Source : Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas

Col. J. C. Yancey, a prominent attorney of Batesville, and a man of brilliant attainments, whose words of eloquence have often been heard in the halls of justice, was born in Orange Co., Va., on July 10, 1853. He is a son of James E. and Mary E. (Waller) Yancey, both natives of the same county in Virginia, who moved to Jefferson Co., Ky., in 1859, and remained at that place until 1873, when they repaired to Phillips Co., Ark., in which place the father died in 1876, while the mother still survives him, and resides in that county. They were the parents of six children: Archilles N., Charles C., Elizabeth, Amelia, John C. and George W. Col. Yancey was reared in Virginia and Kentucky, and received his education from theschools of both States, his inclination for the law being developed at an early age. At eighteen years of age he began the study of law, and [p.728] in 1874 was admitted to the bar in Crittenden Co., Ark., where he practiced about one year. He then formed a partnership with Col. A. Crockett, a grandson of famous Davy Crockett, and moved to Arkansas Co., Ark., to practice. They remained at this place until 1878, when Col. Yancey came to Batesville, and established a law office, where he practiced alone until 1882, and then formed a partnership with Col. H. S. Coleman, under the firm name of Coleman & Yancey. In 1885 Col. Yancey was elected to the XXVth General Assembly, serving one term, and in 1889 was elected mayor of Batesville, an office he holds at the present time, and fills with distinction. In 1884 he was married to Miss Ella A. Dunnington, by whom he has had three children: Nona W., Dunnington A. and James C. Col. Yancey is a man of excellent ability, and one whose oratory at times is grand. His shrewdness and foresight have won for him many cases, where facts and argument were needed, and his eloquent addresses to many a jury have given him victory where it needed a man who could play upon the human heart. He is attorney for the Keystone Mining Company, and is president of the Telephone Company of Batesville. Also president of the Charcoal and Chemical Plant, and a principal stockholder in the Bank of Batesville, and also interested in the Batesville Printing Company, and Oil Trough Telephone Company.