Harvey Neal Yancey (1873-1930)

Info from Valda Fernald: fernald1@sbcglobal.net

I have very little information on my great grandfather who left Indian Territory around 1898 and may have joined his parents who may have lived in Ark or Okla. Interesting story here. Harve Neal Yancey born in 1873, married Anna May Tarkington I would guess around 1895 or 96. They had two daughters, Bertie Etta Yancey 1896 and Vergie Yancey 1898. He left before Vergie was born and did not return.

We know almost nothing. My Great Grandmother never discussed her past. My father, when young was told by an uncle that Harvey's family only spoke Swedish. The picture I am sending is of Harvey. My Grandmother was very fair with blond curly hair and blue eyes and she always told me she was half Swedish. ( My father is the same and even my sister is very fair.) Harvey Neal Yancey Born in Indian Territory in 1873. My grandmother was born in Gordonville Tex. 1896. My Great-grandmother had a section of land on Texas side of lake Texoma.. I think all or part of this area is under water now. Harvey and Anna May had cattle and corn. Their neighbour cut his fences and let his cattle into Havey's corn. After several occasions it is said that he shot the cattle which was bad news for him at that time. He left that area and went back into Indian Territory - probably area on other side of lake which is around Ardmore - Durant Okla now. He wrote for Anna May and the girls to join him but Anna would not leave her family property. Some 6 or 7 year later she remarried.

[Note by DJY: My records indicate that Harvey Neal Yancey was the son of William Brownlow & Mary D (Simpson) Yancey and grandson of Meredith Yancey of Crawford County, Arkansas. He left the Indian Territory and later moved to California where he married Mary Joanne Allmand in 1924 in Sutter County. He died in the same county in 1930.]