Charles Kavanaugh (abt 1712?-1796)

u Culpeper County, Virginia - Deed Book A Page 489 - 1753: [HIGE]

Charles Kavanaugh and Ann his wife made a deed to Robert Coleman for 100 acres "being the land which Philemon Kavanaugh deceased by deed of gift gave to Elizabeth Yancey, daughter of Lewis Davis Yancey, but she dying without issue the fee simple reverted to Charles Kavanaugh, heir at law of Philemon Kavanaugh [RCKA-19] .

u Culpeper County, Virginia - Deed Book C Page 596 - 1761: [HIGE]

Charles Kavanaugh and Ann his wife deed to Davenport Burkett 481 acres.

u Culpeper County, Virginia - Deed Book F Page 55 - 1768: [HIGE]

Charles Kavanaugh gave power of attorney to William Brown

[Possibly because he was leaving Virginia ??]

u Although reports are conflicting as to the date - Charles at a very early period moved to Kentucky (probably in the mid 1770's).

u Court Records - Madison County, Kentucky 1788 - Ordered that it be certified that proof was made to the court that Charles Kavanaugh, senior is the elder son of Philemon Kavanaugh , deceased, formerly of Culpeper County.

u The will of Charles Kavanaugh was dated 1795 and probated in 1796 in Madison County, Kentucky. In his will he mentions the following persons: [HIGE]

His wife: Ann Kavanaugh
Heirs of eldest son: Philemon Kavanaugh [Md Elizabeth Woods abt 1775]
(Philemon died in the mid 1780's [HIGE])
Five other children named in the following order:
Mary Kavanaugh [Md Joseph Ellison 1787]
William Kavanaugh [Md 1st Hannah Woods]
Charles Kavanaugh [Md Frances Powell 1784]
Jael Kavanaugh [Md Peter Woods]
Sarah Ann Kavanaugh [Md James M. Moore]
Two Grandchildren are mentioned:
Charles & Elizabeth Moore
(children of James M. & Sarah Ann K. Moore)

It is evident from the will that Charles Kavanaugh was at a rather advanced age and his children were adults and that he had grandchildren.

u Culpeper County Virginia Deed Book T Page 421 - 1797: [HIGE]

Ann Kavanaugh, Joseph Ellison and Mary his wife, William Kavanaugh and Hannah his wife, Charles Kavanaugh and Frances his wife, Peter Woods and Jael his wife, James Moore and Sarah Ann his wife - all of Madison County, Kentucky deed 127 acres of land to Jechonias Yancey, 240 acres to Richard Henry Yancey, 96 acres to William and Major Yancey. (The children here are apparently named in order of age)

u NOTES: Although many reports concerning the Kavanaugh Family record both Philemon Kavanaugh Sr and his son Philemon Jr as having sons named Charles - there seems to be found NO evidence to support this. All the evidence would seem to indicate that there was only one Charles Kavanaugh and that he was the son of the Philemon Kavanaugh who died in 1743. This same Charles was married about 1753 to one Ann (Coleman??). Evidence seems to indicate that this is the same Charles Kavanaugh who settled in Madison County, Kentucky and left many descendants. There is no evidence that Philemon Kavanaugh Jr. (who died in 1763) had a son named Charles - and it would seem that the Charles who moved to Madison County Kentucky would have been born at too early of a date to have been a son of his.

u Many reports record a Charles Kavanaugh who was the father of one Mildred Kavanaugh who was to have married Lewis Davis Yancey. It would seem that this must be in error. The wife of Lewis Davis Yancey was Winifred Yancey - daughter of Philemon Kavanaugh Sr. There is evidence that her complete name may have been Mildred Winifred or Winifred Mildred. In summary - there is NO evidence that there were two Charles Kavanaughs (sons of both Philemon Sr & Jr.)

u Although various reports record the wife of Charles Kavanaugh as Ann Coleman - many current researchers believe her name was Ann Covington and that she was the daughter of William Covington III & Ann Coleman (daughter of Robert Coleman). The will of this William Covington, probated in 1762 in Essex Co., Virginia, does refer to a daughter Anne Kavanaugh.

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