Writings and Research Documents
of Betty Lou Gaeng

Document Collection
        Remembering Sears
        Ten Mile Beach Settlement

        90th Birthday Celebration

        A Trip Back in Time - The Ruffner Reunion

        Anastatia Spithill
        Lynwood Monument

        Eugene Casimir Chirouse

        Etched in Stone

        A Puzzle and the Girl Left Behind

        Bellevue Trolley Restoration

        Indian Blood in your family?

        Katherine Knowlton

        Child Growing up in Depression Years

        The Walking Lady - Martha Kraencke

        Gertie Perrin's Perrinville

        1940's Snohomish County Sherrif's Office

        Rolin and Robert Border

        Walter Deebach and WWI

        Tugboats on Puget Sound

        The Electronic Age

        Rebuen Hunter

        1870 Federal Census

        Genealogy and Booby Traps

        Make Believe and Castles

        Wilcox Park

        Law Enforcement in Snohomish County

        Fire Engines and Automobiles

        Summertime at Halls Lake

        Eyesore or History

        Heritage, History and a Small Town

        Side by Side the Old and the New

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