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The Ancestry of Gail, Scott B., Terrell N., Dennis J., Neal A., & Julie A. Yancey

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Information Below Grouped by Generation From Most Recent to Oldest
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 [Family History] 

Yancey, Gail - Spouse: Cody Edrington - Children: Shawn - - Email:   cgedrington@juno.com 
Yancey, Scott Brice -
Spouse: Brenda Anderson  - Children:   Jordan, Catherine  - - Email: sbyancey@telus.net 
Yancey, Terrell Nathan -
Spouse: Sherry Gould - Children: Matthew, Shannon, Sarah, Jill - - Email: tsyancey@juno.com
Yancey, Dennis John - Spouse: Roxana Zenteno - Children: Bryan Derek, Tiffany Roxanne - Email: djyancey1965@gmail.com   
Yancey, Neal Adam -
Spouse: Jana Christensen - Children: Addison, Courtney, Tyson, Dillan  -Photo - yancna@inel.gov / jana.yancey@juno.com
Yancey, Julie Ann - Children:  Daniel  - - Email:



2 - Brice Orley Yancey - In Memory of    [Family History]    Genealogy Chart
3 - Marlene Hale -   [Family History] 

 Our Line of descent back throgh Royalty and back to Adam (of course not all  based on reliable records)


4 - Nathan Orley Yancey - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart    [Groveland]
5 - Elda Rider - Life Sketch  Elda's Life Story Genealogy Chart     [Woodville]
6 - Nathan Hale - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
7 - Phyllis Watson - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
 Irene Olund Harwood Hale - Life Sketch 



8 - Adam Yancey -Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart    [Chesterfield]     [Groveland]
9 - Alice Tolman- Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
10 - John McDonald Rider - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
11 - Rhoda Laura Jensen - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
12 - Jonathan Harriman Hale - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart  [Familky History]
13 - Mary Rebecca Moss - Life Sketch    Genealogy Chart
14 - John Isaac Hart Watson - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
15 - Elveretta Annie Wilson - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart



16 - Hiram John Yancey - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
17 - Harriett Wood - Life Sketch - Genealogy Chart    James Brown (who she married after Hiram Yancey left)
18 - Judson Tolman - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart  - Tolman Family Organization
19 - Sarah Lucretia Holbrook - Life Sketch  Life Sketch  Genealogy Chart
20 - John Rider - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
21 - Mary McDonald - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
22 - Lars Rove Jensen - Life Sketch    Genealogy Chart
23 - Elizabeth Ann Freestone - Life Sketch Another Life History  Genealogy Chart
24 - Alma Helaman Hale- Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart  Hale Family Organization
25 - Sarah Annie Clark- Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
26 - Joseph Moss- Life Sketch  [Additional Info] Genealogy Chart
27 - Sarah Phoebe Sessions- Life Sketch [Additional Info]   Genealogy Chart
28 - Edwin Watson- Life Sketch     Genealogy Chart
29 -Mary Ann Swingewood - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
30 -Lewis Dunbar Wilson Jr- Life Sketch [Newspaper Articles]  [Published Biography]      Genealogy Chart    [Idaho Mormons n South Dakota Penitentiary]
31 - Catherine Wiggins- Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart



32 - Hiram John Yancey Sr - Life Sketch  Genealogy Chart  
  33 - Elizabeth Pratt Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
34 - Daniel Wood - Life Sketch Other Sites Autobiography Cemetery  Genealogy Chart Ancestral Line
35 - Mary Snider - Life Sketch    Genealogy Chart  Ancestral Line
  36 - Nathan Tolman - Life Sketch, Genealogy Chart  Tolman Family Organization    Ancestral Line    Tolman Family Records       Tolman Family Records 
  37 - Sarah Hewett - Life Sketch,   Genealogy Chart  Hewett Family Records King Family Records   Ancestral Line
38 - Joseph HolbrookJournal,  Other Copy   Genealogy Chart  Family Organization    Book Available  Ancestral Line  Account concerning Mob
39 - Nancy Lampson - Life SketchGenealogy Chart  Grave Marker in Nauvoo
  40 - Thomas Rider Genealogy Chart
  41 - Jane Rowland  Genealogy Chart
42 - William McDonald - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
43 - Christina Wallace - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
  44 - Jens Hansen Rove   Genealogy Chart
  45 - Kirstine Jensen   Genealogy Chart
46 - Thomas Freestone - Life Sketch     Genealogy Chart
47 - Ann Fall - Fall Family History     Genealogy Chart
48 - Jonathan Harriman Hale - Life Sketch  Transcript of Journal  Genealogy Chart    [ Book ]   Hale Family Organization    [Aroet L Hale (son) Journal]
49 - Olive Boynton - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart   John F. Boynton (brother)   John F. Boynton 
50 - Daniel Clark   Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart
51 - Elizabeth Gower  Life Sketch  Genealogy Chart
52 - John Moss  - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart    Parents of John    [Additional Info]
53 - Rebecca Wood - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart  - see entry for Daniel Wood & Mary Snider (Rebecca's parents)  various  lines up.
54 - David Sessions - Life Sketch  [Additional Info] Genealogy Chart - Son of Patty Bartlett Sessions - Life Sketch, Book, Bountiful Connections with Joseph Smith   Patty Bartlett Sessions Diary extracts       [More Info]
55 - Phoebe Carter Foss - Life Sketch   Genealogy Chart info concerning her aunt Phebe Carter Woodruff - wife of Wilford    Woodruff.  Mother - Sarah Brackett Carter Foss   Photo of Ezra Carter  
  56 - Joseph Watson  Life Sketch  Genealogy Chart
  57 - Ann Barratt   Life Sketch  Genealogy Chart
  58 - John Swingewood    [Family Information] Genealogy Chart
59 - Jemima Baker  Genealogy Chart
  60 - Lewis Dunbar Wilson  Life Sketch   [Another story]    [Another story]  Genealogy Chart   More Info
61 - Nancy Ann Wagoner  Life Sketch  Genealogy Chart
62 - Ebenezer Wiggins  Genealogy Chart
63 - Eleanor Moore  Genealogy Chart


