The following is a copy of the records in the Bible of Joseph R. Whitice and John A. Graves Bible, both of Caswell County, North Carolina, the Bible now being in possession of Mr. Giles Mebane of Yanceyville, N. C. in l951.

Family Record.


Joseph R. Whitice and Catharine M. Dodson were married July 17th, 1844 by Rev. J. J. James.
Deberniere Y. Mebane and Mollie J. Graves were married June 23rd, 1870 by Rev. S. G. Mason.
John L. Satterfield and Anne Elizabeth Mebane were married Dec. 20th, 1894.
John A. Graves and Catharine M. Whitice were married May 31st, l848 by Rev. S. Wait.


Joseph J. Whitice was born December the 5th, 1845.
Molly John Graves was born March the 11th, 1849.
William Matthew Graves was born December the 24th, 1850.
Anne Elizabeth Mebane was born March 20th, 1871.
John A. Graves Mebane was born Feb. 5th, 1873.
Mary Catherine Mebane was born Oct. 12th, 1875.
Virginia George Swepson Mebane was born Jan. 12, l878.
Giles Mebane was born July 8th, 1880.
Deberniere Yancey Mebane December 29th, 1882.
Pink Graves Mebane born Mar. 6th, 1886.


Joseph R. Whitice died 26th of December 1845.
Joseph J. Whitice died the 31st of August, 1851.
Col. John A. Graves, a prisoner of war, died at Johnston's Island, Ohio, Mar. 20th, 1864.
William M. Graves died June 18th, l882.
Catherine M. Graves died July 17th, l882.
Capt W. P. Graves died July 15th, l892.
Mollie Graves Mebane died Sep. 13, 1925.
John A. Graves Mebane died April 13, 1928.
Bessie Norman Mebane, wife of John A. Mebane, died May 28, l928.
D. Y. Mebane, Jr. died May 1st, 1933.

Cooperstown, N. Y.
Published and sold by H. & E. Phinney
Sold also by I. Tiffany, Utica, l843.
Recorded herein in the year l951.
J. Burch Blaylock/Signature