Robert/Martha Yancey and Vaughn Family Bible
(of Mecklenburg Co., VA / Granville Co., NC)

transcribed by Beth Eatswood:

Bible in her family's possession.


First Page


Martha R. Yancy was born 27 August A.D. 1812

Thomas Yancy son of Robert Yancy was born June the 26 A.D. 1831

Elizabeth Ann 1 daughter of Robert Yancy was born August the 7 A.D. 1833

Robert Y Yancy 2 son of Robert Yancy was born the 5 of January A.D. 1835

Mary C Yancy 2 daughter of Robert Yancy was born June the 23 A.D. 1840

Margaret M Yancy 3 daughter of Robert Yancy was born July the 7 A.D. 1843


Second Page (very faint)


Willie Elliott was born June 20 1876

Bud Elliott was born December 20 1878


(Note:  The Bible does not identify parents of the two listed above, but a member’s family tree on shows a William Guster Elliott, born June 20, 1877 to Robert H. Elliott and Sarah A. Vaughan, and the Bible features numerous Vaughans)


Third Page (appears to have been written by a child)


Simeon Lee Yancy was born September 11 of A.D. 1851)


Fourth Page


Luther T. Vaughan born Oct. 20, 1879*

Nora L. Vaughan born Sept. 30, 1887

Marie E. Vaughan born Oct. 14, 1908

Marjorie P. Vaughan born Oct. 8, 1913

Thomas L. Vaughan born Aug. 3, 1915

Harold Y. Vaughan born Apr. 28, 1917

Frances E. Vaughan born Aug. 9, 1919

Robert L. Vaughan born Apr. 2, 1923

? [illegible]

Sallie May Vaughan born Aug. 3, 1914 died May, 1916


(*Note: has a WWII draft registration card for Luther Thomas Vaughan which shows his wife as Nora Yancey Vaughan)


Page 669 (Last Page of Revelation, Beneath “Finis.”)


Thomas born in Aug – 3rd day – 1915

Harold born Apr 1917 – Frances born Aug 9 1919


[no surnames on these entries, but they are three of the Vaughan children listed on the Fourth Page above]


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Birth of Nannie’s children


Susie L. Mulchi was born May 4 (Sunday) A.D. 1902

Allen Mason Mulchi was born Monday  October 10 A.D. 1904

Earnest Louise Mulchi was born April 2nd 1907


Luther Children


Marie [illegible] was born Oct. 14, 1908

Marjorie P. Vaughan was born Oct. 8, 1913


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Birth of [illegible’s] children*


Hattie Vaughan was born October 24, A.D. 1902 at 12 o’clock Friday

Virginia Vaughan – her birth was Wednesday, March 28, 1906

Kathleen J. Vaughan was born May 29th 1908


(*  A 1920 census entry in Clarksville, Mecklenburg, VA shows the parents of these children as James H. Vaughan and Mattie Vaughan)


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Wash. [Washington?] L. Vaughan and Mary C. Yancy was [sic] married December 22 A.D. 1870


Mary C. Vaughan died December 21st 1913 in the 73 year of her age


Nannie Vaughan died [left blank]


Virginia [left blank]


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Wash. L. Vaughan – his birth was May 28 [could be 29] A.D. 1847


Mary C. Vaughan – her birth was June 23 A.D. 1840


Mary L. Loyd – her birth was February 16th A.D. 1864


Marie L. Vaughan – her birth was Monday day September 4th A.D. 1871


Sallie A. Vaughan – her birth was Sunday am May 4 A.D. 1873


Next Page [EXTREMELY difficult to read]


[Illegible] Vaughan – his birth was May 17 A.D. 1877


Luther Thomas Vaughan – his birth was Monday October 20 A.D. 1879


Willie Daniel was born September 24 1885


Last Page


Asa Vaughan Departed this Life April 2 A.D. 1871 in the 57 year of his age.  His funeral was preached on the [illegible] day by the Rev. R. J. DeV [illegible] from Matthew the 24 chapter 44 verse.


Sallie Vaughan wife of Asa Vaughan Departed this Life June 23 A.D. 1882 in the 67 year of her Age.  Her funeral was preached by the Rev. [illegible].  Sallie Vaughan was born March 4, 1812.