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1969 to 1770-
p 138 of "Hicks History of Granville Co., N. C. Marriage Bonds" by Eliz. Hicks Hummell

About 1769-1770 (Mitchell, Elizabeth) Yancey, Thorton Landis, A..

15 OCT 1770-
p 14 of "Kinfolks of Granville County, N. C." by Gwynn:

Deedbook I, p. 139. Thorton Yancey and wife, Elizabeth, deed to John Chandler, Oct 15, 1770...

30 DEC 1777-
Granville Co. Wills and Estate Records, Book 1, p. 252, 253:

Proved Nov. Court 1779-Will of James Yancey-to his son Bartlet Yancey, land on Lawsons fork, a branch of Paccolate River in South Carolina, 300 Acres; to son Phillip Yancey, 200 acres I now live on, beginning at the country (county?) line; to my son-in-law Jesse Landers, 40 Pds. money; the remaining part of land whereon I live to my son, Thomas Yancey, to be cleared with Robert Jones as made by me in 1763, also a bed and furniture; to my daughter Jenny Landers, the horse I bought of Edward Landers' estate; to my daughter Nancey Baynes, 10 Pds. money; to son Thornton Yancey, a negro slave called Cate, provided he pay my estate 20 Pds. money; my negroes sold to my children; the remainder of my estate sold to pay my debts and that remaining to go to my children. Extrs: my sons Phillip Yancey and Lewis Yancey. Wit: Haden Pryor, James Greenwood, William Cox.

7 AUG 1781-
Abstracts of will and Estates-Granville Co.:

p. 77; Thorton Yancey appointed sheriff of Granville Co. with John Penn, John Henderson as bondsmen.

"State Census of N. C., 1784-1787" by Mrs. A. K. Register, p. 55:

Thornton Yancey listed in County Line District in the Year 1786 with 1 WM 21-60, 8 WM under 21 & above 60, 1 WF all ages, 3 Blacks 12-50, 3 Blacks under 12 & above 50.

15 APR 1788
Granville Co. Wills and Estate Records, Book 2, p. 290, 291.

Thorton Yancey and John Young Exrs. of estate of Robert Hicks, Sr. Elizabeth Yancey and Wiley Yancey are Wits. Abagail Yancey dau. of Robert Hicks, Sr. mentioned as receiving items.

30 NOV 1779
Granville Co. Will and Estate Records, book 1, page 262:

Acc. of sales of estate of James Yancey, deceased--to Jesse Landers, Thomas and Thorton Yancey, James Greenwood, James Moore, Phillip and Bartlet Yancey, Lewis and James Yancey, John Baynes, Caleb Johnson, Elijah Graves, Richard Jones, Field Moore, William Gill, Millington Easley, Charles Yancey, James Yancey, Jr., John Vaughn, Thomas Yancey, Jesse Landers, Robert Yancey--10 children divide crops-Feb. Court 1780.

26 JAN 1785-
Granville Co. Deedbook O, page 368:

Gabriel Davey of Caswell Co., N. C. sold to Thorton Yancey of Granville Co., N. C. for 190 pounds 342 1/2 acres of land located in Granville Co.

5 June 1786-
Granville Co. Deed Book O, page 457:

Sterling Yancey bought from Thorton Yancey 342 1/2 acres of land in Granville Co., N. C., for 200 pounds. Signed--Thorton Yancey. Wit: William Yancey, ? Yancey.


Thorton Yancey not found in the 1790 North Carolina Census.

5 MAY 1795
Granville Co. Deedbook P, p. 153:

Thorton Yancey, Sr. sold to William Yancey by the Mountain Fort of Jonathan Creek near Phillip Yancey, Sen. property 190 acres for 200 pounds.


Listed in the 1800 Census of Granville Co., N. C., is one Tryon Yancey with one male 26 to 45 and one slave.

24 MAR 1800-
Granville Co. Wills and Estate Records, Book 5, p. 109, 110:

Thorton Yancey Wit. to will of Joel Chandler.

22 JAN 1802-
Granville Co. Deedbook Q, p. 552:

"Know all men by these present that I Thorton Yancey, Sen. for divers good causes me hereunto moving but more specifically for the love and affection I bear unto my son Tryon Yancey I have donated and given and by my presence doth donate give and cofirm and deliver over unto my said son Tryon Yancey one certain negro Rachail and her child Betty" ETC. Signed--Thorton Yancey, Sen. Wit: William Puryear, Thorton Yancey, Jr., Phillip Yancey, Sr., Thos Appling, William Puryear, Sen., Peter Puryear.

