Lewis Y. Christmas (1791-1857) was the son of William & Jane (Yancey) Christmas
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W. H. Turner 

Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS

Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS while never marring a white woman had children by at least one black slave mistress. According to Bill CHRISTMAS, great-grandson of Lewis, now living in New Jersey, the name of the mother of the children here written about may have been Martha.  Some credence is placed since another descendant, Elizabeth 'Bessir' CHRISTMAS-Perry, living in Washington, DC told me that she has a piece of silk needlework that was made in 1812 by "M. CHRISTMAS". On the other and more evidence is presented that Jinnie was their mother since her name is listed on Seth CHRISTMAS' marriage certificate.

Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS children while slaves, by law, were reared in his house and brought up with love by their father who cared for them. Because of recently passed laws in the state which grew out of Nat Turner's fight for freedom in nearby Virginia, the children did not learn to read since the law forbade teaching slaves to read.

These CHRISTMAS children were: Ann 1822; Junius 1823; Seth 1825; Mary 1827; Christopher Columbus, October 18, 1827; Erasmus March 1830; Martha 1831; Henry; Richard; Marcus George 1834; Nancy 1835; Jane and by another slave mistress, Keziah, he had Delia in 1838.

Starting around the very late 1840's these children began to marry off. Mary  married William Curtiss before 1850; Jane  married John Lucius Ward before October 1852  and three of her children: Frank , Laura and Davy were mentioned in Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS' will, dated October 6, 1857); Marcus married Lucinda DAVIS ' daughter, Henrietta on December 20, 1854. Marcus had eleven children .

Marcus was instrumental in organizing and building Greenwood Baptist Church. His son Kit later preached in this church.

About 1856, Seth CHRISTMAS married Sallie SCOTT. Sallie SCOTT  was descendant from the white Mordecai family who traced their own ancestry to the royal family of England according to Seth's  granddaughter, Bessie Perry. Seth and Sallie were probably married in Wake County, Raleigh township since they were living there in 1870 according to the U.S. Federal Census. Their children were: Carolina; Christopher; Nancy; Louisa; Henry born in April 1865 (he later became a school teacher); and Irene in 1870.

In 1857 Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS made out his will in which he granted his children their freedom and ten thousand dollars to be divided between "Christopher, Keziah , Henry , Marcus, Erasmus, Nancy, Jane and her three children Laura, Frank and Davy ... "

On July 5, 1862 Christopher C. CHRISTMAS married Elizza RUFF and fathered Elizza in 1862; Mary; Louisa; Sallie; Nanny; Seth; Christopher; Elnonora and Essie.

Following Elizza's death he married Phoebe and had Nehemiah on September 14, 1901; Phoebe in 1903 and Martha on April 21, 1908.

Celista WHITE  born June 6, 1842 in Onslow County, NC was the petite, dark skinned daughter of Elias White.

On February 13, 1868 Erasmus married Celista in Richland Township, Onslow County. The marriage was performed by DE Sandlin, Justice of the Peace. It is not certain...

Celista WHITE born June 6, 1842 in Onslow County, NC was the petite, dark skinned daughter of Elias WHITE.

Unfortunately this notation ended at this point and the remainder was not sent to me... ... This was sent to me by Howard W. CHRISTMAS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

The following is a document that Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS (400) has been a party to as a Lawyer.

Will Book 28 pg 149-151 Warren Co. NC Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS

State of North Carolina Know all men by these presence, that we Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, Perry Green and John Wortham all of Warren County and the state aforesaid, are firmly bound unto Henry Fitts, Chairman and other Justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Session for the county of Warren, in the sum of twelve thousand dollars current money, to be paid to the said Justices, or the survivor or survivors of them, their Executors, or Administrators, in trust for the benefit of the said child hereafter named, committed to the action of the said Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS to which payment will and truly be made, we find ourselves and each of us, each and every of our Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presence. Sealed with our seals, and dated the 23rd day of August in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five.

