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HI Dennis,
I am a descendant of Susannah  Holloway and Thomas Royston of Caroline Co, VA who married in 1788.
This is a little confusing to try to explain, but I will try:
The belief that George Holloway married Elizabeth Cammack came from the publication Colonial Cousins, but that belief came from heresay that had been passed down in the Holloway family for a hundred and fifty years.
If you go to the Fredericksburg Research Resource site and then click on Court Records Project and then click in Holloway in to the search engine you will come up to the court case "Dickinson vs Holloway".  This chanceyr court case, in the courts from 1812-1818 out right says the parents of Susanahh and her brother John were John Holloway Sr and Elizabeth.
From that court case I know that John Holloway and Elizabeth were the parents of Susannah and John Jr.  As far as being sure that John Sr married Elizabeth "Cammack"---I am not absolutely sure.  but judgeing how the grandchildren later name their children "Cammack", it is a reasonable assumpiton that John Sr did marry Elizabeth Cammack.
You will see that George Holloway also married an Elizabeth.  She went by "Betty".  Betty named her one of her kids, Thomas Slaughter Holloway, and named others after names of Slaoughters who she is supposed to have been a sibling to.  Also, in the will of her husband a Thomas Slaughter acted as administrator.  I got that information from Colonial Caroline.
Anyway, if you go to number 10 of my source page at the end of the document I have attached it will help you understand how we came to this conclusion.  I might add, that Frederick Dorman who is referenced in number 10 of my sources is a certified college eduacated genealogist who has published books in genealogy (you can google him and see).  His opinion concerning genealogical matters definitely carries some weight.  He believes that George Holloway married Elizabeth "Betty" Slaughter and not Elizabeth Cammack.
Well, I hope I didn't confuse you, Dennis.  But it is very likely that the parents of your Betty Holloway were George and Betty Slaughter Holloway of Caroline Co, VA
Mark Royston  



I. William Holloway 1

  b. abt 1680 unknown

  d. 1744-1748 Spotsylvania Co, VA1

m. Ann 1

  d. aft 17442


|           II. Charles Holloway1

|             b. bef 1715

|             d. 1751 or 1768 Caroline Co, VA4

                   m. unknown


|           |           III. Ann Holloway3

                        b. abt 1727 VA

                        d. as a young woman

                        m. Mr. Hoyle of King George Co, VA3


                        III. other unknown daughters3


|           II. George Holloway5

|             b. bef 1725

|             d. 1772 Caroline Co, VA5

|           m.  Elizabeth (Slaughter?) “Betty”  5,6,7

|             d. aft 1797 Caroline Co, VA


|           |           III. Capt. George Holloway5,6

                                b. Sept 16, 1763 Caroline Co, VA

|           |             d. Nov 11, 1837 Woodford Co, Ky


                        m. Mary Blackburn10, who outlived him


                                    IV.  according to the 1810 census, he could have had 2 sons, and four



|           |           III. Charles Holloway7,8

|           |             b. before 1765 probably Caroline Co, VA

|           |             d. abt 1827 Spotsylvania, VA ?


                        m. Mary(?)


|           |           |           IV. John Holloway(?)9

                                    b. before 1780


                        III. Sarah Holloway10

                        b. probably Caroline Co, VA


                        m. Francis Slaughter III


                        III. Henry Holloway10

                        b. probably Caroline Co, VA

                        d. 1810 Amherst Co, VA


                        III. Thomas Slaughter Holloway10

                        b. probably Caroline Co, VA



                        III. Robert Holloway10

                        b. probably Caroline Co, VA

                        d. 1802

                        m. Sarah Penn 18 Nov 1797 Amherst Co, VA


                                    IV. George Seaton Holloway

                                    IV. unamed duaghter Holloway


                         III. Elizabeth Holloway10

                        b. probably Caroline Co, VA


                        m. Capt Robert Yancey (said to have later moved to Woodford Co, Kty)


                        III. Holloway daughter (?)10

                        b.probably Caroline Co, VA

                        d. before


                        m. Drury Bell


                                    IV. Sarah

|           |                        

|           |II. Robert Holloway1(stayed in Spotsylvania County?)

|             d. aft 17481

|           m.  Rachel2

|             d. aft 1751


|           |           III. William Holloway1

|           |             b. bef 1744


|           II. Ann Holloway1(stayed in Spotsylvania County?)

|             d. aft 1745

|             m. John Robinson bef 17441


|           |           III. John Robinson

|           |             b. bef 1744


|           II. Elizabeth Holloway1 (stayed in Spotsylvania County?)

|             d. 1745-17548

|           m. Thomas Dillard abt 173011

|             d. 1774


|           |           III. Ann Dillard

|           |           Joseph Dillard

|           |             b. 1735

|           |           III. John Dillard

|           |           III. William Dillard

|           |           III. James Dillard

|           |           III. Thomas Dillard Jr.

