Baynes/Yancey Family Notes

Mary Yancey, daughter of James Yancey of Granville Co., NC, married John Baynes Sr.
Early Yanceys of America . . . . . . Descendants of James Yancey

Descendants of John & Mary Yancey Bayne (By Dennis Yancey)

A list of Baynes Family researchers compiled by Dennis Yancey

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Notes by Dennis J Yancey - 

Much conflicting information has been published and proliferated concerning the descendants of James Yancey who were of the surname of Baynes.  James Yancey  mentions a grand-daughter Nancy Baynes in his will of 1777.  (Various publications, in error, record Nancy as a daughter of James instead of a grand-daughter).  The will of James Yancey does  not mention the parents of Nancy Baynes - nor does it indicate whether Nancy had any siblings.  The following deed record of Granville County, North Carolina, however indicates that her parents were James & Mary Yancey Baynes.  Information that follows includes information about various siblings of Nancy Baynes and information about Baynes family descendants. 

Deed Book C Page 200, Granville County, North Carolina
Between John Baynes of the parish of St John, Granville County and James Yancey of parish and county aforesaid. 
"On the 25th of February 1757, I the said James Yancey fro divers and good causes and good considerations in moving thereunto but the more especially for the good fatherly love that I bear to Mary Baynes, the lawful wife of the above-said John Baynes, I do freely give one certain tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and four acres bounded as folllows . . . "

It should be noted that various researchers, in error, record the parents of Nancy Baynes - as one Graves Eaves and wife Martha or Nancy Yancey.  There is no evidence to support this.  Although Graves Eaves did have a son named Bartlett Yancey Eaves - it seems evident that he (Bartlett Yancey Eaves) was not a descendant of James Yancey, either through a Yancey/Baynes marriage  or any other child of James (such as his son Bartlett Yancey Sr.).  I have yet to see any hard evidence indicating that the wife of Graves Eaves was indeed a Yancey.  (Other researchers of Graves Eaves - record his wife as a daughter of Robert & Temperance Dumas Yancey - again - no evidence to prove this - and it seems to be another error).  


Notes below mainly from Steven Wall


John Baynes Jr.


I THINK there was a son, John Baynes Jun., who was the older brother of Thornton and Philip Baynes. I believe that he married Susannah Watkins, daughter of Thomas Watkins of Mecklenburg Co VA. I also think that this John Baynes is the Revolutionary soldier mentioned below in Pension Record No R644.

NOTES ON JOHN BAYNES (I think JUNIOR), Revolutionary War Soldier and (in my best judgment)the (probable) son of John Baynes and Mary Yancey, and (in my best judgment) his wife, Susannah Watkins


Tennessee Heroes of the Revolution, Armstrong, F435.A74
(I found this in Library of Congress Local History & Genealogy Room)

"JOHN BANES John Banes enlisted in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in 1779. He served five terms of three months each and one term of six months under Captain Peter Bennett, Captain George Ferrington, Colonel William Moore, Colonel Ambrose Yancey, Colonel Joseph Taylor and Major Joel Lewis. He was in the battle of Camden. After the Revolution he moved to Sumner County, Tenn., and then to Perry County, Ill., where he died September 2, 1840. He drew a pension."


Revolutionary War Pension Records, National Archives-(extracted from microfim 11 Mar 1986) No. R 644- John Banes, Bane, Baynes (Susannah)

John Baynes married Susannah _________ about 1782- He died 2 Sep 1840, she died 23 Apr 1842. There were only 2 children.

Elsworth Bayns was born 27 Sep 1783, and died about 1814.

Sary Baynes was born 7 Feb 1786, and married Isacc Carmack,

(Dates from old prayer book, in her father's handwriting) A letter from County clerk says NO record of marriages prior to 1785 in Mecklenburg Cty. VA)- B. I. White, D.C. Boydton, VA 6 Aug 1844: "by the laws of this state they were married by the publication of bound previous to the year 1785 and recorded I suppose in the parish register. I will see the Minister that has charge of the Church and should there be any record of the marriage you allude to I will get a copy from the minister and forward it to you."

