Bible of Edward Solomon Yancey, Sr.

“International” Bible Series

Self-Pronouncing Edition


Printed and Bound at the International Press

Philadelphia, U. S. A.

The John C. Winston Co.

In the back is a fourteen chapter section titled “Aids to Bible Study”.   “With a study series of valuable helps to the study of The Bible.  Including Questions and Answers on the Scriptures.”

This is information about a Bible that Linda, my sister, found and sent to me.  What is so interesting about it, you ask?  Well, it is a Bible that was:

         Presented To, E S Yancey (our grandfather) by

         Minnie Smith (our grandmother) on

         November 15, 1912.  Okaaay! 

         Don’t you see, this means that this Bible will be at least 99 years old this year!!!


         Don’t know the exact publication date because there wasn’t any inside that I could see.

         We can probably assume that Nana didn’t obtain this Bible immediately after it was printed.  She may have purchased it or an organization may have given it to her.

         Note that the Bible was given by “Minnie Smith” not “Minnie Yancey”. 

         Nana gave this Bible to Grandpa before they were married.


         They were married May 1, 1916 in Fairmont, WVA, four (4) years after the date shown in the Bible.

         Edward was  a pumper for Consolidated Coal Company in Fairmont WV and later in Belltown PA.

Well, do you find this as interesting as I did?