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Item NameBookVideoAdditonal Info
America's Heart & Soul  - Disney - section with Minnie Yancey  thumb upLink
Diane Yancey, books byLink
Bill Yancey, books byLink
Life and Times of William Lowndes YanceyLink
The Lost Gutenburgs  by Tim Yancey thumb upLinkMore info
Gerald Yancey "The Choice"Link
My Life with Elvis by Beckie YanceyLink
Oranges in the Big Apple by Judith YanceyLinkYoutube
Our Family Keepers - by Rose MortonLink
Philip Yancey, Books byLinkYoutube      Official Site
Remember When? by Helen Yancey McEvoyLink
Rick Yancey, books by:  thumb up LinkYoutube       Official Site
Rick Yancey by Lisa McCormickLink
The Right Choices - by Frances YanceyLink
Sailors Mail   by Marsha Norris Knudsen  (about Ruth Yancey & Homer Norris)Link
Tom Yancey, Books byLink
Vera K Yanccey - "The Clearings" and other booksLink
Wes Yancey, books byLink
William Lowndes Yancey and the Coming of the Civil War - by Eric Walther  thumb upLinkYoutube
The Vanishing Virginian - by Rebecca Yancey Williams  thumb upLinkLinkYoutube
Yancy, The Youngest Hobo - biography of Irvin YanceyLink
Our Family Genealogy  by Wanda NelsonLink
Home to Tunnel Hill by Joseph M Webb -  concerning Austin Yancey descenants Link

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The Vanishing Virginian (Warner Archive)

The Vanishing Virginian - the (1942) Movie
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The Vanishing Virginian - the Book
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Ancestors and Descendants of
Capt. William Layton Yancey and His Wife Frances Lynn Lewis, 1600-1900


Our Family's Keepers

Check Out the New Book on Kindle - By Mrs. Rose Ella Morton
"Our Family Keepers" - the story of multiple generations of the family of those
who once worked as slaves on the plantations of William Lowndes Yancey.
A must read for anyone doing genealogical research on their own slave ancestors

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William Lowndes Yancey and the Coming of the Civil War (Civil War America)

William Lowndes Yancey and the Coming of the Civil War (Civil War America) 
by Eric H. Walther
 (Jun 30, 2006)

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