--John Baynes was age 72 at application in 1832. This would mean that he was born c. 1760. He received $70.00 annum pension in his lifetime.

John Baynes stated on 3 Jan 1840 that he moved from Tenness to Illinois because his only living child resides in Perry County Illinois, and through the solicitations of herself and husband,and a desire to spend the short remainder of his life in her company. (Baynes stated) "that he resided in Mecklenburg VA very near the North Carolina line that about the time he became liable to do duty which was early in 1780 or late in 1779 that he hired as a substitute in the place of William Parnum (sp?) of Granville Cty., N.C. who had been drafted for the term of 3 months, that he served out this term under Capt. Peter Bennett, & was engaged principally in fishing for the army in Roanoke River VA.

Immediately after this term of service expired, applicant substituted in the place of Joseph Stovall for the term of 3 months, who had been drafted from Granville Cty N.C., and was attached to Capt. Bennett's co. (...marched to Camden, S.C., attached to 4th Regiment of N. Carolina line, engaged in battle, was regularly discharged by Capt. Bennett in Granville Cty.)

"So soon as applicant substituted for 3 months in the place of Lanier Nott (?) who had been drafted in Granville,...for 3 months in place of A. B. Mayfield, who had been drafted in Granville, ...for 3 months in place of Hugh Snedlow(?), then to Hillsborough (State Troops) in place of John Spencer of Bertie County.."


I offer for evidence:

Box C. R. 044.508.198- Yancey, James - 1779 [NOTE:James Yancey had stated in his will that "All negroes I have now in my possession to be sold to highest bidder of my children. (No other person to be bidder)."- Granville Co NC Will Bk 1 pg 252] At James Yancey's estate sale --

John Bains bought: 1 negro girl named Jude* 1500:00:00
[unreadable] 7 -- --
1 pare of fire tongs 9 -- --
1 buter pott 3 -- --
1 cow & yearling 61 -- --
1 ditto 53 -- --
1 stack of blades 12 -- --
1 half shear Cotter 17:12:--
1 pare of shears 2:09:06
1 pare of speckticales 10:00:00
1 Guilt Trunk 17:-6 --
1 Raw Hide 10:00:00
1 upright of a plow 1:10:00
2 Tubs 1
1 pare of Candis [candles?]
John Bains Jun. bought: 1 snuff bottle for 1-7--
* In a deed listed below, in 1810, John Baynes, back in Caswell

County, sold a 37-yr-old Negro woman named Jude to Benjamin Jones.



List of Jesse Sanders
(John Baynes' brother-in-law, husband of Ann(is) Yancey)

John Baynes 11 w, 1 b
Mary Yancey 2 w, 9 b
Thomas Yancey 8 w, 6 b
Robert Yancey 15 w, 3 b
Zachariah Yancey 3 w, -
Richard Yancey 5 w, 2 b


26 Mar 1802 Deed - "Know all Men by these presents that I John Baynes of Mecklenburg County and Commonwealth of Virginia for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have + bear to my son Thornton Baynes of Caswell County and State of North Carolina and also for other good causes and considerations me thereunto moveing have given and granted and by these Presents do give grant and confirm unto the said Thornton Baynes a certain Negro Girl by name Peggy her + bodily increase forever to him his heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns to his + their own Proper use and uses forever and I the said John Baynes do and will warrant and forever defend the Right and title of the said Negroe Slave against the Claim or Claims of any other Person or persons claiming or to claim whatsoever. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 26th day of March one thousand Eight hundred and two. [John Baynes Sen (LS)]

Signed, Sealed + Delivered In Presence of ...James Greenwood, Robert Chandler, William White -Mecklenburg Co VA Deed Bk 11, pg 258.


