Shirley and Harold Issak

Harold Isaak, 4-H Endowment Board - 4-H leader for 52 years. A Bingham County 4-H volunteer, he has served on numerous county, district and state volunteer committees. He has been active in the State Leaders' Association, serving as president in 1992. He was a chaperone to National 4-H Conference in 1994 and was selected to serve on the planning committee for the National Conference in 1995. In 1995, he taught a workshop and was a chaperone for Western Regional Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City. He is an avid supporter of the 4-H Endowment, serving as a board member and president of the board.



Harold: "This induction was held in Boise along with 99 others from all of Idaho, some no longer living. Following is the information that was read concerning some of my activities with 4-H. All of this was after I was a club member starting at 9 years old until 18. In 1948 I was awarded the State Leadership award (I still have the watch given)"