey had responded to a disturbance call near the home and was searching the area when the occupant fired two rounds through a wall, striking Policeman Yancey.
He  is survived by his wife and two sons

(Letter dated 05/20/1994)

Dear Sgt. Moreland:

I have had to do a lot of remembering and thinking to write this letter.

My father (Owen D. Yancey) was killed in 1935, I was just about to turn eight years-old. I can remember some things about him.

He was born in Oklahoma at the turn of the century, next to the youngest of about ten children on a small farm near Chandler, in Lincoln County. In the early twenties he and a 'buddy' came to California because there was not much to do in Oklahoma at the time. He was in the L.A. area for several years. He had a sister living in Inglewood. As soon as he made the academy, he sent for his sweetheart, (my mother) she arrived in L.A. by train, picked-up and rushed to Inglewood, pushed in the front door and there was the family, my father and a preacher waiting for her, almost a reverse 'shotgun wedding.'

They settled at 1019 West 65th Place in L.A. and had two kids. I can remember the 1932 Olympics. Dad directed traffic on the south side of the Coliseum. Mom took me to a couple of events. Later, in 1933, we had the earthquake. Dad was waiting for a fellow officer in front of University Station when it hit. He drove home, checked on us, then went back on duty and wasn't seen for a week.

Later, we moved to the 'Outland,' 116th Street and San Pedro. That's where we were living when dad was killed. When we got word of the shooting my mother ended up riding on the back of an L.A. Officer's motorcycle, skirts flying, to the General Hospital, code-three. The Motor Officer (Stambaugh) was our neighbor. He got a day-off without pay for that stunt.

My mother raised two boys on the Police pension. After the medical insurance payment, it amounted to about $98 a month. My brother and I both started working at a very young age. My mother never remarried, I think mainly to keep the pension because of the stories she heard from another officer about police widows who married bums and ended up losing their penions.

My father was tall and good looking, after he died I think I was in shock for quite a while. I just knew I had lost something wonderful. He usually worked nights so i did not get to be with him as much as I wanted. My brother was four years younger and does not remember much about dad.

I have missed him all my life.

I am starting to cry, so I'll say goodbye.

Owen Yancey, Sr.

P.S. Owen D. Yancey was a loving father and I believe a good husband. I can remember more hugs from my father than my mother. His death left a void in my life that I didn't realize until I had children of my own.

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Guy Steele Yancey

Detective Sergeant

Louisville and Nashville Railroad Police Department, Railroad Police

Killed:  Sunday, April 6, 1947


Detective Sergeant Guy Yancey was struck and killed by a train while patrolling the Howell yard in Evansville, Indiana.

The crew of the southbound train number 53 notified the yard office in Evansville they believed they had struck someone upon their arrival in Henderson, Kentucky. The body of Detective Sergeant Yancey was found along the tracks about 4:45 am by another detective and a car inspector, having suffered a crushed chest and fractures of the right arm and leg.

Detective Sergeant Yancey had served with the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Police Department for over five years. He was survived by his wife, three children, six sisters, two brothers and mother. His father had served as inspector of police for the Evansville division of the department.

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Sergeant, Hubert Dean Yancey

Scott County Sheriff's Department, Tennessee

Killed:  Friday, November 28, 2003

Sergeant Hubert Yancey was shot and killed when he and two other deputies went to a home on Williams Creek Road.

They were there to interview several subjects about a suspected meth lab. One deputy went inside to search the mobile home after one of the suspects granted him permission. The other three deputies remained outside to guard exit points.

The deputy inside of the home noticed someone hiding in a closet and holding what appeared to be a weapon. The deputy took cover when the closet door opened and two women in the home began screaming. Sergeant Yancey, thinking the deputy was in trouble, entered the home armed with a shotgun. The deputy who was already inside saw Deputy Yancey's silhouette, and thinking he was an armed suspect, fired one round, striking Deputy Yancey just above his vest.

Three suspects fled the scene but were quickly apprehended. A total of four suspects were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine but were not charged in connection with Deputy Yancey's death.

Sergeant Yancey had served with the Scott County Sheriff's Department for 6 years, and is survived by his wife, three sons, and father.

Seargant Yancey's death was initially classified as an accident.  Many people do not now think it was.

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Deputy Sheriff David  Yancey | Fulton County Sheriff's Office, Georgia Fulton County Sheriff's Office, Georgia

Deputy Sheriff

David Yancey

Fulton County Sheriff's Office, Georgia

End of Watch: Monday, June 16, 1913



David Yancey (1913)

Deputy Sheriff David Yancey was stabbed to death by a man he attempted to arrest for purse snatching. 

Deputy Yancey was walking on Whitehall Street near Forsyth Street when he heard the cry of, "stop thief", and saw a man being chased by several men. Deputy Yancey joined the chase, outdistanced the other pursuers, and caught the suspect at 33 Windsor Street. The suspect resisted arrest and lunged a long knife into the deputy's heart.

The suspect hid under a nearby vacant house where he was surrounded by several Atlanta policemen. Refusing to surrender he was shot six times and killed. It was later discovered that he was an escaped convict and wanted in another state for murder.

Deputy Sheriff Yancey was survived by his wife and eight children.

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