Who Died May 28, 1879

The services commenced by the choir singing "Sister, thou was mild and lovely." Prayer was offered by Brother Benjamin Ashby. The choir sang "Mourn not the dead."

BROTHER JOSEPH NOBLES said he rose cheerfully by request to occupy a short time. It looked comfortable, although we were called to mourn. The efforts of the relatives show the care, kindness and respect they feel for the departed. Well might it be said that it is more profitable to go to the house of mourning than to the house of feasting; for there the living will be more benefitted. Such is frail mortality! We are admonished on such occasions that in the future we may be called to pass through a similar ordeal.

In my reflections, I feel that many of us are wearing out. I have been an eye-witness to the rise of the Church, it ups and downs, trails and privations; and it is the case with Brother Wood. I made his acquaintance in Kirtland, Ohio, and kept it up until the present time. God is at the helm of this work; and we have to acknowledge His hand in all things. We need the Holy Ghost, with it gifts and blessings, to understand the workings of God. We are subject to numberless weaknesses. I ask the blessing of God upon Brother Wood and his families. May the Spirit of God be upon them to encourage them in this trying hour. When we have the blessing of God upon us we are comforted. This is laying up treasures in heaven to be enjoyed in the future. We must battle for the right, not trespass or diverge either to the right or the left.

Trying scenes await this people. These mountains are our present destination; there is no other place for us. We have nothing to fear only that we are not trying to be Saints. God will provide for us if we carry out His commandments. We do not realize the part we are acting unless we are lit up by the Holy Spirit. The ancient saint sought it, and we must. Parents, seek inspiration for the instruction of your children. The prophets tell us that great things are required of parents.

Justice claims it's own. Mercy comes in when justice is satisfied. I pray for God's blessing upon the mourners. This kind of a demonstration suits me. We would do well to decorate our graves and make them interesting.

Strive to do right, and God will bless us, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

PERRY GREEN SESSIONS said he would make a few remarks. He had been acquainted with Sister Wood a great many years. She was an energetic, good wife and mother. Her family is quite numerous. When I reflect upon the sayings and doings of people called Latter-day Saints and compare them with the former-day saints, I believe that many in these days are entitled to the blessings equally as much as the former-day saints. Sister Wood fought the battle of life as faithfully as did men and women in former days.

I marvel to see people fall into infidelity and worship other gods. Even the children of Israel, while under the care and guidance of the Almighty, in the days of Moses, and receiving blessings direct from Him, having manna rained down from heaven for food, fell into the sin of idolatry and worshiped a golden calf.

I believe that our sister is entitled to the blessings of the Lord, and that she will receive them.

Let us live our religion and leave a record behind us as she has left, and that it can be said of us, as it can be said of her, that we had fought the good fight, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

BROTHER ATKINSON said he was pleased to assemble here with the people on this occasion. It is the last respect we owe, or can pay, to our sister. It behooves us to attend to it. We have had a great many depart from us this season; but I hope the disease has gone, no more to return. Our sister was with us a few days ago; the spirit has gone to God, who gave it, until the morning of the resurrection.

It is for us to be prepared for these events. It is an easy thing to depart, but another thing to be prepared to die.

When I consider how far the kingdom of God has advanced and how the Lord saw fit to reveal to Joseph what would come to pass and that His kingdom should grow and fill the whole earth, as His prophets foretold, I feel as though we should be up and doing. It is for the Saints to rise up and build temples and administer for the living and the dead. As Brother Wood suffers, so do we all. The God of heaven has called our loved ones and we are left to mourn until the resurrection, where joy will attend us if we are faithful.

We must make our calling and election sure that we may depart in peace. It is impossible for us who have feelings of humanity to lay our friends away without mourning. Weep not for her; she is released from her sufferings and gone to rest.

I know nothing but that she has been faithful. God bless the remains of our sister that are lying here--it is only the casket, and I hope it may be protected when it is laid in the silent grave. God bless you all; in the name of Jesus. Amen.

BROTHER TILFORD said that meetings like this caused us to reflect on the uncertainty of life. We know not the day nor the hour when we may be called to go behind the veil, whether young or old. The young are apt to die, there is no certainty.

We have learned something, by the experience of many years, that will be a benefit to us, if we choose to make it so. We should profit by our good experience and prepare ourselves for the changes appointed unto us.

The death penalty was pronounced in the Garden of Eden. We should prepare for it today. This is wisdom, regardless of age. The Prophet Joseph said we gained by every change if we were faithful to our covenants.

This is pure and undefiled religion, to sympathize with the afflicted, and the Latter-day Saints are always on hand to mourn,with the mourners. We will meet with our friends again. We part now, we will associate with them again. We do not part forever. We are bound by family ties; and these ties will bring us together again. We do not mourn without hope.

Thanks be to God that the gospel of life is restored to us, and if we are faithful to our covenants we will become more and more enlightened with regard to our destiny and what we are preparing for.

May the Lord bless Brother Wood and his family and enable them to bear up under this trial; in the name of Jesus. Amen.

BROTHER ANSON CALL said he arose, by request, to make a few remarks. Brother Tilford brought many things to mind. I want to say a word or two in regard to our deceased sister.

She was amongst the first to enter into the principle of celestial marriage in Nauvoo, when few of the people understood but little about it, and not understood at all by the world. When I meet with these old veterans, I think they had a feeling that their sisters have not now. Those who have been brought into the Church since have an understanding that should make it easier for them. I had a mission appointed unto me to go to my father's house and reveal these principles unto them, and to affirm them as principles of salvation. This sister received it, and no doubt felt like surrendering everything for the principles of truth and salvation. There should be nothing too dear for us to sacrifice for our religion. When we receive "Thus saith the Lord," it is our duty to submit.

Brethren and sisters, we have no reason to mourn, yet the ties of nature affect the body. This is as it should be. But when the family understands it they should say, "The Lord's will be done." Their duty to her has been performed, and I trust such are their feelings. The time is not far distant when they will meet again. These are joys to be anticipated; though when we lay our wives and children by the Latter-day Saints have a decided advantage over all the world.

Peace and goodwill to all, and may the Holy Spirit guide and direct us, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

BROTHER SMITH said he was pleased to meet today and to hear the instructions given. It brings many things to mind. All our recollections are awakened by the good qualities of our sister when living. If we could only speak of others when alive as when they are taken from us, how much more pleasant it would be! All we can say now will not benefit our sister. We may say something to benefit and comfort the relatives.

We do not mourn without hope; we have an assurance if we are faithful that all is well, and that it is worth everything. Riches are nothing when we come to this change; if we are living right we are prepared for it. The wicked and ungodly can not realize their positions, but the Latter-day Saints can. When resurrected we will gain a great experience. Every ordeal will add to our wisdom. My prayers are that the Holy Spirit may be with his family: in the name of Jesus, Amen.

SINGING- "Farwell, All Earthly Honors."

BENEDICTION By Bro. John Fisher.

Bishop Muir - requested the congregation to move in procession behind the family to the place of internment, where thanks were tendered and all was dismissed. 1