Three unidentified Confederate Soldiers - who served at Gettysburg


Three Yancey Brothers Gave Their Life

from: "Jamieson and Ocallagan Ancestors" Page 79

[speaking of William Hilary Yancey, Joseph S Yancey, and Armenious C. Yancey - sons of James & Nancy Tillotson Yancey of Virginia - who all died
at Picketts Charge (Gettysburg) in the Civil War (July 1863) ]

"The three Yancey brothers killed in "Picketts Charge" must have been lusty lads. A story told by a hired man on the place was that two of them once fought each other with pitchforks for an entire daywhile their weeping mother begged them to stop. They did pause long enough for lunch, and sustained little if any injury from their rough play. As for the battle of Gettysburg, however, a columnist in the Washington Star recently quoted a letter from a Confederate soldier who had taken part in Picketts Charge: 

" . . . Our men has had to do the hardest fighting that ever has bin done. . . Our divisions was cut all to peases. They was ordered to charge the battery. . . nine tenths of the officers was killed or wounded . . . Col. Magruder lieutenant Col Wade was both mortally wounded, Magruder begged his orderly to kill him dead before the Yankees got him."

We have heard, without knowing how it could have been accomplished, that the body of one of the Yanceys brothers was carried home on the back of his negro servant. 



Confederate Dead on the battle field at Gettysburg