Notes from Ken Yancey in ref to War of 1812 Service of Charles Yancey (Jan 2015)


in ref to: 22ND REG VA MILITIA WAR OF 1812 militray service


I am convinced it was not Charles Yancey of Buckingham [ but rather Charles Yancey of Albemarle] for the following reasons:

1.  We have the letter that Charles Yancey of Albemarle sent to Thomas Jefferson (22 Aug 1814) stating that he had been given the command of the 1st VA Regiment.

2.  We have the record of the Virginia General Assembly showing that Charles Yancey of Albemarle was a member of the House of Delegates in 1814, but Charles Yancey of Buckingham was not in the legislature for that term.  Therefore he could not have been "absent on the legislature".

3.  We have the letter of Charles Yancey to Jefferson indicating the reason for his being absent on the legislature 23 Oct 1814) due to the strange fever that had caused the loss of his slaves and family members (typhoid)

4.  I have a copy of the military orders showing that Col Charles Yancey was commander of the 1st VA Regiment and that Lt. Col Thomas Ballowe of Buckingham was the commander of the 2nd VA Regiment.

5. You found the Land Warrant awarded to the Wife and Children of Charles Yancey of Albemarle for his command of the 1st VA Regiment.

6. Finally it is understood where the error of assumption originated with respect to Major Charles Yancey of Buckingham and the 1st VA Regiment. i.e. the letter of the war department to Wm. Shepherd.  He assumed incorrectly that Charles of Buckingham was who the letter was about because of his long career in the Gen. Assembly, but not 1814. See attachment