PHILEMON KAVANAUGH SR. (Abt 1680-abt 1743)

u Deed Record - (Spotsylvania? Co., VA) 4 September 1724 - John Bryan deeded 150 acres to Philemon Kavanaugh of St George Parish. [KAVA-129]

u Deed Record - Spotsylvania Co., VA - Henry Willis deeded 3277 acres of land to Philemon Kavanaugh [KAVA-129]

u Deed Record - Spotsylvania Co., VA Book B, August 3 1731. Philemon Cavanaugh deeded to his daughter Winifred and her husband Lewis Davis Yancey 800 acres. This would seem to indicate that Winifred & Lewis Davis married in 1731. [KAVA-129]

u Deed Record - Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book 2, April 4 1732. Philemon Kavanaugh deeded to Elizabeth Yancey, daughter of Winifred & Lewis Davis Yancey 100 acres. [KAVA-130] (This was probably given to Elizabeth at her birth, she being the first child of Winifred)

u Most reports concerning the family record the marriage date of Philemon Kavanaugh and Sarah Williams as about 1711 - but it would seem that this date is only an estimate based on estimated birth dates of some of the oldest children of Philemon. When it is understood that Philemon may have had two wives it would seem plausible that Sarah was the second wife and that they were married at a much later date. Sarah was the daughter of William and Jael (Harrison) Williams. Jael & William were probably married about 1693. William Williams died in 1711 and his wife remarried one Richard Johnson who died in 1726. Jael (Harrison) Williams Johnson died in 1733 - in her will she mentions Philemon Kavanaugh, Sarah Kavanaugh, and Jael Kavanaugh. Many researchers (erroneously?) assume that the Sarah mentioned was a granddaughter of Jael (but correctly probably refers to her daughter - wife of Philemon Kavanaugh)

u Deed Record - Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book C, June 5 1734. Philemon Kavanaugh deeded 400 acres to daughter Elizabeth Conner & husband John Conner. Land to be divided between first two sons. This would seem to indicate that Elizabeth & John Conner married in 1734. [KAVA-130]

u [1736] Philemon Cavanaugh, Thos Jones, John Grant and John Parks made oath that they were [ immediately ???] imported from Great Britain or Ireland into this country and that this is the first of their proving their importation in order to obtain right to land which right they severally in court assigned over to Lewis Davis Yancey. [RCKA-53]

u The will of this Philemon Kavanaugh is dated April 1743 and was probated in August of 1744 in Orange County, Virginia. Executors were wife, Sarah and son Charles and son-in-law Thomas Covington. Will mentions:

wife - Sarah Cavanaugh
son, Charles Cavanaugh (the eldest son)
daughter, Winifred Yancey (wife of Lewis Davis Yancey)
daughter, Elizabeth Conner (wife of John Conner)
daughter, Jael Covington (wife of Thomas Covington)
the following children who were under-age (21?) order as named (by age?) Ellinor Cavanaugh
Elizabeth Cavanaugh
Anne (Anna?) Cavanaugh
Philemon Cavanaugh
Sarah Cavanaugh
Mary Cavanaugh

u The will states that each child would receive their share of the estate as they arrived at lawful age or they married. [OSFA]

u NOTE: It would seem that it took quite some time to legally settle the estate of Philemon. Apparently the oldest son Charles, claimed most or all of the estate that was not specifically bequeathed to the other children. It would seem that Philemon Jr. contested this and demanded one half of what Charles was claiming. It was quite some time after Philemon Sr's death that the estate was settled.

u NOTE: Contrary to many reports, all evidence would indicate that this is the Immigrant Philemon Cavanaugh who came to America about 1705 (with a brother Charles?? who later returned to France??). There is NO evidence that their father was an earlier PHILEMON (as claimed by some reports) - Various reports record them as sons of one Sir Morgan (or Morogh) Kavanaugh & Mary Eustace of Ireland - but current researchers now doubt this theory. [KAVA]

u Court Record - Culpeper Co., VA - 1752. James Pendleton was guardian of Philemon, Anna, Mary, and Sarah and children of Philemon Kavanaugh. [HIGE]

u NOTE: After an analysis of this family one would tend to believe that Philemon Kavanaugh Sr. may possibly have been married twice - the wife named in his will being his 2nd and mother of only his younger under-age children.

u NOTE: Many reports record Philemon Kavanaugh as having an estate of 40,000 acres in Virginia. This is quite doubtful - and will and deed records would indicate that his estate was more something like 4,000 acres.

u The wife of Philemon Kavanaugh Sr. is reported to have been Sarah (Ann?) Williams, the daughter of William Williams and Jael Harrison. [OSFA]

u Sarah Williams Kavanaugh is to have remarried a Mr. Richard Covington sometime about 1750. [OSFA]

u Concerning the children of Philemon Sr:

- Charles Kavanaugh is to have married one Ann Covington (many reports record Coleman) and moved to Madison County, Kentucky at an early date. He had many children.

