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State County Cemetery Links Earliest Yancey Burials
Alabama DeKalb Warren Cemetery [link] James Yancey (1858-1941)
Alabama Lauderdale Bluewater Cemetery [link] Nannie Yancey
Alabama Montgomery Oakwood [link] William Lowndes Yancey (1814-1863)
Alabama Baldwn Yancey-Crane Cemetery [link]  
Arizona Pima South Lawn Memorial [link] Raymond B Yancey (1907-1965)
Arkansas Clay Parks Cemetery [link] William S. Yancey (1868-1949)
Arkansas Phillips Yancey Cemetery [link] James Yancey (1813-1875)
Arkansas Crawford Liberty Hill [link] [link]  [link] Meredith Yancey (1803-1898)
Arkansas Faulkner Oakland Cemetery [link] Henry Bartlett Yancey
California Fresno Tollhouse Cemetery [link] Max H Yancey (1881-1963)
Colorado Arapahoe Fort Logan [link] James Yancey
Delaware NewCastle Gracelawn [link] Ernest Page Yancey (1936-2006)
Florida Pasco Pine Hill Cemetery [link] Hiram W Yancey (1889-1973)
Florida Polk Mt Olive [link] Lewis D Yancey (1894-1987)
Florida Lake Glendale [link] Benjamin C. Yancey (1836-1909)
Georgia Cherokee Hutcherson Cemetery [link] Levi Yancey (1803-1887)
Georgia Floyd Myrtle Hill [link] Benjamin C Yancey (1817-1881)
Georgia Fulton Oakwood [link] B. F. Yancey (1858-1931)
Georgia Clayton Forest Park [link] James &  Penelope Yancey
Hawaii Honolulu ABMC Memorial [link] Gilbert B Yancey (????-1945)
Idaho Caribou Chesterfield Cemetery [link] Adam A Yancey
Mary Yancey
Idaho Bingham Groveland Cemetery [Link] Adam Yancey
Indiana Tippecenoe Spring Vale Cemetery [link] Louise Yancey (???-1918)
Iowa Union Graceland Cemetery [link] Walter C Yancey (-1903)
Iowa Dallas Dexter Cemetery [link] Sylvia Ann Yancey (-1895)
Kansas Douglas Memorial Park [link] Alfred N Yancey (1888-1954)
Kentucky Crittendon Yancey Cemetery [link] Preston Lewis Yancey & descendants
Kentucky McCracken Palestine Cemetery [link] Rommye Lee Yancey
Kentucky McCreary Yancey Cemetery [link] Tinsley Allen Yancey
Kentucky Owen Salem Church Cemetery [link] Elias T Yancey (1892-1934)
Kentucky Owen Yancey Cemetery [link] B. P. Yancey
Louisiana Lasalle Parish Summerville Cemetery [link] Edwin W Yancey (1818-1897)
Michigan Jackson Woodland Cemetery [link] Harvey H Yancey (1882-1941)
Mississippi Warren Ceder Hill Cemetery [link] A. G. Yancey (????-1863)
Mississippi Tippah Rucker Cemetery [link] Lewis B Yancey (1816-1903)
Missouri Cass Brown Family Cemetery [link] George W. Yancey (1826-1896)
Missouri Jackson Mound Grove [link] Hiram J. Yancey (1830-1912)
Missouri Benton Cloverdale/Yancey Cemetery [link] Joel Yancy
Montana Town of Gardiner Uncle John Yancey burial site [link] John F Yancey
Nebraska Douglas Forest Lawn Memorial [link] John E. Yancey (????-1906)
Nevada Clark Southern Nevada Veterans [link] Harry J Yancey (1926-1996)
New Jersey Monmouth Mount Prospect [link] Fuller Yancey (????-1927)
North Carolina Caswell Bartlett Yancey Family Cemetery [links to photos] Bartlett Yancey descendants
North Carolina Granville Elmwood [link] Nannie M Yancey
North Carolina Granville Grassy Creek Baptist Church [link] Harriet P. Yancey (1812-1893)
North Carolina Granville Enon Baptist Cemetery [link] James Thornton Yancey
North Carolina McDowell Oak Grove Cemetery [link] John Yancey family
North Carolina Orange Charles Royster Yancey Cemetery Burial site of Charles Royster Yancey Charles Royster Yancey & Family
North Carolina Person Yancey Cemetery [link]  
Oklahoma Lincoln Star Valley Cemetery [link] Hezekiah R Yancey (1859-1943)
Oklahoma Jackson Altus Cemetery [link] R. H. Yancey (1852-1918)
Ohio Franklin Camp Chase Cemetery [link] William Yancey (????-1864)
Oregon Multnomah Willamette National Cemetery [link] Arthur M Yancey (1915-1971)
Oregon Lane Sears Cemetery [link] Hiram J. Yancey (1804-1887)
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Philadelphia National Cemetery [link] Will T Yancey (????-1942)
South Carolina Greenville Baker AME Church [link] Mary A Yancey (1876-1904)
South Carolina Greenville Earle Family Cemetery [Link] George Earle Yancey (1838-1838)
South Carolina Laurens Cunningham Memorial Cemetery [link] Mary Eliza Yancey (1809-1817)
South Carolina Orangeburg Four Holes Baptist Church [link] Sylvester L. Yancey
Tennessee Knox New Gray Cemetery [link] Eleanor A Yancey (1828-1916)
Tennessee Crockett Pond Creek Vemetery [link] Elva Freeman Yancey
Tennessee Fayette William H Yancey Cemetery [link] William H Yancey
Tennessee Gibson Yancey Cemetery [link] Charles L. Yancey (1802-1867)
Tennessee Scott Yancey Cemetery [link]
Tennessee Tipton Poplar Grove [link] James M. Yancey (1797-1875)
Texas Titus Center Grove [link]  
Texas Tarrant Grapevine Cemetery [lnk] Benjamin C. Yancey (1922-1939)
Texas Hunt Brigham Cemetery [link] David Yancey (1835-1913)
Texas Jefferson China City Cemetery [link] Joel Yancey (1830-1907)
Utah Davis Daniel Wood Cemetery [link] Parley P & Elizabeth Yancey - children.
Virginia Culpeper Yancey Burial Ground at Arlington Estate [link to more details] [links to photos] Lewis Davis Yancey & Family
Virginia Culpeper Fairview Cemetery [link] Sallie Thomas Yancey (1845-1909)
Virginia Halifax Oak Ridge Cemetery [link] Patrick Henry Yancey (1840-1921)
Virginia Lynchburg Presbyterian Cemetery [link] William Tudor Yancey (1813-1889)
Virginia Mecklenburg George Thomas Yancey Cemetery [link] George Thomas Yancey & Family
Virginia Mecklenburg Buffalo Baptist Church [link] James E. Yancey
Virginia Mecklenburg Yancey/Elam Cemetery [link]  
Virginia Orange Graham Cemetery [link] Jane Yancey (1818-1883)
Virginia Richmond Hollywood Cemetery [link] Emily J Yancey (1812-1888)
Virginia Rockingham Yancey Gravesites [links to photos]  
Washington DC   Arlington National Cemetery Yancey Listing  
West Virginia Bluefield Walnut Grove Cemetery [link] Charles Yancey (1871-1939)