Wood / Yancey Family Bible





Family Record, Births - Left Column: Jas Allein Wood was born the 16th March 1827, Martha Thomas Wood was born th 4th July 1829, Juliet Morton Wood was born the 25th January 1832, Robert Wood was born the 27th April 1835, Mary Eliza Wood was born the 28th January 1837, Laura Fitzpatrick Wood was born the 14th December 1838, Sarah Ann Wood was born the 18th Jan 1841, Alexander Young Wood was born the 16th January 1845, Gillam Wood was born the 24th of May 1847. Right Column: Laura Wood was born Jan 6th 1852, Maggie Wood was born 11th of January 1854, Robert Wood was born the 8th of July 1856, William Smith Wood was born [blank], James Allein Wood was born [blank], Ruth Juanita Wood February 8, 1914 at home Sunday, daughter of Jeff Wood and Mamie Wilson Clark, other entries following (starting in the 1970's) not transcribed here.




First Column: Jas Wood and Laura Fitzpatrick were married on the 22nd February 1826 Joseph Nicholls and Martha T. Wood were married the 22nd of February 1849 James A. Wood and Margaret A. Smith were married the 27th of February 1851 Benjamin F. Allein and Juliet M. Wood were married the 29th of January 1856 William C. Nicholls and Mary E. Wood were married the 3rd of April 1862. H. H. holmes and Sarah A. Wood were married the 20th of December 1867 Gillam Wood and Honor E. Goodrich were married the 18th of Nov 1875 Alexander Y. Wood and Orlie J. Weast were married April the 6th 1876 Second Column: F. B. Coleman and Laura Wood were married April 8th 1869 Martha Gayden Yancey and James William Carr, 18 May 1968 Stephen Richard Yancey III and Jacquettta Lynn Strain were married May 21, 1983 Laura Irene Yancey and Robert David Buford were married Nov 26, 1983 Eva McCardle Wood married John Lea Wilson on Aug 31, 1902 S. Richard Yancey and Laura Morton Wood were married Feb 6th 1907 James Gillam Wood and Frances Quayle were married June 13, 1911 Jeff Weast Wood and Mamie Wilson Clark were married April 30 1913 John Richard Yancey and Hattie Luceil Chambers were married June 1, 1936 at St. Martinville, Louisiana Clarence Langston yancey and Irene Elizabeth Gayden were married march 13, 1937 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana Charlie Ford Yancey and Maxine Elliott were married November 19, 1943 at Houston, Texas Eloise Yancey and Raphiel Teagle were married at Sicily Island, Louisiana -?



Births 2

Left column with notation in left margin "Children of BF and JM Allein": Mary Weems Allein was born the 19th of November 1856. Robert Wood Allein was born the 14th Feb 1859. Laura Green Allein was born the 26th June 1862. Corinne Franklin Allein was born the 10th of May 1866. Sallie Morton Allein was born Oct 17th 1868. Ella Thomas Allein was born June 11th 1871. Juliet Coleman Allein was born June 4th 1873. The bottom half of left column refers to the Yanceys and is not transcribed here. Right column with notation in right margin "Children of Gillam and Honor E. Goodrich": Mary F. Wood was born Sept 22nd 1876, Martha Alice Wood was born Feb 14 1877, Honor Angell Wood was born March 23 1879, Laura Morton Wood was born Aug 15th at 5 PM 1880, Charles Miller Wood was born Feb 22nd at 8:00 AM 1882. Middle section of column are later entries in tiny writing referring to Yanceys - not transcribed here. Notation in right margin at bottom: "Children of A.Y. and Orlie J. Weast": Coleman Weast Wood was born July 18 1877, James Gillam Wood was born April 17 1880, Eva McCardle Wood was born Feb 17 1883, Mabel Allein daughter of O.J. Weast and A.Y. Wood was born Nov 19 1887, Alice Young daughter of O.J. Weast and A.Y. Wood was born Feby 12th 1889, Jefferson Weast son of O.J. Weast and A.Y. Wood was born Jan 19 1892, Alexander Young son of O.J. Weast and A.Y. Wood was born Feb 15 1893, Robert Fitzpatrick son of O.J. Weast and A.Y. Wood was born Nov 6, 1895.





Robert Wood Departed this life August 20th 1855 Jas Wood Departed this life July 18th / 64 Laura Wood departed this life October 9th / 64 Sarah A Holmes departed this life Oct 27th 1867 Martha T Nicolls departed this life Feb 5th 1878 Gillam Wood departed this life at half past 3:00 February 2 1883 A happy death Laura Fitzpatrick Coleman died May 24th 1902 Alexander Young Wood died 27th Jan 1909 Juliet Morton Allein died Honor Eliz Goodrich Wood died Nov 14 1920 Mary E Nicolls died July 12, 1917 Stephen Richard Yancey - Husband of Laura Morton Wood Yancey - Feb 12, 1930 Dr. Martha Alice Wood died Mar. 30 47 Mary Gilliam Wood died May 25 1948 Coleman W Wood passed away Feb 27 1956 Bob Wood died October 1954 Mabel Allein Wood died 8th of March 1889 Alice Young Wood died April 27th 1889 C.M. Wood - Died Jan 21 1957 Honor Angell Wood Died March 17, 1963. Houston Texas Charles Fredrick Yancey Died 27 January 1970. Houston Texas Laura Morton Wood Yancey died 5 april 1971. Derham Springs, Louisiana, age 90 John Richard Yancey died August 17, 1981 Houston Clarence Langston Yancey died September 5th 1982, Shreveport.