Bountiful Davis Co. Utah
March 22, 1874.

The first thing I saw was my body in a beautiful casket which had just been lade in by my Father and my brother John Wood and two other men. I thought I was drest [dressed] in a very strange suit one of such I had not seen before.* I stood at the head of the casket and was viewing my body of which I thought my eye-brows and features looked very natural. And as I stood meditating upon the wonderful change that had taken place and the effect it had on my parents and loved ones of which I was sensitive and could comprehend everything in detail, my heart was filled with compassion toward them in their bereavement, and I could realize that no one knew I was present. I stepped up to Father and said, "Father" I want you to Resurrect me. I don't know hardly how I can, and I said to him I think you can by fasting and prayer. He replied saying it would take three days and by that time your body would have begun to decay.

I then stood before My Father and said, "Can't I remain on this earth with this body of which I was examining which seemed so grand and beautiful and seamed so light and I was sensitive of the fact that I could go and come at will. And said I if I can stay with this body, we will burry that one." By saying this, father looked right at me and viewed me from head to foot as though his spiritual eyes were opened and I could see his countenance beamed with joy and said how grand and beautiful. Saying, "No my son, you can't remain here. That sacred and noble body dwells in a higher sphere." So they put the casket in to another large rough one and Father spoke and said, don't put it in that it isn't good enough for it will not protect his body. But it was left just the same, I left where my remains were and went in another room where all the folks were gathering in and I said, "Where is father?" Then one showed me the house where he was. I then returned to the room where my body was and there I found father and my brother John arranging for the funeral. Just as all was ready to start the services, my dear mother awoke me from my sleep. I had to repeat this to her the first thing, she was much interested and said I don't think your are going to die, but I believe our spiritual body is just as real as have been shown to you and I want you to record it.

*About eight months I was married and the endowment clothes were the strange clothes I saw myself drest [dressed] in at the time of my dream.

NOTE: The spelling is the same as in the original.

Retyped from typed copy by
Norma Jean M. Wood
23 June 1991