Among those who are worthily upholding the prestige of the medical 
profession in Sioux City stands Dr. Charles Corbin Yancey, who specializes in internal 
medicine and diagnosis and who has attained a commanding position in the 
medical ranks of this section of the state. Dr. Yancey was born in Armstrong, 
Missouri, on the 3d of March, 1891, and is a son of Leighton B. and Harriet B. 
(Corbin) Yancey, the father a native of Armstrong and the mother of Liberty, 
Missouri, their marriage occurring in the latter place in 1890. The father 
is now engaged in the livestock commission business in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Yancey attended the public schools of Armstrong, Liberty and Chicago, 
graduating from high school in the latter city in 1909. Following the 
completion of his studies he entered the employ of the International Harvester 
Company, working in the sales department for seven years. During that time he made 
enough money through speculation to complete his education, and he then 
entered the University of Chicago, graduating in 1916, with the degree of 
Bachelor of Science, making the four-year course in three years and receiving the 
cum laude award. During his last two years in the university he also carried 
on the study of medicine and in 1921 was given the M. D. degree by Rush 
Medical College, the medical school of the University of Chicago. He then went to 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and served a year's interneship in the Allegheny 
General Hospital and also took research work at the Singer Memorial Laboratory. 
On August 1, 1922, he came to Sioux City and took over Dr. John W. Shuman's 
practice and has since devoted himself closely to his profession, building up 
a large and lucrative practice and gaining a high place among the successful 
physicians of this locality.

In 1921 Dr. Yancey was united in marriage to Miss Esther McClanahan, of 
Columbus, Mississippi, who was graduated from the University of Chicago with the 
Bachelor of Science degree in 1920 and Doctor of Medicine degree in 1921. 
They are the parents of a son, David Stewart, born December 26, 1923. The Doctor 
is a member of the Woodbury County Medical Society, the Northwestern Iowa 
Medical Society, the Iowa State Medical Society and the American Medical 
Association. He and his wife are members of the First Christian church. The 
Doctor is a man of pleasing address and strong individuality, possesses to a 
marked degree those qualities which win regard, and his friends are legion.