The conditions of the above obligation is such, that whereas the above bounder Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS is constituted and appointed Guardian to Henry Johnson a minor orphan. Now if the said Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS  shall faithfully execute the said guardianship by securing and improving all the estate of the said Henry Johnson, that shall ... unto his possession, for the benefit of the said Henry Johnson until he shall arrive at full age, or the sooner ... required, and then under a claim and true account of the said Guardianship, on oath, before the said Justices of our said court, and deliver up, pay to or possess the said Henry Johnson of all such other estates, as he ought to be possessed of, or to such other persons as shall be lawfully empowering or are there said to recover the same, and the profits arising there from then this obligation to be void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue. Witness: C. Drake Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS (seal) Green Perry (seal) John Wortham (seal) --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Warren County North Carolina Will Book 47 pp 302-305 Joseph S. Jones in Account with the Estate of Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, deceased. P.302

1856 January to M.W. Ransom's bond $ 77.10 interest to 22nd February, 1864 37.67 SW Eaton bond due April 28th, 1858 32.38 interest to 22nd February, 1864 11.28 Jon. White's Feb 16th 1857, 436.02 Cr. 21.73 Apr 17th 423.02 interest to 22nd February 1864 174.45

This goes on through page 305. In obedience to an order to us directed at Feb term 1864, we the undersigned Commissioners have examined the above accounts current of Jas. L. Jones Exc. of Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, deceased, and find it supported by good and lawful vouchers and we allow him 5 percent commission on receipts and disbursements making the sum of $47,218.08, his commission on the above sum being $2,360.90 - respectfully summated. T.G. Ward John E. Boyd Commissioner John E. Jones (487) Warren County Court February Term 1864

The foregoing account current of the estate of Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, deceased, was returned in open court, and on motion the same was confirmed and ordered to be recorded and filed. Test William A. White Clerk

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joseph Speed Jones  V Thomas H. CHRISTMAS (52)

Warren County North Carolina 1862

A paper writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, deceased, and which is in words and figures, following (to wit)

I Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS of Warren County and the state of North Carolina being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made I direct that my body be buried and my funeral conducted in such a maner as my executors shall seem best, and as to such world estate as it has pleased God to bestow upon me I dispose of the same as follows:

I direct that all my just debts which I may owe at the time of my death and my funeral expenses shall be paid as soon after my decease as possible.

Item 1st: I give and bequeath to my friend William Plummer of the town of Warrenton my faithful and favorite Negro man William usually called William King.

Item 2nd: I give and bequeath to my friend Kemp Plummer my Negro boy named Caswell.

Item 3rd: It is my will and desire to hereafter direct that my slaves Christopher, Keziah, Henry, Marcus, Erasmus, Nancy, Jane and her three children Laura,  Frank, and Davy and all of their increases from the date of this will shall be emancipated as soon after my decease as it can be done consistently with the laws of the state. And they are to be removed accordingly to the Act of Assembly beyond the limits of this state, and they are to be carried to one of the non-slave holding states of the American Union. All expenses which may be incurred by my executor in causing the emancipation and removal to said slaves are to be paid out of my estate.

Item 4th: I give and bequeath to my executor hereinafter named in trust for the Negroes named in the preceding item of my will the sum of ten thousand dollars, which sum he is to divide among the said slaves and their increases as aforesaid in equal portions, but before any division shall be made it is my will and desire that my executor shall cause a guardian, or guardians to be appointed in the non-slave holding state or states in which they may reside to such of said Negro slaves as may be then under twenty-one years of age.

Item 5th: I give and bequeath unto Joseph Speed JONES (486) of the said county of Warren my executor hereinafter named the sum of five thousand dollars as a compensation (in addition to the commissions allowed by law) for his trouble in causing the emancipation and removal of said slaves and for other services required of him as executor, and it is my will and desire that if from any cause the said Joseph S. JONES (486) shall fail faithfully to carry out its provisions then the above legacy to him shall not take effect.

Item 6th: If the said Joseph S. Jones (486) shall refuse of fail to take upon himself the burden of the execution of this my will or shall die before executing the same, then I give and bequeath to the person or persons who may be appointed by the County Court of Warren County, Administrators on my estate the sum of five thousand dollars (in addition to the commission allowed by law) as a compensation for his services in faithfully carrying out the several provisions of my will.

Item 7th: All the residue of my estate of every description whatever both real and personal including all real and personal estate which I may hereafter acquire except the increases herein before to be emancipated, I give, devise and bequeath unto my friend, William Duke Jones of said county of Warren unto him, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and I do hereby nominate and appoint my friend Joseph Speed Jones  executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 6th day of October, A.D., 1857.

Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS (seal) Witness John Watson William Eaton, Jr.