At my third visit to Boydton VA courthouse. I was looking at later deed books to find out when John Baynes left Mecklenburg Co.


--9 November 1809 - Mecklenburg Co VA Deed Book 14, P 167

- Between John Baynes Sen (and Mary Baynes his wife) and Edward Clark for $200, 100 acres... Wit: Sterling Yancey, Edward Lewis, John Walton, Philip Baynes, Thornton Yancey Sen., James Birchett, William Hunt. Proved 13 Nov 1809 Then I went back in the other direction and found an entry that brought up a new son-in-law Joshua Westbrook (no mention of daughter). And look who witnessed the deed. John Baynes Jun. AND Elsworth Baynes. (The name of the son of the Revolutionary soldier John Baynes in above file...)


13 October 1803 - Mecklenburg Co VA - Deed Book 11, p. 494 - This indenture made this 13th day of October 1803 Between John Baynes Sen. of Mecklenburg County in Virginia of the one part and Joshua Westbrook of the County & State aforsaid of the other part Witnesseth that for in consideration of the fatherly love & affection which I bear to my son in law Joshua Westbrook I have given and do by these Presents give to the said Westbrook one Negroe Girl named Gill and her Increase to him and his heirs forever and will forever Warrant and Defend the rite of the said Negro and her Increase to the said Joshua Westbrook and his heirs against the Claim or Claims of any Person or Persons whatsoever Given under my hand and seal the day & date above mentioned. [signed] John Baynes (LS)

Signed & Sealed In Presence of
... John Baynes Jun., Elsworth Baynes.

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the 12th day of December 1803
- This Deed poll of Gift was proved by the Oath of Elsworth Baynes a witness thereto and at a Court held for the same County the 9th day of January 1804 the said Deed Poll of Gift was further proved by the Oath of John Baynes Jun. another witness thereto and ordered to be Recorded. Test: William Baskerville


19 Jul 1797 Bill of sale- "For consideration of one bay horse of value 14 pounds Virginia I John Baynes to Phillip Baynes of said county...1 negro boy 3 years old Named Squire...1 feather bed & furniture...19th July 1797" [signed] John Baynes (LS)

WITNESSES: William White, Jeconias Yancey, Thornton Yancey Jr., Benjamin Jones, Benjamin Jones (his mark+), Haburn Miles. "This Bill of Sale was proved by the oaths of Thornton Yancey Sr. and Haburn Miles." -- Mecklenburg Co. VA Deed Bk. 9, pg. 426-427 8 Jan 1798 Mecklenburg Co VA -Marriage papers

.....Philip BAYNES* + Mary WHITE

*NOTE: Have seen listed in LDS microfiche as BARNES. I saw the microfilm of loose marriage papers in VA Stae Library, and to my eyes it was clearly BAINES


The will of Thomas Watkins was found in Mecklenburg Cty. VA

Will Book 6, pg. 150.
This is my abstract made from microfilm in Richmond...
[I believe this to be the father-in-law of John Baynes (Jr.) the Revolutionary Soldier]

9 Nov 1805 Will of Thomas Watkins mentions:

- Elener, wid. of (son) Thomas, and her children Thomas, William and George
- (son) George
- Elizabeth Watkins
- (son) Joseph
- Mary Yancey
- Nancy Hayes (wife of Strake Hayes)
- Jany Knight
- Susanna Baynes
- Sally Hunt

Friends Col. James Hunt & John Gregory, exec.
Wit: John P. Finch
William Clarke
John Culbreath
William Culbreath


21 May 1808 Deed-
John Baynes to son Philip Baynes of Mecklenburg Co. 21 May 1808 "30 1/2 acres whereon he now lives." [beginning corner tightwood knot on Baker and Holloway line,N on Holloway line to corner line in William Puryear line (etc.)...] WIT: Willis Hunley, Randolph Westbrook, Thornton Yancey sen., Jno. Speed, Thornton Puryear, William Mealer, Richard Jones.

