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George Washington Yancey was a black Confederate - who served as a confederate.

Black Southerners In Gray (Tennessee Confederate Pension Files), Page

"George Washington Yancey was captured with the Georgia militia,
escaped, went to Chickamauga and "got with the Southern troops again,
but was captured again at Missionary Ridge." He escaped a second time
and joined the Confederates at Atlanta. He was captured again at Macon
and imprisoned. "I was loyal to the Confederate states," he asserted,
and escaped again, spending the rest of the war foraging for the
Confederate troops. Dawson Pugh was captured by the Yankees in March,
1863, escaped, and returned to his owner and master, Lt. Frank Pugh.
Clay Hickerson was captured and when the Yankees tried to take him North
with them he refused to go and returned to his owner, who told him that
he was free anyway. In the spring of 1865, Dave Burns was captured along
with "most of my company." He escaped and returned to his "old master."
A Witness for Henry Church remembered that he had been at Ft. Donaldson
in early 1862:

At the surrender he escaped with Burr Church and went with Capt.
Perkin's Co. till Capt. Church was exchanged when he went to the [48th
TN Infantry] again at Vicksburg and stayed with Capt. Church till after
the battle of Nashville where Capt. Church lost his leg...Henry brought
him back home and then went on South with floo [flu] and was with the
Regiment at the surrender."

A copy of a page from his pension file: