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In my early days of Yancey research - I noted, among the earliest Yanceys of America,  what appeared to be the common usage English names for men  - like Charles, Richard, Robert, William, John etc.   It was not until much more recently that I came to understand that the name of Charles -  was NOT really an overall common English name in colonial Virginia. And in fact it seems to be just as popular among the French.   Could the name of "Charles", being such a common name among the earliest Yanceys,  be some sort of clue to be followed that could help us clarify Yancey origins?  It seems possible.     What follows are various notes & clues on the subject.


How common was "Charles" in the early 1700's of Virginia?

Rootsweb Database -  birthplace "Virginia" born 1700 (+/- 20)
firstname "Charles",  9.988 entries
compare to: 20,841 entries for Robert; 21,168 for Richard; 68,275 for William;   93,875 for John

The Quite Rent Rolls of 1704 - how many Charles were listed? only two other Charles were listed in King William County. Compared to 6 Roberts and 39 Johns.


What are other families that were either closely associated or lived in the same area that also carried the name Charles

Kavanaugh Family - note its use of the Charles name - family chart

Saxon Family - family chart

Estes Family - family chart

Charles's of King William County, Virginia

Charles's of Hanover County, Virginia

Charles's of Louisa County, Virginia

Charles's of Culepepr County, Virginia


Who were some of the more famous/influential people of the past that used the name Charles?

Charles I & Charles II of England and the English Civil War

Charlemagne - King of the Franks - "Father of Europe"

Charles Martel - founding figure of the Middle Ages

The early Charles Yancey's:

Charles Yancey (I) - though no extant documents of his era record any vital info or names of family members - many reports show his wife as Mary Leighton - and father of Charles Yancey (II) along with possibly Lewis Davis Yancey.  Whether it is this Yancey or his son who is recorded on the 1704 Quit Rent Rolls of King William County, Virginia is uncertain.  [family chart]

Charles Yancey (II) - supposedly named after his father.  Though, again, documented proof is lacking - most researchers record him with a wife named Mary Bartlett.  Store accounts of 1730's of Hanover County, Virginia record his various sons - among them a third Charles.  [family chart]

Charles Yancey (III) -apparently  named after his father & grandfather.  Extremely little is known about him.  It would seem, though he did have children - and many suspect he may have been the father of William Yancey of Granville Co., NC & later Madison Co., TN. [family chart]

(Ensign?) Charles Yancey (1732-1805) - son of Lewis Davis Yancey - quite possibly named after his Father's father (Charles Yancey I ? ) . He served in the militia prior to the Revolutionary War.   Being the oldest son of Lewis Davis Yancey - he seems to have inherited the estate of his father.  He lived and died in Culpeper County, Virginia - where his and his parents burial site is still marked.   [more details]   [family chart]

(Capt.) Charles Yancey (1741-1814) - grandson of Charles Yancey II through his son Robert.  He lived most of his life in Louisa County, Virginia. [more details]
[Bible Record]  [Family Chart]

(Major) Charles Yancey (1770-1857)  - great grandson of Charles Yancey II through his son Robert Yancey and grandson the Reverend Robert Yancey.  Major Charles Yancey was one of the most affluent members of the Yancey family - and one of the most prominent men of Buckingham County, Virginia where he died.  His grave is still marked today. [more details]    [family chart]  [Bible Record]  [Letter to William L Yancey]

(Col.) Charles Yancey  (1766-1825) - great-grandson of Charles Yancey II through his son Robert and grandson Jeremiah.  Lived most of his life in Albemarle County, Virginia.   [more details]  [Bible Record]  [family chart]

Note that the above last four Yanceys have a title prior to their names.  These Yanceys lived relatively close to each other and these titles seem to have been used to differentiate between them by contemporaries as well as genealogists of the 20th century also trying tro avoid the confusion between all these Charles's..

Some additional Charles Yanceys  -  born prior to 1800:

Charles Yancey (abt 1750-abt 1810) - son of Richard Yancey Sr of Mecklenburg County Virginia and grandson of Charles Yancey II.   This Charles lived most of his life in Granville County, North Carolina.

Charles Yancey (bef 1775 - abt 1816)  - possible son of William & Sophia Yancey of North Carolina and probable grandson of Charles Yancey III.   This Charles is to have died in Jackson County Georgia and thought to have been the father of various early Yancey of Georgia.  Little is known about his life.

Charles Yancey (abt 1789-1860+) - son of Augustus Yancey & Elizabeth Cole and great-grandson of Charles Yancey II. This Charles grew up in Louisa Conty, Virginia and married there one Mary Edwards and later moved to Orange County, Virginia where he lived his entire life.

Charles Yancey (abt 1783-abt1865) - son of Richard Yancey Jr  of Mecklenburg County, Virginia and GREAT-grandson of Charles Yancey II. This Charles married Mary Jones in 1812 in Mecklenburg and lived his entire life in that same county.

Charles Yancey (abt 1793-bef. 1850) - Son of Jechonias Yancey of Albemarle County Virginia. It would seem this is the same Charles married one Cinthelia Burton in Autauga County, Alabama and later lived in Wetumpka Alabama and was editor of a newspaper there in political opposition of another newspaper edited by the famous William Lowndes Yancey.

Charles Yancey (abt 1791-aft 1873) - Son of James Yancey & Abigail Cudworth of South Carolina and uncle to William Lowndes Yancey. Family documents record him as an alcoholic and his relationship to his only Yancey relations (his nephews) was a strained one. He did not have any children. He apparently died in Alabama.   [erroneous info about the ancestry of William Lowndes Yancey]  More info

Charles Yancey (abt 1770-1833)   (of obscure parentage) and wife Mary - parents of Sarah, Elcey & Ambrose Yancey of Franklin County, Indiana.


Nanneys - The name "Charles" among the Nanney family of Wales. - the name Charles doesn't seem to exist.

Huguenots - The name "Charles" among the French Hugnenots of Manakintown. - doesnt seem to be very common at all either.