Erroneous Information
That has been published in Reference to
Yancey Family Genealogy
- Setting the Records Straight -

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A discussion of errors made by early researchers and how they have been passed down to current times. 

The Crawford Book

earliest The Earliest Yanceys of America 

Four or Five Immigrant Brothers - Family Myth

Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia - The Yancey Family - by Philip Slaughter.

missouri History of South East Missiouri 

Information Concerning Ann/Elizabeth (Thornton??) Yancey

Information Concerning Bartlett Yancey

Information Concerning one Benjamin Yancey

Information Concerning  Col. Charles Yancey

Information Concerning Ensign Charles Yancey

Information Concerning Mary (Bolling??) Yancey

Information Concerning Mildred Ellender Yancey

Information Concerning two Joel Yanceys

Information Concerning Richard Henry Yancey of Culpeper  

Information Concerning Capt Robert Yancey 

Information Concerning Thomas Hines Yancey

Information Concerning William Yancey of West Virginia   

 The Ancestry  of William Lowndes Yancey as recorded by John W. Dubose.

wly More About the Ancestry of  William Lowndes Yancey 

International Genealogical Index & other LDS Files

Lynchburg and It's Neighbors

Richard & Agatha Yancey of Culpeper Co., VA

Surry County notes

Thornton & Elizabeth (_____?) Yancey of North Carolina

charles Sorting Out the Many Different "Charles Yanceys"

charles Early Yancey Letters

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