|           |           III. Jane Dillard

|           |           m.  John Duvall8

|           |           III. Lucy Dillard

|           |           m.  George Luck8

|           |           III. Hannah Dillard


|           II. John Holloway 12

            b. born by 1700

|             d. 1766 Caroline Co, VA

               m. Rachel 13


|           |           III. John Holloway12

|           |             d. 1770 Caroline Co, VA14

|           |           m. wife #115


|           |           |           IV. George Holloway

|           |           |             d. Deserted in the Rev War, declared dead by the courts in 178316


|           |           |           IV. Elizabeth Holloway

|           |           |             d. probably still alive in 1784, but dead by 181415

|           |           |           m.  Benjamin Dickinson15

|           |           |             d. alive in 1818

|           |          

|           |           m. wife #2 Elizabeth Cammack15, 17

|           |             b. 1740-1744, Spotsylvania Co., VA

|           |             d. Feb 14, 1814 Caroline Co., VA14


|           |           |           IV. John Holloway15

|           |           |             b. abt 1760 VA

|           |           |             d. abt 1841

|           |           |           m.  Barbara Collawn17

|           |           |             b. 1764, Caroline Co., VA

|           |           |             d. 1844


|           |           |           IV. Susannah “Suckey” Holloway17

|           |           |             b. abt 1768 Caroline Co, VA

|           |           |             d. 1805, Caroline Co., VA

|           |           |           m.  Thomas Royston 1788 Caroline Co, VA18

|           |           |             b. abt 1737, Caroline Co., VA

|           |           |             d. 1814, Caroline Co., VA


|           |           III. William Holloway 1(lived in Caroline Co, VA)

|           |             b. 1734-40

|           |             d. 1794(?)19

|           |           m. Mary20


                                    IV. George Holloway20,5,6

                                                b. 1751 Caroline Co, VA

                                    d. 1798 Kentucky (probably Clark Co)


                                    m. Lucy Schuyler


                                                IV. John Holloway20,9

                                                b.abt 1762 Caroline Co, VA

                                    d. April 15, 1823 Clark Co, Kentucky


                                     m. Frances Tiller


                                    IV. Clarissa Holloway “Clary” 20

                                                b. 1763 Caroline Co, VA

                                    d. April 10, 1847 Henry Co, Kentucky


                                    m. Samuel Hill before 1793



Nathaniel “Nathan” Holloway—see notes #22



1704--Holloway, William-King & Queen Co., 100 acres—The Quit Rents of Virginia, 1704 compiled by Annie Larie Wright Smith 1977—this 100 acres could  have been located in what is now Spotsylvania County.  The county lines changed after 1720.


1720, Aug 17—Elias Downs of St. John’s Par., King Wm. CO.; 400 acres. (New Land), Essex Co., in St. Mary’s Par; adj William Holliway; & John Holliway; crossing 2 brs. of Nussaponock Sw; p. 24 40 Shill.

Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants abstracted by Neil Marion Nugent, 1979 Patent Book No. 11


1726, June 30 William Holliway, of S. Steven’s Par. K&Q Co., 650 acres (New Land), Spotsyl. Co., in St. George’s Par; on S. side of Nssaponnock Swamp page 489

Ibid: Patent Book No. 12


1732, Sept 28 William Hallaway, of K&Q Co; 250 acres. (New Land), Spotsylv. Co., in St. George’s Par.; on S. side of Nassaponax; importation of 5 persons

Ibid; Patent Book 14


1. Will of William –Back To Old Virginia with Dillard, Daniel and Kin compiled by Carlton M Dillard, 1993; page 14

On 4 Dec 1744, William Holloway, often quoted in abstracts as Holloday, made his will in Spotsylvania County…”In the name of God Amen.  I William Holloway of the Parish of St. George & County of Spotsylvania in the Colony of Virginia being of perfect sense & memory do make this my last will & testament in manner following.

“Imprimis I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Holloway three negroes named Jack, a man, & Nason & Janny, woman, to her & her heirs forever also one negro girl named Milly to her and her heirs forever.

“item I give to my son John two negro men named Tony & Will to him and his heirs forever.

“Item I give to my son Charles two negroes name Ravin a man, and the other named Moll a girl to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give to my Son George a negro man called Harry & a negro boy called Toboy to him and his heirs forever.  Item I give to my son Robert a negro man named Sam to him & his heirs forever also a negro girl named Betty to him & his heirs forever also a negro woman named Sarah to him and his heirs forever.  Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Dillard a Negro girl named Judey to her & her heirs forever.  “Item I give to my grandson John Robinson a Negro man named Peter to him and his heirs forever.  “Item I give unto my grandson William Holloway, the son of Robert Holloway, all my land in King William County to him & his heirs forever.   “Item I give the one half of my land in Spotsylvania county unto my living wife for and during her natural life including the plantation and after her decease I give the same land unto my grandson John Robinson to him & his heirs forever.  “Item I give the remainder of my land in Spotsylvania County unto my Grandson William Holloway the son of John Holloway to him & his heirs forever.  “Item I give unto my daughter Ann the wife of John Robinson a cow and calf to her & her heirs forever.  “Item I give all the rest of my estate be it of what nature of quality so ever to be equally divided amongst my wife & all my children and of this my last will & testament I do constitute and appoint my sons Charles and Robert whole & sol executors—confirming this to be my last will & revoking all other wills by me made in testimony of which I have hereunto set my hand & seal this fourth day of December 1744.  William his (X) Mark Holloway (Seal).  “In the presence of us W. Walton, Mathew Gayle, Henry Rogers.—Will

probated 3 June 1746


2. William Sr. named his sons Charles and Robert as execs of his will, 1744.  In March 1748/9, Rachel Holloway was granted administration on her husband Robert's estate, with Charles Holloway as one of her securities, Caroline Co.  I don't know why these following court actions are in Prince George County, but they certainly are this family:  In Jan 1748/9, George sued Charles over the slaves Jack and Nan that William had left to his wife, so Ann must have died by then.  In Sep 1751, Rachel sued John Holloway and won.  I don't know what it was about, but surely it had to do with William's estate, because in Dec 1751, George &c (probably all of William's other children) sued Rachel over the slaves William left his wife, and the court declared that all the slaves be sold and the proceeds distributed.


