John Wilford Dean

John Wilford Dean Born April 4, 1897 Woodruff, Rich, Utah. Blessed May 2, 1897 by J. M. Baxter Death Oct 11, 1898 at Woodruff.

An account given by
Lucy Dean Wilson

One of the first testimonies I had was when my brother died. I was about eleven years old. Father and my two oldest sisters were in Bountiful when he took ill. Mother did all she could for him, but he grew worse. Finally she called the Bishop. After they had administered to him, he continued to grow worse, so Bishop Call told Mother the best thing to do was to give him to the Lord. This was very hard to do as he was their only son and Father was away. She took me and we left the house, went to the back and knelt down and she prayed. A voice from somewhere spoke and said, "He is needed." We both heard the words, but saw no one. With tears on her cheeks, Mother said, "Thy will, not mine be done." We went back into the house, he smiled, put out his arms. She took him and he passed away. I have had many testimonies but this always stays with me.

Arlinda & John Wilford Dean