One very calm quiet summer evening about 1920, Aunt Lillian and Aunt Lorena were living in Salt Lake with their older sister Nellie. That certain night they came out oh the Bamberger Electric train to visit mother, their sister Naomia, and family. Aunties walked the mile home from the train depot, past the Howard cattle corals. It was almost dark when they arrived at the house.

They had not been in our house five minutes when all at once we heard a heavy thumping on the back kitchen step and a hard bump on the kitchen door and a deep grown. I was standing in the center of' the kitchen and was too frightened to move. I just said, "Someone or something is at the door." Mother came from the living room where she was visiting with the girls and opened the door, and there stood one of Howard's Holstein bulls, and it bellered and pawed the step and bunted the screen door. Mother slammed the door and almost fell backwards. She breathlessly said, "Call Amasie Howard; his bull is here."

I hurried to the phone, called Howard's and Amasie came in his truck with an extra large flashlight. He drove to the backyard and turned around and turning the truck lights on the bull; also Amasie turned on his large flashlight. The bull was afraid of the lights and turned to go out our driveway, but on the way he knocked down mother's honeysuckle trellis, and the trellis of the princess pink roses and tromped other flowers.

When it pushed the wire rose trellis over, he turned to jump the irrigation ditch nearby and in the dark misjudged the size of the ditch and fell in it pawing mother's iris flowers on the ditch bank. It then tromped across father's sugar beet field.

When they finally got the critter headed to it's coral, Aunt Lillian was white as a ghost and breathlessly said, "Naomia, what if we had met that thing on the road? He was following us." All three sisters terrified and white were shaking like a leaf.

Mother said, "Girls, the Lord protected and guided you tonight. I haven't the least doubt but that HE DID PROTECT YOU."

Both Lorena and Lillian wholeheartedly agreed saying, "He surely did, ARE WE THANKFUL."

Written from notes written in 1922
Naomia Mae (Salter) Harden
Retyped from a copy by
Norma Jean M. Wood
5 September 1990