3. Colonial Caroline by Thomas Elliott Campbell page 423 and 424


Hoyle-Holloway: in 1747 Charles Holloway offered two Negroes and 100 pounds sterling to any eligible young man, who married his daughter, Ann.  Whatever was wrong with Ann the records do not disclose, but it must have been quite bad because no young man in Caroline took advantage of the offer.  It remained open for over a year, and until Edward Hoyle of King George heard of it and came courting.  Holloway was a shrewd man and after he had Hoyle hooked he managed to cut the dowry down to one Negress.  Matters moved smoothly after this compromise for a time.  The marriage was celebrated in Caroline and afterwards Ann took the Negress, who was her personal maid, Lucy, to live with her in King George.  But when Ann died Holloway demanded Lucy’s return.  Hoyle refused to part with the woman and Holloway sued for her possession in King George.  The King George court denied his claim and he returned to Caroline and sulked.  But he did not sulk long, because one night under the cover of darkness he crossed the Rappahannock, went to the Hoyle plantation and spirited Lucy away, along with her children born since she went to live in King George.  Back in Caroline, Holloway dared Hoyle to try to regain the Negress and her offspring.  Hoyle ignored this challenge for lawlessness and accused Holloway of kidnapping in the Caroline court and demanded that the Caroline magistrate order his property returned.  But the Caroline magistrates dismissed all the charges and ruled that Holloway had only reclaimed what was rightfully his own. 


An interesting side light in the testimony recorded in order books covering this case reveals that Holloway’s daughters called him “Daddy”.  But the magistrates, who took down the testimony, carefully points out “Daddy means Father”.


Petition of Abraham Estes.  Ordered Henry Rains, Charles Holloway, William Lawson and William Marshall to view the road, petitioned for sd. Estes and report to next Court, 1743,  page 266—Cary-Estes genealgoy; Rutland, Vt; Tuttle, 1939; page 120—viewable at Heritage Quest Books, online


Ordered to appraise the state of George Campbell of Caroline Co, VA, Dec 1749, William Lawson, Charles Holloway, George Todd ans William Buckner—pg 342 Tidewater Virginia Families by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis—Genealogy Publishing Co, Inc


4. Also, two Charles Holloways died in Caroline Co, one in 1751 and the other in 1768—according Colonial Caroline, pages 473 and 480 respectively.  We are not able to place one of these Charles in the above descendant report for lack of information as to how he was related.


5. 1772 George Holloway dies, Betty Holloway, Thomas Slaughter appointed execs or admin of his will—page 483 Colonial Caroline by Thomas Elliott Campbell


1752-1764 George Holloway listed as a Planter—Colonial Caroline page 144


George Holloway’s wife, Betty is recorded as owning 1,713 acres in Caroline during the years 1785-1791; in 1792 dropped to 1469 acres; she transferred 1219 acres to her son, Charles in 1795---Reel 62 Library of Virginia Land Alterations and Land Taxes 1782-1812


Note: there were possibly three George Holloways living in Caroline after 1772 when George Holloway Sr died: George Jr who was their son: George the son of John Holloway, who died in 1770 : and George who was the son of William Holloway.  William is giving his probable son, George, land in Caroline in 1794—see Reel 62 Land Alterations and Land Taxes 1782-1812 Caroline Co, VA—Lib of VA 


6. George Holloway states that for some time he has resided in Kentucky and was never executor for his mother, Mrs. Betty Holloway, decd Sept 1797”—Caroline County, Virginia Court Records 1742-1833 & Marriages 1782-1810 by Wm Lindsay Hopkins page 34.


George Holloway was born in Caroline Co, VA on Sept 16, 1763, and served in the war during 1780 and 1781, making rank of Captain.  After the war he claims to have lived in Caroline until 1795 at which time he moved to Woodford Co, Kentucky, where he had lived from 1797 until his death on Nov 11, 1837.  Aparently, his widow outlived him.  The 1810 Woodford, Kty census shows he could have had 2 sons and 4 duaghters.  See George’s petition for War benefits made on April 7, 1834 ---- Heritage Quest online Revolutionary War Era Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files. 


A HISTORY OF WOODFORD COUNTY, by William E. Railey (1928), states that Capt. George Holloway married Mary Blackburn.  It also gives a fantastical story about his being born in Scotland, and after the death of his father, at the age of 16, he was shanghaied by his younger brothers and shipped to America in a box.  Once in America he settled in Culpeper Co. and after the Rev War went to Woodford County with his father-in-law, George Blackburn.


My note.  George Blackburn is listed as a neighbor of George Holloway in the 1810 Woodford Co, Kty census


In Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787 a George Holloway is listed 3 times, once in Culpeper Co, once in Caroline Co owning 40 slaves, and once in King and Queen Co, owning 35 slaves. 


