Notes concerning the possible relationship between

John W. Nanney of Brunswick County, Virginia and
Samuel Nanny (son of  immigrants Robert & Katherine Wheelright Nanny).

By Dennis J Yancey -


For decades - those compiling genealogies and family trees of the early Nanneys of America - have reported one John Nanney of early Virginia  as being a grandson of one immigrant Robert Nanny  - who settled in Masschusetts after coming from London.  John is claimed to have been a grandson via Robert's son Samuel Nanny.  Many reports claim this Samuel Nanney was married to an Indian girl.
Over the past decade I have looked at this claim on and off - and looked for the evidence of it.
Ultimately my feelings and research have come to the point that I no longer believe this claim.
I believe that if it was true - years of research by many would have at least pointed to some vestiges of evidence.
I find none.

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What follows are various notes on the matter:






Another Item:  Various researchers show John's middle name as Wyatt.  I sure would be interested to see where that came from.  All documents I  know just say John.


IF you ask me - this connection is HIGHLY improbable.  And in my humble opinion family should discontinue passing on this information unless at least some circumstantial can be found to support it.   Can anyone provide us with even ONE piece of information from the era of  Samuel & John Nanney that supports this claim? 

Some researchers have also shown this John as a son of a Hugh Nanney and others as a Thomas Nanney.  But again nothing seems to substantiate these claims and they appear to be nothing more than educated guesses.