Bible belonging to my  Helen Maurie Yancey Nutt
Shannon Morris: The bible belonged to my great grandmother, Helen Maurie Yancey Nutt. 
The entries were made during her lifetime. She got the bible as a wedding gift I believe.
She wrote stuff down ever since. Not much actually. The first part I sent you from Mary Sula Downey
down through Gladys Haller is everything she wrote in the bible. Nothing more, and it is exactly how she wrote it. 
No I do not have it. My cousins in NM do. I might be able to get them to make a copy,
I am not sure, they don't get around much. I copied word for word from it 3 years ago. 
(Helen Maurie was the daughter of Eliza (sic) and Sula Downey Yancey originally of Howard Co., Missouri)
Yancey Bible Entries:
Mary Sula Downey  11-7-1868    1-14-1936?
Eliza Yancey (dad)  Sept. 23? 1868  Oct. 4, 1904?
Roy N Nutt  Feb. 7, 1892 Fayette, MO.   Aug. 2, 1973 Tucumcari
Roy's mama- Ellen Besgrove  Sept. 30, 1862
Roy's daddy- Harry Nutt
Joe Yancey Nutt  June 24, 1918  Fayette, Mo.   July 25, 1968  Tucumcari
William Roscoe Yancey (my Brother) April 27, 1894  Sept. 2, 1967 Sedalia, Mo.
Gladys E. Haller  Dec. 19, 1961  Clovis
1. Mary Ellen Nutt     B: 26 Dec. 1914  Fayette, Mo.    D: 17 July 1937  
Tucumcari, NM
2. Joe Yancey Nutt    B: 24 Jun 1918  Fayette, Mo.     D: 25 July 1968   
Tucumcari, NM
3. Helen Louise Nutt  B: 23 Dec. 1920 Fayette, Mo.    D:  16 March 1935
Tucumcari, NM
4. Charles Sidney Nutt  B: 12 June 1923 Fayette, Mo.  D: 17 Feb. 1936 
Tucumcari, NM
5. William Norris Nutt B: 29 Jan. 1927 Tucumcari, NM   D:  14 Mar 2001
 Tucumcari, NM
6. Lillian Inez Nutt    B: 27 Sept. 1929 Tucumcari, NM    D: 3 May 1994 
Tucumcari, NM