George shows up in the tax list of 1783, giving us an ideal of his age.  He must have been at least 18 when he appears.  (William Holloway, grandson of the first William had a son by the name of George also, according to William Holloway descendant, Ed Hill who has posts at Holloway forum at or see


Holloway, George-0 white tithes; 40 black tithes; Caroline County 1783—Virginia Tax Payers 1782-87 Other Than Those Published By The United States Census Bureau By Augusta B. Fothergill and John Mark Naugle, 1940


7. 1772 Charles Holloway, son of George Holloway appointed ward of his mother “Betty Holloway” page 492 Colonial Caroline by Thomas Elliott Campbell.


James Campbell continued to live in Caroline County, and in 1768, was appointed the overseer of the road, “from the road by Mr. Stevens to Conway’s Warehouse.”   He was probably living on land that had been his father’s and in St. Mary’s Parish.  James must have died in early 1786, for his will was recorded on February 9th.  Thomas Buckner was named the executor of his estate and Francis Buckner, Charles Holloway, Augustine Terrell and James Mill were appointed to appraise the estate.  James Campbell was reported to have owned 535 acres in the land tax records of 1787.  The land was transferred the following year to M. Standley and then, in 1789, to William Dabney.

Tidewater Virginia Families by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis; Genealogy Publishing Co, page 342


1795--Charles first appears in the Land tax records in Caroline in 1795—Reel 62 Lib of VA


In Virginia Taxpayers 1782-1787 a Charles Holloway is listed twice, once in Culpeper Co and once in Caroline Co, Va.


8. Charles Holloway, was still alive in 1806 when he transfers his land, perhaps so he could move to Kentucky like his brother George had done. Caroline Co, VA Land Taxes and Alterations- Reel 62 Library of Virginia


1810 Federal Census of Spotsylvania Co, VA gives Charles Holloway, 45+, probable wife, probable 2 sons and 7 daughters.


One Holloway case, dated 1816, refers to Mary, wife of Charles, and George, brother of Charles.  Charles mortgaged land called White Plains in Spotsylvania County to Joshua Fry and Thomas S. Holloway in 1801.  In 1814 he sold this land to Jesse Petty.  Fredericksurg Court Records

Case Number CR-SC-H 220-9


In Oct 1827, a case of Charles Holloway vs. Fountaine Maury is abated because of the death of Charles Holloway. Ibid.  CR-SC-H 124-10


But in a case dated 1831, Charles Holloway and Fountaine Maury are both deponents.  Charles Holloway moved from VA to KY in about 1800.  This case also refers to land called White Plains, so are all three of these cases referring to the same Charles Holloway?  It seems so.  What do you think?—Fredericksburg Chancery Records-viewable at the Fredericksburg Research Resources site, online.


9. It appears by the land tax records that Charles, who was the son of Mrs. Betty Holloway and George who died in 1771, might have had a son by the name of John.  Charles is transferring land to John in 1798.---Caroline Co, VA Land Taxes and Alterations—Reel 62 Library of Virginia. 


Actually, there might have been three John Holloways around this time in Caroline Co, VA: John the son of John and Elizabeth Cammack Holloway; John the son of William Holloway who was the grandson of the first William who died in 1744; and the above John, possible son of Charles, who was the son of Betty Holloway. 


1799 Caroline County, VA Property Tax List B, page 7 shows two John Holloways:


April 14, lines 25-27: Holloway, John-1 white tithe: 0 slaves: 2 horses


Holloway, John-1 white tithe; 3 slaves over 16; 1 slave 12-16; 4 horses


Virginia Taxpayers 1782-87 Other Than Those Published By The United States Census Bureau

By Augusta B. Fothergill and John Mark Naugle


10. One of the administrators of Betty’s husband George Holloway’s estate was Thomas Slaughter.  In Henry Holloway’s will in Amherst Co, VA of 1808 mentions his sister “Sally Slaughter” and Thomas Slaughter Holloway.  Davisson (see below) gives his reasons why he believes Betty Holloway’s maiden name was Slaughter:


From, #2562, posted by D. C. F. Davisson:

I am descended from this George Holloway, who married Elizabeth Slaughter, who survived him, and had the following ch (not nec. in birth order):

1) Sarah Holloway, m. Francis Slaughter, III;

2) Henry Holloway;

3) Thomas Slaughter Holloway;

4) Robert Holloway, m. Sarah Penn;

5) Charles Holloway.


