Notes by Ken Yancey: (Jan 2015)

Elizabeth Brown Yancey  Pension File.

Was looking through my files and had forgotten about the attached.  Elizabeth applied for a pension related to Joel's military service, but it was denied.  However, the application had a number of interesting items.

1) Joel and Elizabeth were married in North Garden, VA, her hometown.

2) The application was made the year before her death on 30 May 1887 at the age of 89. My  other records indicated she would have been 90 on May 22, 1887, not 89.  

3) It also indicated that she was living in Plainville, KY at the time.  Hopefully, Plainville and Stone Lick Cemetery are near in the same area.

4) She also indicated that Joel volunteered and was appointed a Lt. and that he served in the 8th Regiment of Infantry, which also appears on his appointment certificate signed by President Monroe.

5) Her signature is prominent on the document.

6) Also she indicated she moved to Braxton from Albemarle in 1840,  which is later than what appears on the tombstone of James M. Yancey.

7. She also indicates that she and Joel were married on Dec 11th versus Dec 12 at otherwise recorded.

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