Just this morning there was a submission to FamilySearch Community that came in Thai  (using their own non Roman lettering)

example of lettering:
สวัสดีค่ะ ซิสเตอร์ชื่อ จันทร์จรัส อยากทราบว่าจะหาบันทึกหรือข้อมูลในการทำ Family Search ของบรรพบุรุษคนไทยได้ที่ไหนคะ
I was able to take the entire submission and bring up "Google translate" 
and translate the entire query into English

Then later I was able to come up with my own response in English
and translate my response back to Thai - again using Google Translate.
"Machine translation" as it is known - is very impressive - though will probably not be perfect any time soon.  But through this miracle we are able to communicate with people around the world in basic conversational language - even if we have no clue what they are saying (at first) or even know how to read their non "roman-alphabet" language.

Here are some tips when using Google Translate to communicate with others

an example of Google translate
some of the later sentences showing some limitations