The information I gave in my 2001 post was shared with me by John
> Frederick Dorman, FASG, who qualified his identification of George
> Holloway's wife as a daughter of Thomas Slaughter as an educated
> guess. He believed it likely that George's wife was a daughter of
> Thomas & Elizabeth (Thornton)Slaughter. If I recall correctly, his
> belief was based on the naming patterns of George & Elizabeth
> Holloway's children, and a baptismal record naming George's wife as a
> relative to another Thornton.
> Mr. Dorman has been working on a large work on the Slaughters for a
> few decades, but I have not heard of its publication. He noted that
> information on the Holloways was sparse, Caroline being one of the
> burned counties.
> My correspondence with Mr Dorman from the late 80s is in storage, but
> I will try to locate it to see if it sheds any more light on the
> matter. My connection is through George & Elizabeth Holloway's
> daughter Sarah, who married Francis Slaughter III, and whose daughter
> Lucy married Norvell Spencer in 1810 in Nelson county, Virginia.
> Dave Davisson
> Columbus, Ohio


From Diane Keeton


This Rev War vet Capt George Holloway of Woodford Co. KY must be the brother of Sarah "Sally" Holloway who married Francis Slaughter of Amherst Co.   I have done some more research on Sally's siblings and have come up with this group (not in any order): 


1.  Sally m. Frank Slaughter

2.  Henry, d. 1810 in Amherst, apparently without wife or children.

3.  Robert, d. between 1802 and 1808 in Amherst Co.

4.   Elizabeth m. Capt. Robert Yancey and went to Woodford co. KY.

5.  Thomas Slaughter, b. 1765, d. in Amherst Co.

6.  Capt. George, b. 1763 in Caroline, d. in Woodford Co. KY.


A daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Holloway) Dillard, named Jane, married John Duvall and they also went to Woodford Co. KY at about the same time as Capt. George and Capt. Robert Yancey.  All these people were about the same age, born between the late 1740's and mid 1760's.


1780 and 1781 as a soldier, drafted and attached to Capt George Turner's Company in Caroline County VA.  He served 3 months as a private, was discharged; later drafted again for 9 months, 3 of which he served as a Captain.  George Holloway was born 16 Sep 1763 in Caroline Co. and was living there when drafted.  He died 11 Nov 1837 in Woodford Co. KY.—Heritage Quest Online Revolutionary War Era Pension & Bounty Land Warrant Application Files


Court Records from Fredericksburg Superior Court, viewable at mention that Robert Yancey married a Holloway daughter, dgtr of Betsey Holloway.  Collection CR-DC-L; Record ID388-30—year recorded 1794


From Diane: Henry Holloway, who wrote his will in Amherst Co. 5 Aug 1808 (proved 18 Jun 1810), names sister Sally Slaughter and her husband F. Slaughter; sister Yancey (Mrs. Elizabeth Holloway Yancey); brother Thomas S. Holloway; brother Charles; among other Holloways, relationships not mentioned.  Sally was probably born about 1760, since her husband Francis "Frank" was born in 1755.  


McIlhany in his “Some Virginia Families”

gives George and Betsy Holloway of Caroline County as parents of Thomas Slaughter Holloway and George Holloway, Jr.


 WILLS OF AMHERST COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1761-1865, by Rev. Bailey Fulton Davis.

"CAPT. HENRY HOLLOWAY -- Book 4, Page 624 -- Saturday, August 5, 1808, written; June 18, 1810, probated. Handwriting attested by JAS. P. GARLAND, JAS. ALLEN. THOS. S. HOLLOWAY qualified. Bondsmen: DAVID S. GARLAND and REUBEN NORVELL. Desired Masonic funeral; Sister SALLY SLAUGHTER and husband, F. SLAUGHTER...

Division on December 30, 1817, to the heirs of CAPT. HOLLOWAY, Book 6, Page 22 -- Administrator’s Account by THOS. S. HOLLOWAY from July 14, 1810. ... legacy of SARAH SLAUGHTER; ...; FRANCIS SLAUGHTER;...


Spencer vs. Holloway--O. S. 205; N. S. r2-From Amherst. Win of

Henry Holloway of Amherst. Is a mason. Sister Sally Slaughter and her

husband, F. Slaughter. Sister Yancey; brother, Thomas S. Holloway;

brother, Charles; legatee, wife of Drury Bell and her daughter, Sally; leg-

atee, Charles H. Slaughter and his brother, Henry; legatee, George Seaton

Holloway and his sister, children of Robert Holloway, deceased. Dated

Saturday, 5th August, 1808. Recorded in Amherst, 18th June, 1810.

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia; 1745-1800,by Lyman Chalkey (1912)

Reproduced on website: www.   Vol II; page 164


Henry Holloway is listed as being a taxpayer in Culpeper Co, Va in Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787just like George and Charles Holloway were.


Robert Holloway married Sarah Penn—Some Virginia Marriages 1700-1799 Vol 22


Recorded from Richmond Superior
Court of Chancery. Bill filed 23d April, 1798, by Elizabeth Braxton, widow
of Carter Braxton, against following, viz: James Watson, William Warwick, 
Samuel Meredith, George Dillard, Benj. Rucker, Wm. Long and
Elizabeth, Richard Wilson, Peter Cashwell, Ezekiel Gilbert, Benami Stone,
Joseph Higginbotham, Lindsay Coleman, Joshua Hudson, Benjamin Miles,
Samuel Huckstep, James Liveley, Drury Tucker, Sarah Penn, Edmund
Penn (infant of Gabriel Penn), Robert Holloway and Sally (his wife);
William Coleman, Robert Coleman, Reuben Coleman, Lindsey Coleman,
infants of Geo. Coleman, deceased. George Braxton devised to his son
Carter Braxton (whose widow Elizabeth is) 2,500 acres in Goochland
(Amherst), patented to George 25th November, 1743. Defendants are
holders of parts of this tract and Elizabeth seeks to recover dower in the
lands. These defendants added, viz: William Cabell, John Penn, James
Savage, Sophia and Wm. Lee, infants of Francis Lee, deceased; Seaton
M. Penn, CBarles B., Elizabeth, Polly, Joseph Penn, infants of Joseph



answers, purchased from James Watson. Sarah Penn answers, dower as
widow of Gabl. Penn. Robert Holloway answers, holds by purchase under
a deed of trust from Smyth Tandy. James Savage answers.

