Yancey family photos
 of Jerry A. Yancey



Jerry A. Yancey family - 2012

Front row - Wesley Todd Yancey - Dana Kelley Yancey holding Dylan Reese Yancey- Jesse Andrew Yancey(Dana's Husband)

Back Row - Jerry A Yancey - Nancy Jane Yancey (Wife) - Brian Paul Yanc


Jerry A. Yancey
Service:  June 1961 to June 1965  -  November 1969 to November 1973


John Woodrow Yancey Jr. (we call him Woody).  
He served in the Air Force from 1963 - 1967.  
He was a cook and was stationed at various Air Bases.
 First base was Whiteman Air Base,
Then he went to Turkey for 6 months and on to Libya for 6 months.

John Woodrow Yancey - father of Jerry Yancey
and son of Jesse Burton Yancey

Alice Leona Bellar Yancey

Jesse Burton Yancey - Alice Leona Bellar  
 Children - Gertrude Yancey  between Alice and Jesse
Pearl Yancey in lap of Alice Leona - William Allen Yancey - sitting in lap of Jesse Burton.  



Old House with Jerry's  grandmother Alice Bellar Yancey and son John Woodrow Yancey sitting in yard.  

John P. Yancey- his father Lawrence Ross Yancey / Jesse Burton Yancey  - his son William Allen Yancey
( Jesse Burton Yancey - grandfather of  Jerry Yancey)



Pearl Yancey Rivet - Gertrude Yancey Rivet - in back center - Hattie Lee Yancey Geoppinger
 all sisters and daughters of Jesse Burton Yancey

Pearl Yancey Rivet




Woman of uncertain identity