Early persons in America

with first or middle name of "Yancey"


First name - Last Name Dates Parents Notes / Connections with Yancey family.
Yancey Bailey Born abt 1751
Died 4 Sep 1804
Person Co., North Carolina
Roger C Bailey and Mourning Hoskins No known family relation to Yanceys. But Yancey family did live in the area.
Yancey Harris Born abt 1800
of Buckingham County, Virginia
William Harris and Polly No documented family connection to the Yanceys - but Charles Yancey was a prominent citizen of Buckingham Co., VA early 1800's
Yancey Holman Born abt 1760 John Holman and Susannah Yancey Susannah Yancey a probable daughter of Archelaus Yancey of early Virginia
Yancey Powers Born mid 1700's
of King William County, Virginia
Unknown Married Nancy Edwards and had children. No yet documented connection to the Yanceys - but one Charles Yancey of Culpeper County did marry Caroline E. Powers mid 1750's and his nephew Philemon Yancey is to have married a Sarah Powers.
Yancey Saxon   Benjamin and Sarah Green Saxon. Benjamin son of Samuel Saxon and an un-yet documented wife thought to be a Yancey. Saxon family possibly came from England.  Saxons and Yancey were neighbors in New Kent, Hanover 1719-1735.
Yancey Saunders Bn abt 1770 in Virginia Jesse Saunders and Ann Yancey Ann Yancey daughter of James Yancey of Granville Co., NC
 Yancey Thornton  Born  abt 1754 Virginia  John F Thornton and Agatha A connection to the Yancey family is supposed - but not yet provem. 


Note:  In the 1700's it was not too uncommon for parents to name a child with the surname of  (an often maternal) ancestor

Names such as: Kavanaugh Yancey, Yancey Saunders, Thornton Yancey, and possibly Bartlett Yancey are examples.