And also a paper writing purposing to be a codicil to said will dated the 5th day of June, A.D., 1858, and which is in words and figures following:

I Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, of the county of Warren and state of North Carolina do make and publish this writing as a codicil to my last will and testament which said will is dated 6th day of October, A.D. 1857 and is witnessed by John Watson and William Eaton, Jr. Whereas in the 3rd Item of my said will I have directed a slave by the name of Nancy (807) to be emancipated and I have two slaves by that name, now for a great certainty I do hereby declare that I mean Nancy  the younger and whereas in the 5th Item of said will I have bequeathed the sum of five thousand dollars to my executor Joseph Speed Jones in addition to the commission allowed by law for his services therein mentioned, and in the 6th Item have given the same amount to any person who may be appointed administrator of my estate by Warren County Court in the contingency therein mentioned. Now I do hereby reduce the said sum down to four thousand dollars in the same manner as if the last mentioned sum had been originally in the said 5th and 6th Items of my will. I further direct that my executor is to have power to remove the slaves directed to be emancipated in said will, not only to any part of the United States where slavery does not exist and where it may be lawful for him to carry them but also to Mexico if he shall think proper so to do. And if he shall carry any of them to Mexico he is to act in the same Ann er to all intents and purposed to have the same powers and duties in reference to them as if they had been removed to any non-slave holding state of the American Union. The money legacies mentioned in said will and the expenses incident emancipation and removal of the slaves who are directed in said will to be emancipated I do hereby charge upon the residue mentioned in the 7th Item of my said will, and I do hereby charge upon the authorities and empower my executor to sell a sufficiency thereof to raise the requisite amount of money. In testimony whereof I have thereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of June, A.D., 1858. Lewis L. CHRISTMAS (seal) Witness John Watson William Eaton, Jr.

Are propounded for probate in open court by Joseph S. Jones, who is named as executor therein whereupon Leonidas CHRISTMAS, Thomas H. CHRISTMAS, George A. CHRISTMAS, Obediah CHRISTMAS, James CHRISTMAS  and Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, six of the heirs at law and next of kin of the said Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, deceased came into court and enter a caveat thereto, and say the same are not the last will and testament of Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS or any part thereof and thereupon the court directs the following issue to be made upon and submitted to a jury (to wit) are the said paper writings or any part thereof and if so what part the last will and testament of the said Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, deceased or not, and thereupon the said Joseph S. Jones is appointed administrator pendent ____ upon the estate of the said Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS, deceased and enters into bond as required by the court in the sum two hundred and fifty thousand dollars with J. Buxton Williams, Nathen Milam, Horas Palmer, Richard, B. Robinson, M.M. Drake and John T. Williams as his sureties said bond is executed in open court by all the parties and ordered to be recorded, whereupon the cause is continued to the next term of this court to be heard and tried by a Jury, and at the said term of said court, to wit, on the fourth Monday of February in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and sixty before John S. Cheek, Thomas J. Pitchford, M.M. Drake, and E.D. Drake, Justices of said court come the parties aforesaid by their attorneys aforesaid and entered the case as follows to wit:

Judgement of the court accordingly and that the Plaintiff recover his costs, Judgement against the sureties.

Bill of Costs Docketing Case, filing papers and state tax .. .. $ 2.00 One Continuance .. .. .. .. .. .30 Eight Summons .. .. .. .. .. 1.20 Judgment .. .. .. .. .. .75 This Transcript .. .. .. .. .. 2.00 John Wortham's witness ticket .. .. .. 2.01 D.W.T. Howard witness ticket .. .. .. 1.90 James W. Jordan witness ticket .. .. .. 2.21 John V. Cawhorn witness ticket .. .. .. 2.00 N.R. Jones Sheriff .. .. .. .. 2.50 Attorney .. .. .. .. .. 4.00 Totaling .. .. .. .. .. .. $ 20.97

And from the above judgment the defendants pray and appeal to the Superior Court which is granted on their entering into bond in the sum of $1,000 with as surety for the same said bond has been executed by James Y. CHRISTMAS  and Peter D. Powell as surety which is herewith filed.

I, John W. White, clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of the County and State aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing contains a full true and perfect transcript of the record in the matter of the approbation of Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS will lately pending in said court between Joseph S. JONES, Executor and Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS as Plaintiff and Leonidas CHRISTMAS, Thomas H. CHRISTMAS, Obediah CHRISTMAS, James Y. CHRISTMAS and Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS are defendants....

The rest of this document states that when it was all over the Will and Codicil were and are true papers made by Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS, deceased. (if you want it in full I will enter it into the computer at a later date)

There are other documents on Lewis Y. CHRISTMAS as a guardian Will Book 43 page 340, Will Book 42 pp 194-196 of Warren County North Carolina. I have these as well and can enter them into the computer at a later date.



Erasmus Chrstmas
Son of Lewis Y Christmas


Christopher C. Christmas


Seth Christmas

The Marriage Record above of Seth Christmas which records his mother's  name as "Jennie"

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