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia; 1745-1800, by Lyman Chalkley (1912)  Vol II; pages 210 and 211


Thomas S Holloway married Miss Elizabeth Morre (sic) at Capt. Moore’s. Sept 27, 1796 Culpeper Co, VA—Marriages Solemnized in Culpeper by John Woodville Anno 1794 etc Page 2


Henry Holloway Planation Ledger, 1796-1810.  Local government records collection, Augusta County Court Records.  The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va 23219—Summery of Ledger is viewable online at the Library of Virginia site.—death of Robert Holloway


11. From Diane: As for Elizabeth Holloway, who married Thomas Dillard, she is my ancestor, and so I can tell you something about her family.  She married Thomas Dillard, son of Nicholas Dillard and Mary Lewis, in about 1730.  They had 9 children:  Ann, m. Stephen Pettus; Joseph, b. 1735, my ancestor; John; William; James; Thomas Jr; Jane m. John Duvall, went to Woodford Co. KY; Lucy, m. George Luck; Hannah.  Elizabeth died before 1754 when Thomas married Sarah Mason.  He died in 1774.


May 1, 1739 John X Smith of St Geor. Par., Spts. Co, planter, to Thomas Dillard of same Par. and County, planter, 1200 bs. Tob and 3 bbls. Indian corn.  200 a. in St. Geor Par., Spts. Co,--part of pat granted sd. Smith, Sept 28, 1728, joining lands of John Tyre, Ralph Williams, Thomas Hubbard, William Pruet, and near adjoining lands of Thos. Carr, Gent, decd., and John Robinson, Esqr., now Humphrey Bells, etc.  Witnesses: Robert Holloway, Mary X Asmon.  May 1, 1739.  Margaret, wife of John Smith, acknowledged her dower, etc.  Tidewater Virginia Families page 147.


12.  Colonial Caroline by Thomas Elliott Campbell on page 479 says that John Holloway died in 1766 and John Jr was the exec.


By the above entry, I decided that John Holloway who is mentioned in the will of William Holloway in 1744 as being William’s son must have had another son, John Jr which William did not mention in his will like he did the other son of John, who was William of Caroline Co, VA.  If John Jr mentioned above was not the grandson of William who made his will in 1744, then John Jr must have been the son of someone else, and the above delineation is incorrect.—Mark Royston


1710 John Holloway leases 2,660 acres in what would later be Drysdale Parish Caroline CO—later sells the lease to Robert Carter; page 318 of Colonial Caroline


1727-20 Feb-John Buckner of St. Mary’s Parish in Essex Co (later would become Caroline Co) coveys unto Nicholas Ware of the same parish 310 ½ acres in St. Mary’s Parish near Ware’s bridge adj. John Holloway and Persimmon Branch, Goldenvale Swamp…..

Ware Family History; Early Ware Patents Webpage: EARLY_PATENTS.htm by Wanda Ware DeGidio


Colonial Caroline page 320

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All of these families lived on Occupacia Creek in St. Ann's Parish, Essex. James Holloway was granated land there in 1697. His will signed 18 Feb 1697/8 left this to his son James. Other children mentioned were sons John, Samuel, and Richard; daughters Sary and Mary. John Spires and his wife Martha and their son John were living in St. Ann's as late as July 1725 when they leased land from John Mills (Martha's brother). A John
Spiers died Essex 1743. James Holloway died 1733 Essex leaving widow Elizabeth. She sold her dower in 1748. It seems logical to assume John Holloway and Hannah Spiers were married in Essex.


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Many researchers hold that the John Holloway who married Hannah
Spiers was the son of David Holloway and Elizabeth Mathews. However, some of these same researchers have it that John who married Hannah was born in Essex Co., VA about 1696.

According to Charles Parish records, York County, VA., 1648-1789, John Holloway son of David Holloway and Elizabeth was born in York Co., VA on 7 Dec 1701.

Thus, if John who married Hannah was born in Essex Co., he cannot be the son of David and Elizabeth.

Does anyone have documentation that John Holloway who married Hannah Spiers was indeed born in Essex Co., VA?

1737-- John Holloway purchases head rights in exchange for land


1746, Oct 7—100 pounds, John Holloway, guardian to his son Wm Holloway, with John Chew—Spotsylvania Records, Crozier page 71


Colonial Caroline page 406 and 445

1750 --John Holloway listed as a carpenter


13. CAROLINE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, ORDER BOOK 1732-1740, PART TWO 1734/5-1737, abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman, 1966: Page 430 (10 June 1737) Action of debt. John Holloway and Rachel his wife agt. Thomas Morris. Upon the defendant's agreeing to pay the costs of this suit, it is dismissed.