- Winifred Kavanaugh married Lewis Davis Yancey about 1730. They settled in that area that later became Culpeper County and had ten children. [DLDY]

- Jael Kavanaugh had married a Thomas Covington by 1743 (being mentioned in the will of her father Philemon Sr. ) They had various children. But according to various reports and based on deed records Jael is to have died by 1747 when Thomas remarried her sister Elizabeth Kavanaugh.

- Philemon Kavanaugh, it would seem, married soon after his father's death a lady by the name of Ann Cave. He died in 1764 leaving a will in Culpeper County. [HIGE]. He had at least three children.

- Eleanor Kavanaugh married Edward Stubblefield. She is mentioned in his probate records of Culpeper County in 1750. It is apparent that they had not been married long and both were relatively young - one report records a daughter Ann Stubblefield. Records show that she shortly remarried a Thomas Brown and it is recorded that they had a daughter named Eleanor Brown. [GHNC][OSFA]

- Elizabeth Kavanaugh (mistakenly referred to as Elizabeth Anna on some records) - [OSFA] & [MOOR} record her as the second wife of Thomas Covington who had married her sister Jael. Thomas & Elizabeth are to have been married about 1747 and had one daughter Sarah Covington.

- Anna Kavanaugh - It would seem that this is the same Anna Kavanaugh who married Adam Woods and had various children. The birth date that is usually associated with the wife of is usually recorded as 29 MAR 1748 - it would seem that this date must be in error, however, and was probably actually a few years earlier.

- Mary Kavanaugh - There is a record of one Alex Inglis having married a Mary Kavanaugh and having a child named Jean who was born 4 March 1760 in Virginia. This is recorded on the famous Douglas Register.

- Sarah Kavanaugh - There are various records of one Sarah Kavanaugh who married a Mr. Charles Duncan in 1763 (as his 2nd wife). They settled in Madison County, Kentucky where she is to have died in 1824. Her tombstone is to have indicated that she was born in 1742. This info seems to have first been published in [HIGE] - and most people have cited this without any further proof. It would now seem that this relationship to Charles Duncan is very questionable. Various researchers now record the wife of Charles Duncan as one Sarah Browning and court records recently found appear to indicate that the husband of this Sarah Kavanaugh was one Francis Strother.

- Another child seems to be one Williams Kavanaugh Sr who was born in 1744. [MOOR] records him as a posthumous son of Philemon Kavanaugh Sr. (having been born after his fathers death) and carrying his mother's maiden name as his given name. He married one Mary Harrison and their descendants lived in Kentucky.

- Another possible child of Philemon Kavanaugh Sr is one Frances/Francis Kavanaugh who married William Covington IV (son of William & Ann Coleman Covington). Although this researcher has yet to see any original primary documents which prove or even imply this relationship - various family records indicate that the wife of William Covington was a Kavanaugh and most descendants record her as a child of one of the Philemon Kavanaughs [Sr. or Jr] - (although from the estimated marriage date of Philemon Jr. it would seem she could have not been his daughter). It should be noted that the Kavanaugh-Covington connections are many. Thomas Covington (apparently a brother of William IV) married first Jael Kavanaugh and second Elizabeth Kavanaugh, sisters and daughters of Philemon Kavanaugh Sr. A sister of Thomas & William Covington was one Ann Covington who many researchers beleive was the wife of Charles Kavanaugh (son of Philemon Kavanaugh Sr.). William and Frances Kavanaugh Covington are also to have been the parents of one Robert Covington who married Mary Duncan (supposedly the daughter of Charles Duncan & Sarah Kavanaugh (daughter of Philemon Sr). It should be noted that Frances Kavnaugh is NOT mentioned in the will of Philemon Sr (or Jr) and this researcher knows of no deed records that may have implied some relationship. The name of Frances Kavanaugh is not recorded on the guardianship records, as are the names of the other documented children of Philemon Kavanugh Sr.

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