Information concerning various different Joel Yanceys
of early America
who are often confused with each other.

1 - JOEL YANCEY (abt 1753-1774) was the son of Archelaus & Mary Yancey of Louisa Co., Virginia - and the father of  an only child - Joel Yancey Jr.  
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2 - JOEL YANCEY (1773-1838) was the son of Jeremiah Yancey & Margaret Mullins - He was born and grew up in Albemarle County but at an early date removed to Barren County Kentucky. He served in the War of 1812. (See the book: History of Albemarle County in Virginia - by Rev Edgar Woods 1901) He is most definitely the one who married the daughter of David Rodes (son of John) as various records prove. After going to Kentucky he got involved in Politics and served in various capacities including US Congressman from Kentucky. He died in 1838 and left wife and various children - most all of which were living in Barren Co., KY on the 1850 census and many of which were buried there in Barren County. He left no recorded will.

3 - JOEL YANCEY (1774 -1833) was the son of Joel Yancey Sr & Barbara Jennings who were married in 1773 in Louisa Co., VA. Joel Sr died in 1774 in Louisa - leaving will - and Joel Jr apparently never knew his father and it is unclear how long his mother lived. But by 1796 this Joel Yancey was living in Campbell Co., VA - when he married Nancy (Peggy) Burton who died and he remarried a Elizabeth Macon in 1809. Joel Yancey Jr. died in 1833 in Bedford Co., VA and left a will. Although I have never seen any military records proving it - family records indicate that this Joel Yancey was a Major in the War of 1812. One other interesting note is that he was an associate of Thomas Jefferson and was even the overseer of Thomas Jefferson's summer home Poplar Forest. Joel had a daughter Martha Anne who married David Rodes (son of Matthew Rodes) and had children as recorded in book by Ruth Rodes.  see also: 

4 - JOEL CHANDLER YANCEY (1784-1851) was the son of Philip Yancey & Sarah Chandler.  He was born in Granville County, North Carolina and died in Fayette County, Tennessee.

5 - JOEL YANCEY  (1796-1865)  was the son of Charles Yancey & Sarah Field. He married Elizabeth Brown in Albemarle Co., Va. They moved to that area in Virginia that became West Virginia in the Civil War era. 
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6 - JOEL WINGFIELD YANCEY (abt 1796 - abt 1820) was the son of John Yancey & Elizabeth Cosby. He was born in Louisa Co., VA and died in Tennessee.

7 - JOEL YANCEY (abt 1797 - ????)  - his parentage is uncertain but he could well have been a son of one Augustus Yancey.  This Joel Yancey married one Barbara Smith in 1817 in Louisa County, Virginia.   This Joel should not be confused with the Joel who married Barbara Jennings.

8 - JOEL YANCEY (abt 1798-????) son of  Jechonias Yancey & Mildred Wood.  Little is known about this Joel.  He is to have served in the military.