14. 1770 John Holloway dies, Robert Garrett exec. or admin of his will—page 482 Colonial Caroline by Thomas Elliott Campbell


15. John Dickinson et al vs. John Holloway May 4, 1816.

Jesse Newton states that George Holloway and Elizabeth Holloway, who married Benjamin Dickinson, were full brother and sister and he believes they were the only children living at the death of their mother who was John Holloway's first wife.  The said George Holloway entered the United States Service in the revolutionary war and never has returned.  Jesse Newton states that he saw John Middlebrook after his return. We the jury find that John Holloway duly made his will in 1769 and died in 1770.  He devised land to George Holloway who was his eldest son and he died in 1783 intestate and without issue leaving Elizabeth Holloway, his sister of the whole blood and the defendant, John Holloway and Suckey Holloway, his sister of the half blood.  We find that the widow died intestate in 1812 not having married again.


Caroline Court Records, by William Hopkins Pg 22-23


Elizabeth Holloway Dickinson is stated as being dead in Benjamin Dickinson vs John Holloway, Chancery suit ensued in Fredericksburg Superior Court 1814-1818.  Benjamin Dickinson was still living.  Suit claims that Elizabeth Cammack Holloway died Feb 14, 1814. 


The above case was continued in the Fredericksburg court in 1818.  Plaintiff was listed as Benjamin Dickinson; defendants were listed as Thomas Royston Jr and John Holloway adm.

For further information see court records at the Fredericksburg Research Resource site, online.


By this case I was able to determine that Elizabeth Holloway Farish’s great grandparents were John Holloway and Elizabeth Cammack—not George Holloway and Elizabeth Cammack.


per Audrey Pool)
WILL BOOK E 1772-1798
page 39
CAMMACK, WILLIAM, Spotsylvania Co., d. Feb. 3, 1783. Ex. Bond dated Apr. 17, 1783. Wit. John Smith, William Smith, Thomas Colson. Ex. Col. Oliver Towles, Edward Herndon, George Cammack, John Tanker-sley. Leg. son Francis; son William; son John; daughter Margaret Bucknor; daughter Catherine Colacan; daughter Susanna Tankersley; daughter Mary Hawkins; daughter Ann Sanderson; daughter Elizabeth Holloway; granddaughter Susanna Sanderson; grandson John Miller; grandson John Tankersley; granddaughter Margaret Hawkins; granddaughter Betsy Tankersley; granddaughter Jane Beverley Cammack; son George Cammack; grandson Robert Cammack, son of George Cam-mack. (Page 525)
Cathy Rundell


16.  “deserted from Capt Richard Steven’s Co of Caroline CO; George Holloway: a young man”

Advertised in The Virginia Gazette April 18, 1777

From Genealogical Abstracts from 18th Century Newspapers

By Robert K. Headley Jr page 94


Land Warrant #3357, 200 acres in Kentucky, issued to Edmund Clark, assignee of Elizabeth Dickinson, for service by George Holloway; private, in the VA Continental Line for the term of the war.  The land bounty was issued July 23, 1784.

From Catalogue of Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors by Samuel M Wilson page 37


17. Colonial Cousins records this family from information passed down in the family.  Virginian Holloway Farish before she died in 1919 wrote a paper saying that her great grandmother was Elizabeth Cammack.  One of the grandchildren of John Holloway, who married Barbara Collawn, named her son “Cammack” Bullock—See Colonial Cousins


Elizabeth Holloway is listed as one of the administrators of John Holloway’s will, who died in 1770.  See Colonial Caroline


Elizabeth is listed in the Land Alterations and Land Taxes 1782-1812, Reel 62 Lib of Va from 1785-1812.  She is listed as owning 300 acres. 


18. All the information concerning the family of Thomas Royston is verifiable through the Caroline Co Marriage Register, the 1800 and 1810 Caroline Co, VA censuses, and probate and executorship of estate records from Caroline CO, VA.  Thomas’s estimated birth year was approximated by his first appearance in the Caroline Co order books.  See Frederick Dorman’s abstracts of Caroline County order books.


19. William Holloway transferred his land in1794 in Caroline County, indicating he might be preparing to die.  He transferred about 120 acres each to John and George Holloway.  These could possibly have been his sons that Holloway descendant Ed Hill said William had.  Reel 62 Library of Virginia; Caroline CO, VA Land Taxes and Alterations


20. According to Ed Hill at (see also post at the Holloway forum at, William had sons John, George and daughter Clarissa:


Clarissa Holloway Hill 

Clarissa Holloway Hill was the daughter of William Holloway.  Her son, George Littlewood Hill, left a diary of sorts that lists her date of birth as June 18, 1763.  Her date of death is clearly April 17, 1847.  Her tombstone in Smithfield in Henry County, Kentucky says that she was 80 years old at the date of her death that would make her year of birth 1767.  Other Hill family researchers indicate that she was born in Virginia while her older brother John was born in England.    

Very little is know about Clary as she seemed to be known.  Zeralda Hudson Holloway, who married into the Holloway family, left a diary written in 1911 in which she writes: "A few words concerning Clara Holloway Hill.  Clara Holloway was a sister of John and George from England.  Writer thinks she married in Samuel Hill in England and immigrated to America several years after her brothers did, and settled in Va and died there. They were wealthy in land and slaves, with all needful surroundings.  We do not know how much of this is true.  One thing we know to be incorrect is the place of her death.  She died in Smithfield, Henry County, Kentucky.  Also, there has been no evidence to support the fact that she married Samuel in England.  Clarissa's grandson, Egbert O. Hill (a son of George L. Hill), in a letter to his daughter Louisa I. Rae in 1903 says about Clarissa that they were quite a numerous and prominent family  Census records would tend to support this.

