David King Yancey (1867-1943)
Family Photos

David King Yancey

David King & Adella Yancey with grand-daughters they raised (children of son Hassie).
Lois, Opal, Dorothy



Hassie Yancey (son of David King Yancey)



Opal May Yancey


Ordie Thomas Yancey
(son of David King Yancey)

David King & Idella Yancey




Dear Dennis,

     Quite some time ago you asked for old Yancey pictures.   I asked about and just now have received a few.   These are of the family of David King Yancey, second son of Thomas Hines Yancey (2nd family).   These were sent in by Bettye Sue (Davis) Cole, daughter of Opal Mae (Yancey) Davis.    Opal Yancey in turn was the daughter of Samuel Hassie King Yancey and May Scroggins.   Samuel Hassie Yancey was the son of David King Yancey.

     It was very tragic that May died at age 20 and Hassie at age 30.   Their three daughters were left orphans at a very early age, and were raised by their grandfather David King Yancey.   Several years back, Opal called me almost in tears because they knew nothing of their mother.   For one thing, they wondered if there was anything wrong with her, was she "dark complected".    I worked quite hard on that for some time and ran down details on a couple of generations or so back.   It was simply a matter of tragedy all the way back.

     I have scanned the three sheets of pictures and these are attached.   I have also attached a descendant chart for David King Yancey.   I am going to mail you the pictures Bettye Cole sent along with a printout of the David King Yancey descendants listing.   I knew none of these folks except for the 3 daughters, Opal, Lois and Dorothy.   Dorothy died in 2005.

     You know Thomas Hines Yancey moved to Mt. Pleasant before he died.   He is said to have been buried in an unmarked grave near his brother, David, at Center Grove (Yancey) Cemetery outside of Mt. Pleasant.   That was just before my Dad was born there.   Dad knew the two oldest sons (including David) quite well and used to walk to school with them.

     I hope to have more for you later.

                Jim Yancey