-- Mecklenburg Co. VA Deed Bk. 13, pg 559 (Index has this dated 12 Sep 1808) 12 Sep 1808 Deed - [ John Baynes, for sum of 24 pounds Virginia money by Thornton Baynes of Caswell County, deeds negro named Michard.] witness=Habun Miles, Overton Miles.

--Mecklenburg Co. VA Deed Bk 13, pg 545 6 June 1809 - Caswell Co NC - Thomas Wiles married Dolly Bohannon, Bondsman, Eaton Banes 11 Sep 1809 Deeds of Gift: In consideration of the natural love and affection for my Grand daughters...(For the sum of 1 dollar) [I John Baynes do deed] Frances - 4 heads of hogs and one red cow, Ann - 1 red heifer + 1 feather bed + furniture, Elizabeth - 1 bay filly 3 years old [signed] John Baynes (LS) [WITNESS] Sterling Yancey, Thornton Puryear -- Mecklenburg Co. VA

Deed Bk 14, pg 176
**NOTE: I'm not sure who these girls are, unless all Philip's daughters...

**LATER NOTE: Now I'm not sure WHOSE kids they were. Possibly even Joshua Westbrook's ...He did have a daughter named Frances...


21 March 1810 - Caswell Co NC Deed Book Q, P 93 - John Baynes of Caswell County to Benjamin Jones of Mecklenburg Co VA, for $300, negro woman Jude* about 37 yrs old. Wit: George M. Willson, Wila Jones.

[* I think this is the 7-year-old Negro girl John Baynes bought at James Yancey's estate sale in late 1779.]


20 April 1810 - Caswell Co NC - Garnett Smith m. Betsey Sawyers.

Bondsman, Phillip Baynes


26 Jul 1810 - Caswell Co NC - Eaton Baynes Md. Elizabeth Shackleford, daughter of Nancy Shacford. Bondsman, Philip Baynes


4 September 1810 - Caswell Co NC Deed Book Q, P 223 - John Baynes of Caswell Co to Francis Westbrook, to repay debt (or a gift), negro boy Ned. Wit: Paskell Westbrook, Anthony Stephens.

28 Dec 1810 - Caswell Co NC - James Bains married Ebby Willis.

8 June 1812 - Caswell Co NC - Polly Baynes (daughter of Nancy

Bohannon) married William Davis. Witness, Luke Wild.

7 September 1812 - Caswell Co NC Deed Book Q, P 539-40 - Micajah Pleasant of Caswell Co to Thornton Baynes of same, for $430.69, 126 acres on Stoney Crk adj. Joseph Currie. W: Thomas Slade Jr, Wm Currie.

22 November 1814 - Caswell Co NC - Luke Wiles married Lucy Reynolds. Bondsman, William Shackelford.

4 July 1817 - Caswell Co NC - John F. Dodson married Isabella Baynes. Daniel S. Farley, D. G. Brandon.


3 June 1818 - Pittsylvania Co VA - P 491-492:

LWT of James Parrish being sick of body but of perfect mind and of memory. I lend to my beloved wife Mary Parrish during her natural life: negros Jere, Betty and Scot, and 100 acres of land where I Now live, two feather beds, furniture, two horses and livestock. To my friend Joab Sikes $150 that I lent him, negros Orange, Rachel and Caroline, and a bed. To my friend Eaton Baynes negros: Caleb, Tom and Lucy; the land where I now live to him after the death of my wife. To Polley* Davis, wife of William Davis, negros: Hannah and Stephen and two horses during her natural life then to her heirs, should she die without issue, then to the heirs of my friend Eaton Baynes. After the death of my wife, the personal property lent her to be equally divided between Joab Sikes, Eaton Baynes and Polley Davis. Appoint Eaton Baynes and Devaurex Hightower executors. James Parrish Wit: Baxter Irby, Thomas Bennett, Julius Terrell. William H. Shelton, Joshua Dodson, Rawley White, Thomas Shelton and Thomas Chaney security. Pr: 15 June 1818

*Is this the Polly Baynes (daughter of Nancy Bohannon) who married William Davis in Caswell Co NC in 1812?


