u Deed Record 1756. Philemon sold three negroes to Thomas Brown. [HIGE-611]

u Deed Record 1763 Philemon Kavanaugh sold a negro to John Greer. [HIGE-611]

u Court Record: 1759/1762/1763/1764 Philemon Kavanaugh (Jr) was guardian of a Sarah Kavanaugh (daughter?? or sister??) and held a negro named Venus for her. In one citation [HIGE-611] it states that Ann Kavanaugh (wife of Philemon Jr.) gave to her daughter Sarah the negro named Venus. Original Sources need to be checked but it is a little confusing why the records refer to Philemon Jr as her guardian (if he was her father) - It would seem most probable that some mistake may have been made upon writing the record and that this refers to Sarah Kavanaugh (the daughter of Philemon Sr - and sister of Philemon Jr) and as she was underage Philemon Jr. was recorded as her guardian [HIGE]

u In 1752 James Pendleton filed legal records showing him as guardian of Philemon Kavanaugh Sr's younger children including Philemon Kavanaugh Jr. Whether this meant that Philemon was under age 21 (and/or unmarried) in 1752 or some earlier date is uncertain. Philemon Sr wrote his will in 1743 (referring to under-age children - including Philemon). Later In 1758 Philemon Jr. was apparently of age (21) or married (or both) and was assigned as the guardian of one Sarah Cavanaugh (his sister?)

u [HIGE] The will of Philemon Kavanaugh is dated and proved in 1764 in Culpeper County Virginia. Executors were his wife Ann Kavanaugh and William Williams.

The will mentions the following people:
Wife: Ann Kavanaugh
Brother: Charles Kavanaugh
(Oldest?) son Benjamin Kavanaugh
Other "young" children not mentioned by name
Witnesses were:
Charles Kavanaugh (brother of Philemon)
Charles Yancey (son of Winifred K. Yancey)
Ann Kavanaugh (wife)

The will of Philemon Jr. makes it clear that Philemon claimed half of a tract of land which his brother Charles had acquired [from the will of their father]. The will also implies that most (if not all) of his children were under age (probably being quite young).

u Bible/Family records of Elizabeth Kavanaugh Taylor (daughter of this Philemon Kavanaugh) record Philemon Jr's birth date at 1732 and his wife's as 1734 and the birth date of Elizabeth as 1761. The son Benjamin is to have died young without any descendants. Another son Philemon III died in 1784 in Orange County, Virginia leaving no descendants. [GKYF]

u [HIGE-609-611] Many reports (apparently in error) record Philemon, Anna, Mary, & Sarah (for which James Pendleton was guardian) in 1752 as children of Philemon Jr (instead of Sr) An analysis of the will of Philemon Sr and various court records indicate that this is probably in error and that they were the same children mentioned in the will of Philemon Sr.

u Only one child (Benjamin) is named in the will of Philemon Jr. Other additional children include:
Elizabeth Kavanaugh (who married John Taylor) [FOEC & GKYF]
Philemon Kavanaugh III (died 1784 in Orange County with no children)
Possibly a Hannah Kavanaugh [OSFA]

u Many reports erroneously record the wife of Philemon Jr. as one Ann Williams (supposedly daughter of James Williams). Other records correctly record her name as Ann Cave - the daughter of Benjamin & Hannah Bledsoe Cave of Culpeper. Ann is mentioned in the will of Benjamin Cave probated in 1762. The confusion seems to have arose because many attributed the maiden name of Williams to Philemon Jrs' wife due to the confusion between Philemon Sr & Jr.

u [FOEC-81] This source gives an account of the Cave family and records Ann as a daughter of Benjamin & Hannah (Bledsoe) Cave.

u Ann, the wife of Philemon Jr is to have remarried one William Strother after Philemon died [FOEC]. She had no children by this second marriage.

u Various reports record one Anna Kavanaugh as marrying one Adam Woods and having various descendants. Some reports record her as a daughter of Philemon Kavanaugh Sr., others as Philemon Jr. Various published works on the Woods family record the birth date of this Anna Kavanaugh as 29 March 1748 and record birth dates for many of their 12 children (apparently coming from family records). If Anna was born in 1748 she could not have been the daughter of Philemon Sr. And the estate records of Philemon Jr. do not indicate any daughter named Anna. Philemon Jr was married about 1755 making him not a plausible father. It is interesting to note that some early published sources record Anna as the sister of Jael Kavanaugh - the daughter of Charles & Ann Kavanaugh - this Jael having married one Peter Woods who is to have been a brother of Adam Woods (they being children of William & Susanah Woods). Jael also had a brother, Philemon, who married Elizabeth Woods (a sister of Peter & Adam). It seems much more likely that Anna was a daughter of Charles & Anna Kavanaugh - but why she does not seem to be recorded on probate and estate records of Charles & Ann Kavanaugh is uncertain. [WOMC] [MWMC]

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