Examples of the name YANCEY or YANCY
in Works of Fiction

Currently in random order

YearBook / Movie NameAuthorLinkNotes
Yancy Derringer - various volumes in seriesHerman HoffmanBooks   Video
1930Cimarron  (Character: Yancey Cravat) book and movieEdna FerberBook
1966Yancey's War: William Hoffman
Yancy Street Gang
2009Reefer Moon (Character: Yancey Yarborough) Roger Pinckney
1916Wild Animal Ways (Character: Bob Yancy)Ernest Thompson SetonBook
2009Gloryland a Novel  (Character:  Eijah Yancy)Shelton Johnson
1982A Girl called B.O.Y.  (Character:  Blanche O Yancey
1911The Prodigal Judge ( Character:: Bob Yancy )Vaughan KesterBook
1955The Mold of YancyPhilip K. Dick
2005Hope was Here (Character Hope Yancey)Joan Bauer
2013Bad Monkey (Character:  Andrew Yancy)
Yancy Fry
1891Colonel Carter of Carteserville (Character: Tom Yancey)Francis H Smith
1972Walton's Mountain TV show (Character:   Yancey Tucker)
1985Texas, a NovelJames Michener