7 APR 1802-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 11, p. 170:

Thorton Yancey, Sr. sold to his daughter Betsey Yancey for $20 1 negro girl named Dycey, aged about 9 months. Signed Thorton Yancey, Sen. Wit: Sterling Yancey, Wylie Yancey, and Robert Williamson.

8 APR 1802-
Mecklengurg Co. Deedbook 11, p. 171:

Thorton Yancey, Sr., sold to his son, Phillip for --- 1 black gilding, 6 barrells of corn, rated at 43 pounds, 12 shillings--one negro boy named Randol about 4 yrs. old. Wit: Robert Chandler, Tryon Yancey, Robert Williamson.

5 July 1802-
Granville Co. Deedbook R, p. 58:

Thornton Yancey [Jr or Sr, not clear] sold to William Yancey [Jr or Sr, not clear] land located in Granville Co. on Mountain Fork of Johathan Creek; sounds as if on or near state line with Va. Next to Jechoneus Yancey, and Phillip Yancey. Thornton Y. was from Mecklenburg Co., Va., and William Y. was from Halifax Co., Va. Deed was proven in open court by oath of Sterling Yancey.

19 NOV 1802-
Granville Co. Deedbook 4, p 128:

Tryon Yancey sold to Phillip Yancey land in Granville Co. Wit: Sterling Yancey and Zecharias Yancey.

31 July 1804-
Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deedbook 12, p. 150:

Robert Chandler sold 130 acres of land to Sterling Yancey, adjacent to land of Col. Thorton Yancey, Sir Peyton Skipwith, Phil Hailey and others. Known by the name of John Chandler Land.

8 July 1805-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 12, p. 245:

Thorton Yancey and Hartwell Parrish bonded to Elizabeth Parrish, administrator of John Parrish. Wit: Sterling Yancey and others. On same page, Thomas Yancey, Jr., Thomas Yancey, Sr., and Thorton Yancey, Sr., bonded to Elizabeth Parrish. Thomas Yancey, Sr. has received the right of his wife, Mary, legacy of Estate of John Parrish. Thomas Yancey, Jr. mentioned in will of John Parrish. Wit: Sterling Yancey.

8 July 1805-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 12, p. 241:

Court order to Thorton Yancey and John Lewis to talk to Winefred Yancey, wife of Thomas Yancey and talk to Tabetha Yancey, wife of Thorton Yancey to determine if they freely relinquish right to 70 acres of land their husbands sold to Sterling Yancey. Thorton Yancey and John Lewis signed that they did meet with women not in presence of their husbands in dwelling house of Sterling Yancey. They did get statements of relinquishments. (NOTE: this proves 2 Thorton Yanceys--one of them is son of Calo Thorton Yancey.)

9 SEP 1805-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 12, p. 293:

Thorton Yancey, Sr., and Thorton Yancey, Jr., signed bond to Gov. John Page for $500. Thorton Yancey, Jr., is appointed as Constable of Mecklenburg Co.

9 SEP 1805-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 12, p. 295:

Thorton Yancey, Sr., made bond for several county offices--Sheriff William Baptist for example.

23 SEP 1807-
Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deedbook 13, p. 501:

Thorton Yancey, Sen., sold negroes, horses, and furniture to Sterling Yancey and Tryon Yancey, for 157 pounds, 4 shillings, 7 pence, and 3 farthings-Virginia corrency. Sold following--1 negro woman, Luce; 1 negro man, Tom; one bed and furniture; one bay mare; one flag cott (colt); 4 head cattle; 7 head hogs; 5 chairs; 2 fine (or pine) tables; one do chert (?); one spinning wheel; one pair hand mill stones and frame; sundry plantation utensils; one pine cupboard; sundry kitchen furniture. Signed Thorton Yancey, Sen. Wit: Thorton Yancey, Jr., Jackson A. Yancey, and Eldridge Dandvant. (NOTE: Jackson A. (?) Yancey)

22 ? 1808-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 4:

Thorton Yancey, Sr., and Elizabeth Yancey, his wife, sold to James Birchett for 87 pounds, 174 acres beginning at Sterling Yancey's corner, etc. Mentions Hunt's line, mentions Birchett's corner. Signed by Thorton Yancey, mark of Elizabeth e. Yancey. Wit: Sterling Yancey, Thomas Dance, Thorton Puryear, Minge Yancey.