Clarissas Migration West

Samuels estate was finally settled in October 1811.  In 1817 Clarissa left Caroline Co., Virginia for Fayette County, Kentucky with her children Henry (age 24), George (age 19), Nancy (age 16), Elizabeth (age about 13) and William (age 9).  She first shows up on the Fayette Co., Kentucky property tax rolls in 1818 and show up there until 1826.  Three of her children, George, Nancy and Elizabeth were married in Fayette Co. during her say there and Henry married his first cousin in nearby Clark County.  Henrys wife was Elizabeth, the daughter of Clarissa's brother John who settled in Clark Co., Kentucky.  The first year she shows up on the Henry Co., Kentucky property tax rolls was 1828.  That places the year of her move to Henry Co. as 1827 since property is valued for taxes on January 1 of each year.  She never owned land in Fayette Co. or Henry Co., however I have found records of Henry, George and Nancy owning 106 acres in Henry Co. and William owning 100 acres.  Clarissa appears to have lived in Henry Co. much of her life with the exception of a period of time around 1840 when she appears to have visited her son Henry who had already migrated to Missouri.  She died in Henry Co., Kentucky on April 17, 1847 and is buried in Smithfield, Henry Co., Kentucky 

1770--George Holloway listed as being a captain in the militia—this George is probably the son of William Holloway—Colonial Caroline page 370---I think George, the son of John and Elizabeth Cammack, and George, the son of George and Betty Holloway would have been too young to be the captain in the militia in this year.


21. Aug 5, 1755, William Holloway of Caroline Co. and Mary, his wife, to Robert Dudley of Spts. CO., 50 lbs. curr. 250 acres in St. George Parish, Spots. Co. Witness, J. Brock.  Aug 5, 1755.

Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800 Edited by William Armstrong Crozier 1965 Page 200.


Note: the above entry for William and Mary selling their land in Spotsylvania county is one of the key entries which allow us to tie in the Holloways of Caroline Co, VA with the William Holloway who wrote the will in 1744 in Spotsylvania Co. In the will, William, the grandson of William (and son of John) is given land in Spotsylvania county , which in the above passage he is shown selling. Adding further evidence that it is the same family, the names of the children in the will match the names of the Holloways who were living in Essex/Caroline County in the early 1700s—see Thomas Elliott Campbell’s Colonial Caroline or Frederick Dorman’s abstract of Caroline Co, VA order books.


22. Also, I must mention that a Nathaniel Holloway was probably related to these Holloways but we are unable to place him for lack of information.  He probably was a grandson of the first William who died in Spotsylvania County during the 1740s.  Nathan was probably born shortly after 1744 when his grandfather made his will; Nathan was a religious activist in Caroline County, VA and fought in the French and Indian War.  He is last seen in the land tax records in 1788 when he is transferring his 232 acres.  See Thomas Elliott Campbell’s Colonial Caroline.


Nathaniel shows up a little bit later in Caroline.  He might have been a son of John, Wm, Chas or Geo Holloway.  Judging by the fact that Nathaniel fought in the French and Indian War (1754-1763), he must have been born in the 1740s. 


Natahan Holloway, soldier till properly discharged in 1762 in a regiment raised for immediatedefense of the state.  Caroline Co, March Crt, 1780.  Virginia Colonial Militia 1651-1776, page 34—Heritage Quest online books


1771 Nathaniel failed to list tithables—punishment unknown—page 366


1772 arrested for unauthorized preaching page 437


1772 Nathaniel Holloway arrested for preaching without a license—page 220


Dec. 5, 1772.  James Ware and Agnes, his wife, of Caroline Co, to John Knight of Spts. Co. 15 Lbs curr. 100 acres in Spts. Co. Nathal. Holloway, Thomas Wisdom.  March 18, 1772—Spotsylvania County Records Crozier, page 296


1773 Robert Month broke into Nathaniel’s home while he was in jail. Nathaniel’s wife, Marycannot testify because the court does not recognize her religion—page 226


1774 Robert Month broke into the home of Nathaniel Holloway—charges dismissed page 455


1778-79 Nathaniel offered free land for fighting in the French and Indian War—page 283


1780 Nathaniel was the first non conformist given the right to perform marriages—page 284


Not sure the date, but Nathaniel’s name is listed for claiming his land bounty for fighting in the French and Indian War—page 372


Polly McClanahan (Thos. B. 4 Thos3 Wm.2 Thos.1)

b. January 23, 1791; d. living in 1837

married.  November 7, 1807, George Holloway of Paris, (Bourbon Co)Kentucky (Mg Bk 2, p. 32).  Probable son of Nathan Holloway, who obtained 50 a of land by warrant (Colonial Society og Ky., Land Bk., (p.119). Chn. named Holloway: (land on Hinkston fork). –Thomas McClanahan of Northumberland County, Virginia (d. 1683) ans wife Dorothy, nee Mooney—Heritate Quest online books





















Compiled by Cathy Rundell, with assistance from Diane Keeton and Mark Royston—all descendants of this Holloway family Oct 21 2009

Reedited by Mark Royston Nov 25, 2009