Groveland, Idaho Homes
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Address Image Original Builder/Resident Current Resident Notes
LDS Church     Built in 1951
Groveland Elementary     Built in ??
Yancey Street  (150 N)        
361 W Orley Yancey Family  Tracey Family Built 1927
367 W Clem Yancey Family Ryan Yancey Family  
373 W   Neff  Family  
375 W Clem Yancey Family Clem Yancey Family  
376 W     Jensen Family  
379 W   Potter Family  
381 W Adam Yancey Family  Swenson Family Built about 1905
38x W      
383 W     Whitehead Family  
389 W  Nephi Sorenson also seems to have lived in the home  Flory Family  
391 W Built By Orval Yancey, later John Dean Family lived here many years Pearson Family Built about 1900
395 W   Luce Family  
397 W   Simpson Family  
145 N        
392 W     Briggs Family  
394 W     Santelik Family  
396 W Mendoza Family
398 W     Breshears Family  
160 N        
350 W        
354 W Elda Yancey at a different location. Roger Yancey The house was moved here from near the Clem Yancey residence about 1995.
358 W        
360 W        
362 W     Baird  
366 W     Johnson  
364 W     Rollins  
368 W     Boston  
370 W     Parkinson  
170 N        
351 W     Murphy  
352 W     Mangum  
355 W     Mitchell  
356 W     Brown  
357 W     Lara  
358  W     Hutchins  
155 N Original James Yancey Home    
Groveland Rd        
136 N   Lebretch  
138 N   Barnes  
135 N   Thorpe  
140 N     Jardine  
144 N   Harmon  
146 N   Abend  
205 N   Smith  
206 N   Gneiting  
246 N   Dillard  
249 N   Clark  
271 N      
281 N Old Nathan Hale Place    
Bond Road        
156 N House on what may have been old Jensen Family land    
Other area photos        
Along Groveland Rd      
Along Groveland Rd      
Along Groveland Rd      
Along Groveland Rd      


Groveland Area Map of about 1940