I'm wondering how many of you or your friends, family, coworkers and associates
might be interested in participating in a "genealogical service project" - the Family Bible Preservation Project

Here, below,  is a nice summary you can share with others in your address book or social media. 

A cool video about one of our great projects! - -  check it out!


community service


Would you be interested in becoming part of a GENEALOGICAL COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT??

Especially if it was something you could do at your own speed and on your own schedule - from within the comfort of your own home??


We are currently looking for people who have expertise with FamilySearch Memories and can help us tag/link copies/transcripts of
Family Bibles to the family in FamilySearch FamilyTree who originally owned the bible.  This will help ensure that important family genealogical information
is preserved for descendants of such families.

We would LOVE to have YOU  share with us your expertise in using Family Search Memories to accomplish this service project.


The General Summary of the project is here:




Here is an instructional video if you feel you need it.


Another Video



The current batch waiting for processing is here:



(select any item that says "add tag" - and note that we recommend just tagging 3-4 people
per bible so you can move on to other bibles)


Let me know if you have any questions.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

and please forward this on to anyone else you feel may be interested.



Dennis Yancey - family.bible.chaser@gmail.com

Family Bible Preservation Project

Group Photo

also these links - only if needed



Cute short video clip:




Creating a Free FamilySearch Account:



Getting Started with Family History



Using FamilySearch Memories


Some Examples of the work our team has done


If you are interested in joining the Family Bible Preservation Project
Please visit the "GuestBook" below
and add a comment along with your email letting us know of your desire.


Click here for a shareable pdf version

 !!!!!    PROJECT STATUS:  Total Items Processed to Date:   Over 47,000     !!!!!