13 June 1818 - Pittsylvania Co VA - P 492-493:

LWT William Davis, Jr. of sound mind and memory. To my beloved wife Mary Davis a negro Celah during her natural life. At the death of my wife, the negro to be sold and one half the money divided between my sisters and brothers. the other half my wife may dispose of as she thinks fit. To my beloved wife all my personal estate. William (X) Davis Wit: Timothy Stamps, William (X) Davis, Elizabeth Bohannan. Joseph Flippen and Thomas Chaney security for Timothy Stamps. Pr: 2 August 1818 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

26 Dec 1818 - Caswell Co NC - Julius B. Terrell Married Mary Davis (widow). Bondsman, Eaton Baynes


27 April 1819 - Caswell Co NC - Thomas Wiles married Fann(e)y Banes. Bondsman, Jeptha Parker.


1830 - Pittsylvania Co VA - James Baynes Md Martha Fitzgerald; Bond Eaton Baynes

1831 - Pittsylvania Co VA - Armstead Bayne md. Lucy A. Arnett


20 December 1836 - Pittsylvania Co Va- Joseph Barker & Elizabeth Baynes, daughter of Eaton Baynes who consents. Sur. Thornton Baynes.

Married by William Blair. p 111 17 September 1838 - Caswell Co NC Deed Book EE, P 229-30 - Samuel Greer to Thornton Baynes, both of Caswell Co, for $1200, 264 acres both sides Storm Crk, adj Compton, to the ridge path, Pleasant. Wit: William Murphey, D. R. Murray.

1839 - Pittsylvania Co VA - Eaton Bayne md. Rachel Woodson

1839 - Pittsylvania Co VA - James Baynes md. Sarah C. Terry

28 June 1839 - Caswell Co NC Deed Book EE, P 242 - Lewis Foster (in debt to James Kerr for $39.72) to John Baynes, for $1, mare, cow & calf; his undivided part of crops made with his brother William Foster. Wit: Alvis Lea. [I think this John Baynes may be Thornton's son.]

1840 - Pittsylvania Co VA - Britton Banes md Cynthia Breedlove

CENSUS 1840 - Pittsylvania Co VA:

Baines, Armsted p144 Southern
1 M 20-30; 1 F -5; 1 F 20-30
[married Lucy A. Arnett 1831]

Baines, Eaton p151 Southern
M 1 10-15; 1 15-20; 4 20-30; 1 50-60
F 1 5-10; 1 10-15; 1 15-20; 2 20-30; 1 40-50
S - M 1 10-24; 2 24-36; f 1 10-24; 3 24-36

Baines, James p152 Southern 1 M 20-30; 1 F 15-20

Baines, Mary p144 Southern 3 F 20-30; 1 F 50-60
(Next door neighbor- Branch Waddle - from Eaton Baynes estate sale)

Barker, Joseph p147 Southern 1 M 30-40; 1 F -5; 1 F 20-30; 1 F 50-60

Bohannon, Ludwell p144 Southern 1 M 20-30; 1 M 50-60; F: 1 -5; 1 5-10; 1 10-15; 1 15-20; 1 40-50

Dodson, (several) p147 Southern

Plunkett, Wm H. p154 Southern M 1 10-15; 1 20-30; 1 40-50; F 1 10-15; 1 40-50 (preacher)

Woodson, Jessee p151 Southern 1 M 50-60; 1 F 60-70

Woodson, Nancy p151 Southern 1 M 20-30; 2 F 20-30; 1 F 50-60


29 April 1841 - Pittsylvania Co Va- William D. Terry & Mary Baynes. Married by Wm. H. Plunkett. p 126

1843 - Pittsylvania Co VA - Rhoda Banes md Scarlett M. Adkerson; bond Eaton Banes


