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Aberdeen Idaho City Officials

Aberdeen City Hall
17 N Main, Aberdeen Idaho 83210


Mayor - Morgan Anderson

Police Chief - Ray Dalling

Fire Chief - Gary Foster

Public Works Director - Richard Mayer

City Clerk/Treasurer - Marva Jean Mueller

City Attorney - Dan Acevedo

City Council Members
Dena Blaker
Mary Leisy
Hap Fettis
Brian Schneider
Darren Simpson
Craig Wampler


Historical List of Aberdeen Mayors

1941-1943 Clifford Wride
1943- 1945 Sam Nealey
1945- 1947 Andy Hansen
1947-1953 James Chapman
1953-1957 J.Festus Monsen
1957-1964 Clifford Wride
1964-1974 Theodore Wren
1974-1981 Clifford Wride
1981-1990 Maurine Driscoll
1990- 1995 Larry Walters
1995------- A. Morgan Anderson