In Memory of Dad
By his son Dennis J Yancey
Given at his Funeral, January 1995

Dad, we didn't expect you to be going so soon. We never quite had time for a proper good-bye. But we pray at this time that you may feel of our spirit and thanks and gratitude toward you.

Dad you were never a man of many words - But there were so many things you taught us by your actions. You were never one to seek after material wealth. You taught us that there were more important things in life than money or material possessions. But you always provided for us and we always had food on our table. You were always a hard worker, and not only a hard worker, but a smart worker. You taught us how to get by on what we had, how to make the most of the resources we had.

You were never one to seek out an educational degree for its prestige or honor. But throughout your life you were always learning, reading, traveling and you made sure all of us children got a higher education.

Dad, you were never one to ask for help - you were quite an independent person. But you were always looking out for your neighbors and friends and did many things for them without them even knowing or asking. You taught us to love our fellow men, you taught us to forgive, you taught us humility.

Dad, you never were one to seek out positions of honor and prestige in the church. But you always fulfilled your responsibilities. You taught us to pray for our church leaders and support them. You were never one to criticize church leaders.

Dad, we realize you and Mom weren't perfect. You had your weaknesses and faults, like any parent. But you taught us to pray. You taught us to pay an honest tithe. You taught us to work with our hands. You taught us that material things were a lot less important than family.

You were never one to try and keep up with the "Jones's" or the neighbors. You made due with what you had.

Dad you never had the opportunity to serve a full-time mission, yet I believe that in the morning of the first resurrection many hundreds of souls will be there as a result of the way you lived your life and the way you raised your children.

Dad and Mom, I'm not sure how you did it. But you put all four of us boys on missions. You married all six of us off in the temple. We all went on to college. I feel that our family has been protected by a special power or a special person on the other side - blessings that our family received - even many faithful LDS families have not received. I think these may have been promises made to Mom and Dad as a result of acts of faithfulness and service in the life before.

Dad, A prophet once stated that there are no other things greater than those things that we do within the walls of our own homes.

Dad and Mom throughout all eternity, the greatest reward that you will ever receive will be as a result of how you raised your children.

Thank you Dad, for the live you lived. We all love you.

We look forward until that day when we can embrace you again. Until we meet you again Dad. Let us all live a life like the one you lived.

Thanks Dad