6th & 8th Nov 1844- Estate Sale -property of Eaton Baynes, dec'd- made by Jno. Jones, admin.- Purchasers- Adams, Saml
Adams, Wm
Anderson, William
Atkinson, Scarlet
Atkinson, Uriah
Barker, Joe [Joseph?, son-in-law?]
Barker, Tolbert
Barksdale, Brice
Baynes, Eaton Jr. [son] - [possibly the Civil War soldier who entered Guilford Co NC...)]
Baynes, Howel [? see estate papers - 7 December 1848]
Baynes, James [?- see 16 December 1850] son?
Baynes, Rachel [?- see 16 December 1850] widow? second wife?
Baynes, Thornton [? most likely, son]
Bennett, Jno
Billow, Edwin
Bohannon, Miniard
Cardwell, William Jun
Coleman, Doct George W.
Cook, Wm
Daly, David
Davis, Jno
Farmer, Dr. Stephen J.
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzgerald, William & Samuel
Grinston, George W.
Harper, Littleberry
Henderson, David W.
Hoge, Doct Thos.
Johnson, Jas
Jones, Jno
Kimble, Lowel (?)
King, Stokely
Lindsey, James
Norman, William
Pennon(?), James M.
Plunkett, Willis
Power, Jno W
Smith, Spencer
Stamps, Benjamin
Stamps, Timothy
Terry, Champ
Terry, Charles S.
Terry, William D. [husband of Mary Baynes]
Terry, Wm B(?)
Waddill, Branch
Wade, Henry
Wells, Jno
Woodson, Jesse


1846 - Pittsylvania Co VA - Thornton Baines md Nancey E. Chaney

1847 - Pittsylvania Co VA - Matilda Baynes md John Vernon


1848 - Pittsylvania Co VA -

Henry Baynes Gdn. Act. Henry Baynes infant heir of Eaton Baynes Dec'd


27 November 1850- Pittsylvanis Co C0 Va Census - Southern District


859 Manyard Bohannon 38

Nancy Bohannon 37

863 Joseph Barker 40 Farmer
Elizabeth Barker 31
Tabitha Barker 12
Edward Barker 10
Mary Barker 8
Eaton Bains Barker 8 (listed as F?)

864 Eaton Bains 26 Farmer [alone]

871 Edmund Bains 25 Farmer
Mary Bains 27
John Bains 8
Doctor Bains 5
Dennis Bains

16 December 1850 - Pittsylvania Co Va- Nathan W. Walker & Eliza Baynes. Sur. James Baynes. Rachel Baynes, G-mother consents. Married by Wm. H. Plunkett. p 148 [This would indicate that the marriage of Eaton Bayne and Rachel Woodson in 1839 was the second marriage of Eaton Baynes Senior, who had been previously married to Shackleford]

NOTE: Wm. Plunkett , preacher at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Halifax Co.

1851 - Pittsylvania Co VA - Eaton Baynes (Junior?) md Nancy Fitzgerald

8 October 1856 - Caswell Co NC - J. M. Bohannon married Elizabeth Bains. Bondsman, Mainyard Bohannon.

1860 - Pittsylvania Co VA - John Baynes md Mildred Mayhew



Thornton is listed w/John on 1782? or 1790? list also separate listing for Philip Baynes, who is mentioned in deed signed by John Baynes Sen. I will hereafter refer to him as John Baynes Sen. for clarity.

Philip is mentioned in Caswell Co. , then apparently was in Pittsylvania Co. VA by 1820, then I'm not sure... I recently found a website w/family info on Eaton Baynes and Nancy Shack(le)ford which I find interesting. Their daughter Elizabeth (Betty) Baynes married Joseph (Josiah) Barker.