XXX Name & Relation_________________________________________________________________________
  Moses Holbrook - Life Sketch 
  George Morton - Life Sketch     "Mourt's Relation"
  Roger Clapp - Diary of
  Tolman Family - Click Here    [Family Organization]
  Deacon Samuel Chapin  - Statue of
  Ezra Carter Family info [click here]
  David Sessions Sr [Click here]
  Bradley Wilson & Mary Gill & Ancestors - Click Here 


 Information Below Grouped by Surname
For Groupings by Generation scroll up to the top of this page.


 Information Grouped By Surname

Baker Baker Ancestral Line (Part1)  
Barratt Baratt Ancestral Line (Part1)    
Bartlett Bartlett Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2) 
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Descendants of Joseph Bartlett
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see:  http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~cst/bartlett/index.htm 
Clark Clark Ancestral Line (Part1)   (Part2) 
         Sarah Annie Clark <Life Sketch>
Fall Fall Ancestral Line (Part1)   (Part2)
         Ann Fall   <Fall Family History
Foss Foss Ancestral Line (Part1)   (Part2) 
Freestone Freestone Ancestral Line (Part1)   (Part2)
Gower Gower Ancestral Line (Part1)   (Part2)
Hale Hale Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2) (Part3)
         Marlene Hale 
         Nathan Hale  <Life Sketch>
         Jonathan Harriman Hale  <Life Sketch> 
        Alma Helaman Hale   <Life Sketch>
         Jonathan Harriman Hale    <Life Sketch>
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Hale Roots
Diary of Aroet Lucious Hale
         Hale Genforum
Persons doing research on this family
Dennis J Yancey - djyancey1965@gmail.com
         Angie Hale - ahale@moneytreelending.com 
Hall Hall Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2)
Publications Available
         George Hall and his Descendants
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Hall Family Database 
Hewett Hewett Ancestral Line (Part1)
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         Hewett Family Records
Persons doing research on this family
   James D True - jtrue@compuserve.com  
Holbrook Holbrook Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part 4)
         Sarah Lucretia Holbrook <Life Sketch> 
         Joseph Holbrook <Life Sketch> <Journal>  <Zions Camp>
Publications Available
         Joseph Holbrook Journal
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Holbrook Family Organization 
Persons doing research on this family
   Ben Holbrook - BENFHOLBROOK@email.msn.com 
         Carrie Holbrook - familygirlaz@cox.net 
Jensen Jensen Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2)
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Lampson Lampson Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2)
         Nancy Lampson <Life Sketch>
         David Lampson
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McDonald McDonald Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2)
         Mary McDonald  <Life Sketch>
         William McDonald <Life Sketch>
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Moore Moore Ancestral Line (Part1)
Moss Moss Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2)
         Mary Rebecca Moss <Life Sketch>
         Joseph Moss <Life Sketch>
         John Moss <Life Sketch>
         Hugh Moss 
Rider Rider Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2)
         Elda Rider  <Life Sketch>
         John McDonald Rider  <Life Sketch>
         John Rider  <Life Sketch> 
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         Rider Genforum
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Sessions Sessions Ancestral Line (Part1)  (Part2) 
Swingewood Swingewood Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2) 
Tolman Tolman Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) 
Waggoner Waggoner Ancestral Line (Part1) 
Wallace Wallace Ancestral Line (Part1) (Part2) 
Watson Watson Ancestral Line (Part1) 
         Phyllis Watson  <Life Sketch>
         John Isaac Hart Watson  <Life Sketch>
         Edwin Watson  <Life Sketch> 
         Joseph Watson  <Life Sketch> 
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         Watson Genforum
Persons doing research on this family
         Ken Monsen -
kmonson@me.berkeley.edu - Line of Descent
         Aloa Dereta - dereta@bellsouth.net  - has written book on Watson family
Wiggins Wiggins Ancestral Line (Part1)  (Part2) 
         Catherine Wiggins  <Life Sketch>
         Ebenezer Wiggins
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         Wiggins Genforum
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Wilson Wilson Ancestral Line (Part1)  (Part2)  (Part3)
         Elveretta Annie Wilson  <Life Sketch>
         Lewis Dunbar Wilson Jr.  <Life Sketch>
         Lewis Dunbar Wilson Sr.  <Life Sketch> 
         Bradley Wilson  
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         Wilson Genforum
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Wood Wood Ancestral Line (Part1)  (Part2)  
         Harriett Wood  <Life Sketch>
         Rebecca Wood <Life Sketch>
         Daniel Wood.   <Life Sketch> <Autobiography> <More info>
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         Wood Genforum
         Daniel Wood Cemetery
Persons doing research on this family
Deanne Driscoll - deannedriscoll@cableone.net 
        David Salter - dlssalter@hotmail.com
Yancey Yancey Ancestral Line (Part1) (part2)
        Brice Orley Yancey
        Nathan Orley Yancey
        Adam Yancey
        Hiram John Yancey Jr
        Hiram John Yancey Sr
        Austin Yancey 
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  Yancey Family Surname Resource Center
         Early Mormon Converts & Pioneers
         Yancey Genforum
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Dennis J Yancey - djyancey1965@gmail.com
         Deanne Driscoll - deannedriscoll@cableone.net