Bernise Arthur Yancey,  M.D.   (1904-1930)
Early African American Medical Graduate

[born in 1904 in the Atlanta Georgia area where his father worked as a carpenter and a postal letter carrier. ]

From the book : "Black Medical Graduates of the University of Michigan 1872-1960"
Bernise Yancey was a brilliant student who built radio sets as an adolescent. 
The Yancey's neighbors came to their home to listen to their radio.  He also played the piano well. 

He received a a B. A. at Atlantic University of Atlanta, Georgia and a MD (1930) at the University of Michigan.
 (he had applied to the U of Michigan because of its reputation for being racially liberal).
 He was an intern and resident at the City Hospital  No 2 in St Louis, Missouri with William Love. 
Dr Bernise Yancey was electrocuted to death by a faulty wire on an x ray machine during his residency at City Hospital.  
His classmate Dr Love was the first person at the death scene. The blacks of St Louis were so enraged by this untimely
 and needless death that they demanded improvements in the hospital.
 Their demands resulted in the birth of Homer Phillips Hospital in St Louis, Mo.

Bernise was the son of Arthur Henry (A. H.) Yancey and  Daisy Lois (Sherard) Yancey of the Atlanta, Georgia area
His father was the author of an autobiographical work entitled:   "Interpositionulification: What the Negro May Expect"