One of their children was Jim Barker who married Susan Farley and had among others a son named Thornton Baynes Barker (30 Jan 1838-26 Jun 1935) who married Emma Gee Powers and had among others a son named John Baynes Barker (6 Apr 1912-27 Oct 1991). One of the famillies in this tree is Terrell, another name I've noticed in the areas near my Baynes folks. There has to be some connection.


Dennis- This is the info I have on John Baynes, Revolutionary soldier, whom I believe to be the John Baynes Jr. referred to in my "Baynes Kids" file. The info on Sarah Baynes and Isaac Carmack's children came from Millie Burgett, a fellow researcher and descendant of the Rev soldier. I have contacted a woman in Illinois who found no estate records for either John or Susannah.

Progeny Chart: John (Jr.) BAYNES


--------------------------------- I ---------------------------------

1 John (Jr.) BAYNES. Born: 1760?, Mecklenburg Co. VA. Died: 2 Sep 1840, Perry Co. IL.

Spouse: Susanna(h) WATKINS. Born: 1760?, est.. Died: 23 Apr 1842, Perry Co. IL. Married: 1780?.

2.a Elsworth (Ebsworth?) BAYNES. Born: 27 Sep 1783, according to prayer book. Died: 1814?.

+3.b Sarah BAYNES. Born: 7 Feb 1786, according to prayer book. Buried: 1860?, between 1860-70 Illinois.

-------------------------------- II ---------------------------------

3 Sarah BAYNES. Born: 7 Feb 1786, according to prayer book. Buried: 1860?, between 1860-70 Illinois. Spouse: Isaac CARMACK. Married: 11 Mar 1819, Davidson Co. TN.
4.a (possibly) Elizabeth CARMACK.
5.b Isiah CARMACK. Born: 1820, TN.
6.c Patsey CARMACK. Born: 1822, TN.
+7.d Samuel CARMACK. Born: 12 Dec 1823, TN.
8.e Telitha C. CARMACK. Born: 1826, TN.

-------------------------------- III --------------------------------

7 Samuel CARMACK. Born: 12 Dec 1823, TN. Spouse: Nancy KEENE. Married: 15 Jun 1846, Perry Co. IL.
9.a Thomas CARMACK. Died: 1868.


Descendant Chart: John (Jr.) BAYNES


1 2 3 4


John (Jr.) BAYNES
s:Susanna(h) WATKINS
Elsworth (Ebsworth?) BAYNES
s:Peggy WHITE
| (possibly) Elizabeth CARMACK
| s:Hardy HOLMAN
| Patsey CARMACK
| s:Aaron A. HOLEMAN
| Samuel CARMACK
| s:Nancy KEENE
| | Thomas CARMACK
| Telitha C. CARMACK
| s:Amos SMITH

Info concerning Nancy Baynes

Here's what I have on the Nancy Baynes-Henry Bohannon Jr. marriage (his second) I believe this is John & Mary Yancey Baynes' daughter, but have only the reference in James Yancey's will to "granddaughter Nancy Baynes.

Progeny Chart: Nancy BAYNES


--------------------------------- I ---------------------------------

1 Nancy BAYNES. Spouse: Henry Jr. BOHANNON. Born: 1735. Died: 1807, Pittsylvania Co VA.

2.a Rebecca BOHANNON.
3.b Dorothy "Dolly" BOHANNON.
4.c Eancy Booten BOHANNON. Died: 1846?, Caldwell Co KY.
5.d Henrietta "Ritta" BOHANNON.
6.e Thomas BOHANNON.
7.f Margaret "Peggy" BOHANNON.
8.g Ludwell BOHANNON. Born: 1797. Died: 25 Mar 1845, Warren Co KY.
9.h Yancey BOHANNON. Born: ~1805. Died: 1862.


