FamilySearch - so much more than just the collaborative Family Tree

Some times users of FamilySearch get "turned off" by the collaborative nature of the Family Tree - where users don't really have total control of the data and sometimes get frustrated with changes made by others. Such a frustration is totally understandable when such people don't realize the collaborative nature of Family Tree and in some cases would be better off using a standalone product.

BUT all so often I feel bad that such people so often "throw the baby out with the dish water" and just leave FamilySearch all together - when there are so many different valuable other components of FamilySearch that are so useful.

The depth and width and variety of FamilySearch resources is really incredible.

Here is just a list - in rather random order. You may wish to copy and paste it to a bookmark list or notepad item where you can access it often.

I have marked some of my favorite with "**"

Family Tree

Free Research Consultation **

Free Loookup Service **

FamilySearch Historical Records

Family History Centers

FamilySearch Account Settings (including password change / reset)

Create New Account

FamilySearch Catalog

FamilySearch Community

FamilySearch Community GROUPS

FamilySearch Blog

FamilySearch Community Help Center (FAQ's) **

FamilySearch Research Wiki  **

List of all FamilySearch searchable databases for historical records  ** 

FamilySearch Memories FIND ** 

FamilySearch Digital Books **

Submitting private standalone GEDCOM databases 

FamilySearch Indexing

Chat / Online support

List of People in your Private Space

Search un-indexed images in Historical Records by location

LDS Temple Reservations

Where are your ancestors from

Audio Recording

In Home Activities

3rd party apps and solutions **

Source Box

FamilySearch Videos **

FamilySearch Messaging

DNA Testing (FamilySearch does not do) 

The Collaborative Nature of Family Tree - why in many aspects that is a GOOD THING

List of People in FamilyTree you "follow" 

How to Add UNCONNECTED/unrelated new person to FamilyTree

YOUR contributions to FamilySearch FamilyTree