Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire

page 503

information concering Robert Nanny

Nanny, Robert,Mr., merchant, came in the -Increase- in 1635, aged 22. See Gibbins(2). Prob. first at Saco, he was of Dover in 1640 and, with Humphrey Chadbourne, bot a ho. there in 1645. In 1647 he took poss. of a ho. and 12 a. at York belonging to Sir Ferdinando Gorges to satisfy a debt of 11. Then at Wells, where he acquired much land and a w., Katherine Wheelwright (Rev. John). By 1652 he reached Boston, after a stop at Hampton. He had business dealings with the West Indies and made voyages thither. Lists 73, 262, 351ab, 354. Shortly bef. his death, 27 Aug. 1663, he estab. a trust for his w. and ch. His will. 22 Aug.7 Nov., named his w., s. Samuel, dau. Mary and an expected ch. The inv., 1089, discloses prop. in Hamp., Wells, Bos., Jamaica and Barbadoes. The wid. m. 2d Edward Naylor, and, after her death. adm. on the Nanny est. was gr. to her s.-in-law, Benjamin Dyer, there being no surv. heirs, 10 Apr. 1716*. The inv. incl. 500 a bot of Wm. Cole, 150 a. bot of Wm. Hammond and 230 a. bot of Wm. Symonds. Ch: John, b. 16 Feb. 1653-4, d. 20 Sept. 1654. John, b. 12 Aug. 1655. John, b. 12 Aug. (sic) 1656. d. 10 Dec. 1658. Joseph, b. 1 June 1658. Samuel, b. 27 Aug. 1659, wit. at Wells 1688, sued Eph. Severance of Salisbury in 1689. d. in Bermuda 1690, s.p. Mary, b. 22 June 1661, m. 10 Mar. 1679-80 Benjamin Dyer, d. s.p. in Boston 15 Mar. 1690. Dyer m. 2d 10 Dec. 1691 Hannah Odlin, sister of Rev. John, Elizabeth (posth.), b. 2 Jan. 1663-4, d. 1 July 1664.

*DJY:  Note - though Benjamin Dyer did sue to get control of the estate of Robert Nanny - due to him (Robert) not having any surviving heirs after 1690  - other researchers state that he was never ultimately granted rights to the estate.  Benjamin Dyer had married Mary Nanny (daughter of Robert) but she had died without any living heirs. Benjamin being her husband sued (in 1716) for the estate after her and her brother Samuel and their mother Katherine  were dead.