Descendant Chart: Nancy BAYNES


1 2



Dorothy "Dolly" BOHANNON
s:Thomas WILES
Eancy Booten BOHANNON
Henrietta "Ritta" BOHANNON
s:Stephen BARKER
Margaret "Peggy" BOHANNON
s:Thornton WALTERS
s:Elizabeth PRATLEY
s:Martha COX


Mary Baynes who married Benjamin Jones

Dennis, this is what I have on Mary Baynes and Benjamin Jones (Sr.) It came from Dick Thompson <>, a grandson of Logan Thompson

--------------------------------- I ---------------------------------

1 Mary BAYNES.
Spouse: Benjamin (Sr.) JONES.
+2.a Benjamin (Jr.) JONES. Born: ~1780, VA/NC. Died: Nov 1832, Putnam Co IN.

-------------------------------- II ---------------------------------

2 Benjamin (Jr.) JONES. Born: ~1780, VA/NC. Died: Nov 1832, Putnam Co IN.
Spouse: Malina (Lina) PACE/PIERCE. Born: 1784, Meck Co VA. Died: 12Sep 1833?,(e-mail says married in 1805 & died 1803?). Married: 10 Jun 1805, VA.

+3.a Julia Ann JONES. Born: 7 Nov 1832, Putnam Co IN. Died: 6 Nov 1898, Nodaway Co MO.

-------------------------------- III --------------------------------

3 Julia Ann JONES. Born: 7 Nov 1832, Putnam Co IN. Died: 6 Nov 1898, Nodaway Co MO.
Spouse: Squire THOMPSON. Married: 1 Dec 1849, Putnam Co IN.
4.a Logan THOMPSON.

Unknown Miss Baynes who married Joshua Westbrook

This info is from Norm Morrison(? I've got it filed somewhere.) His first wife was descendant of Joshua Westbrook, but he had no first OR last name for Joshua's wife. (See reference in my Baynes Kids file.)

Progeny Chart: Unknown Female BAYNES


--------------------------------- I ---------------------------------

1 Unknown Female BAYNES.
Spouse: Joshua WESTBROOK. Born: ~1770, VA. Died: ~1863, Olive Hill Person Co NC. Married: <1798, VA.
2.a Margaret "Peggy" WESTBROOK. Born: ~1798, VA. Died: >1883, Olive Hill, Person NC.
3.b Jane WESTBROOK. Born: ~1800, VA. Died: <1883.
4.c Unknown WESTBROOK. Born: ~1802.
5.d Frances WESTBROOK. Born: ~1804.
+6.e Thornton WESTBROOK. Born: 1804?, VA?. Died: 1862?, 1872? Williamson Co TN.

-------------------------------- II ---------------------------------

6 Thornton WESTBROOK. Born: 1804?, VA?. Died: 1862?, 1872? Williamson Co TN.
Spouse: Elizabeth MAYBERRY/MABREY. Married: 6 Sep 1828, Rockingham Co TN.
7.a Nancy Ann (Nannie) WESTBROOK. Born: <1850.
8.b Philip (Bud) WESTBROOK. Born: <1850.
9.c Martha WESTBROOK. Born: <1850.
10.d Margaret WESTBROOK. Born: <1850.
11.e Sarah (Sally) Ann Brown WESTBROOK. Born: <1850.
12.f Susan WESTBROOK. Born: <1850.


Descendant Chart: Unknown Female BAYNES


1 2 3


Unknown Female BAYNES
Margaret "Peggy" WESTBROOK
s:Simeon LEA
s:William A. LEA
s:Unknown WEBSTER
| Nancy Ann (Nannie) WESTBROOK
| Philip (Bud) WESTBROOK
| Margaret WESTBROOK
| Sarah (Sally) Ann Brown WESTBROOK
| s:Thomas DENTON


Documents from Andy Watkins

Baynes- Mecklenburg VA Personal Property Tax List 1782-1805

John Baynes Documents

Pension Record of John Baynes

Watkins / Baynes Family info.

Yancey Tax Records

Documents from Tom Goggin

John Baynes report

William Westbrook info