24 NOV 1808-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 15:

Thorton Yancey, Sr., sold to Tryon Yancey 170 acres for $500 in Mecklenburg Co. adjoining lands of James Birchett, William Baker, Jachonias Yancey, William Hunt, being all the land Thorton Yancey, Sr., owns in Mecklenburg Co. Wit. Sterling Yancey, Thomas Yancey, Sen., Thorton Yancey, Jr., and Samuel C. Brame.

8 DEC 1808-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 325:

Thomas Tillotson sold 30 acres to Thorton Yancey, Sen., adjacent to land of Robert Yancey, Sen., and Robert Chandler. Wit: Sterling Yancey, Thomas Yancey, Jr., Minge Yancey, and Tryon Yancey.

14 AUG 1809-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 126:

Bond of $500 for Tryon Yancey--Constable. Signed Tryon Yancey, Sterling Yancey, and Samuel C. Brame.

11 SEP 1809-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 126:

Deed-Grantor, Sterling and Thorton Yancey; Grantee, Edward Jones. Sterling and Thorton Yancey, Sr., acted for courts to sell a partial of land under disagreement.

16 NOV 1809-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 292:

Sterling Yancey and Betsey Yancey, his wife, sold to John Wilson for $1500, 200 acres in Mecklenburg Co. adjoining land of James Birchett, William Hunt, Robert Gill, Philip Hailey, known by name of Sterlingville, it being land purchased of Thomas Yancey and Robert Chandler. Wit: Joseph Townes, George Moore, Mathew Chandler, Thorton Yancey.

Mecklinburg co. Deedbook 14, p. 293:

Joseph Townes and Thorton Yancey got Betsey Yancey's relinquishment of dower rights to 200 acres sold by her and Sterling Yancey.


In a supplement to the 1810 Va. Census, I found Colo. Thornton Yancy (1 2 1) in Mecklenburg Co. Also a Tyron Yancy (1 3 3).

8 JAN 1810-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 197:

Court request, dated 12 AUG 1805. Request made to Jos Townes and Thorton Yancey. Stated that 31 July 1804 Reboert Chandler sold to Sterling Yancey Approx. 130 acres of land in Meck. Co. Lucresy Chandler unable to come to court. Court asked Thorton Yancey and Jos Townes to get personal statement from Lucresy that she relinquishes her right of dower to land. Her husband should not be present. Mentioned Thorton Yancey, Sen.'s wife Tabitha is entitled to a right of dower to said land. She is also unable to travel to court. On 4 DEC 1809 Jas Townes and Thorton Yancey sign a statement that they met in the house of Sterling Yancey and Lucresy relinquished her right to land. Accepted by court 8 JAN 1810. (NOTE by A. H. S.--I believe that above Thorton Yancey, Sen. is son of one Col  Thorton Yancey.)

12 FEB 1810-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 211:

Thorton Yancey (no Sr. or Jr. given) gave Tryon Yancey a deed to property to be sold to pay a debt to William Yancey of Pittsylvania Co., Va.

15 July 1810-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 399:

Thorton Yancey and James Burchett sold, as commissioners, land to William Gills. Wit: Samuel C. Brame and T. Yancey.

AUG 1811-
Granville Co. Willbook 7, p. 195, 196:

Sterling Yancey, Thornton Yancey, Jr., and Tryon Yancey mentioned in settlement of estate of Phillip Yancey.

19 AUG 1811-
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, p. 44:

Deed--Grantor, Thorton and William Yancey. Grantee, Daniel R. Barnes. Thorton Yancey selling land. Appears to be part of financial problem he had with William Yancey. One place looks like Thorton, Jr. and another like Thorton, Sr.

24 AUG 1811-
Sterling Yancey Family Bible:

"And. Thornton Yancey husband of Elizabeth Yancey and Grandfather of Wm. Williams Yancey died August 24th 1811."


Listed in the 1820 Census for Granville Co. was a Tryan Yancey.

Yanceys in Index to 1820 Mecklenburg Co., Va. Census:

Charles Hezekiah James John John B. Zachariah

13 NOV 1832-
Granville Co., N. C. Potpourri by Lyle:

p. 178 per Hicks History-p. 146 Tryon Yancey bondsman for marriage of Francis O'Brien to Augustine Landis. In Mecklenburg Co., Va., no will found in index for Thorton Yancey, Sen. or Thorton Yancey, Jr.