Yanceys on the 1850 census who have yet to be identified
(their parentage has yet to be documented)

If you have any information concerning these Yancey families on the 1850 census that would help me in identifying them - please contact me: Dennis Yancey djyancey1965@gmail.com

see also: 1850 Census Analysis
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Pulaski Co., AR

Fanny Yancey age 3, born in (NC?)
In household of Thos Compton & Orpha.


El Dorado Co., CA

Moses Yancey age 19, born in Kentucky
(living in Mining community - no family)


Mariposa Co., CA

E. F. Yancey age 33, Miner, born in Georgia
(apparently in mining camp - no other family)


Twiggs Co., GA

William Yancey age 30, born in [Georgia?]
no other family. Living near Jacob Smith & Elijah Pope


Hart Co., KY

William C. Yancey age 22, school teacher, born in VA
No other family. Living near Benjamin Amos.


Orleans parish, LA

W. G. Yancey age 30, farmer, born in Miss.
apparently in some sort of boarding house.
seems to have been counted twice:
Wm. Yancey age 24, student, born in Miss.


Berrien Co., MI

Ediboro Yancey age 29 born in Michigan, laborer
Martha age 19 born in Ohio


Chariton Co., MO

Robert Yancey age 13, born in KY
(in household of Jonathan & Ruth Burch)


Jackson Co., MO

John H. Yancey age 27
Sarah A. age 22
James G. age 8/12
(Marriage of John H. Yancey & Sarah J. Darnall 16 Sep 1847 in Henry Co., TN)


Livingston Co., MO
William Y. Yancey age 47, grocer, born in Virginia
Harriet Yancey age 30
Anne E. McVey age 10
(William Y. Yancey & Harriet McVey/McBay married 8 May 1845 in Daviess Co., MO)


Cumberland Co., NC

John Yancey age 40, born in North Carolina, laborer
Rebecca Yancey age 37, born in NC
James A. Yancey age 17
Sibelle A. Yancey age 13
William B. Yancey age 10
Sarah A. Yancey age 8
Thomas a. Yancey age 6
George W. Yancey age 2


Hamilton Co., OH

George M. Yancey age 28, Bricklayer, born in Virginia
Mary Ann Yancey age 24
Alonzo Yancey age 5
Elizabeth Ann Yancey age 1
(living near Thomas Jackson)


Richland Dist, SC 1850

John W. Yancey age 27 born in SC, planter
Christian age 4 (female)
Georgianna age 3 (female)
Marilla age 1 (female)


Decatur Co., TN

Mary J. Yancey (or Yaney) age 16 born in Tennessee
E. A. S. Yancey (or Yaney) age 1
(these two in John Turner household)